Jason Reitman is a mileage runner (even if he doesn’t know it)!

Check out this interview with Jason Reitman, director of “Up in the Air.” It’s very interesting to hear his perspective on things, and especially how we “chase” material things that ultimately don’t matter. To a certain extent he’s right and I won’t even try to defend myself. That being said, he seems to be a mileage runner, even if he doesn’t realize it. At 5:20 he talks about his end of the year mileage run to maintain airline status. So apparently he can sort of kind of relate to us. Now someone needs to tell him that some of us do this year round. 😉

(Tip of the hat to Eric)

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  1. That’s awesome, I wish he had gotten United to be the primary airline of Ryan instead, it looks like he’s a united flyer, wonder if he’s on flyertalk?

  2. Randy Peterson had spoken with him about the MR before (and tweeted about the MR to Chicago); If I recall correctly, he said he’s not on FT.

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