Kimpton updating terms of their Inner Circle status match offer

Late last year I wrote a post about Kimpton’s Inner Circle program, which I consider to be one of the most rewarding and unique hotel loyalty programs out there. Unfortunately Kimpton only has a few dozen properties, though based on everything I’ve heard their treatment of Inner Circle members is phenomenal.

They’re also extremely generous with status matches, and will status match just about any status with a competing hotel chain, even if it’s not top tier. However, they’ve changed one policy which has been far too generous. Inner Circle members get a free night stay at each “new” Kimpton property in order to try it out. Up until now status matched Inner Circle members could take advantage of this and literally get a handful of free hotel stays without even making a single paid stay.

However, as reported by LoyaltyLobby, Kimpton is now requiring you make three paid stays before you’re eligible for the free nights at their new hotels.

Seems like a perfectly reasonable requirement for an extremely generous benefit. And I even love the way they phrase it:

It is the spirit of Kimpton to be generous; we offer reciprocity upfront and without required stays within any specified amount of time. We will continue to do so. However, in order to participate in the Free Night at New Hotel Offer we ask that you first complete three eligible stays.

In essence we want you to have your cake and eat it too, but in fairness we ask a few crumbs thrown our way as well.

Still a great program, and we certainly can’t fault them for this change…

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  1. I agree as well. After receiving the update, I sent an email back to Kimpton that I understood the update and appreciated the tone.

    The update also said that existing reservations would be honored even if the stay requirement hasn’t been met.

  2. Seems like a reasonable change to me. And, unlike the other chains, it doesn’t completely do away with the benefit, just makes a requirement that people dont blatantly cheat the system. I’ve never stayed at a Kimpton, but I have heard great things

  3. I really like Kimpton properties because unlike other hotel chains-they are each unique. Some may share a name like Monaco or Palomar but each hotel has its own vibe and artwork. My only pet peeve is the $40-50 daily fee for valet parking-I wish they had a park your own car option. Otherwise, an outstanding hotel brand.

  4. “Being respectful and courteous to our employees is a requirement for retaining Inner Circle, or any Kimpton Karma, status.”
    They are funny, I hope they also have their staff being respectful to the clients

  5. I am still trying to figure out which new hotels are included in the new “free night” awards for 2014 and 2015?

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