It’s certainly that time of year….

In addition to my “adventures” this past weekend with misconnects, it was also an interesting weekend on another front — I ran into a bunch of people I know. On the average two day mileage run I’ll typically run into a couple of people I know, be they flight attendants, FlyerTalkers, or gate agents. This weekend was just insane.

So on Saturday at JFK I see someone going up the escalator towards the Red Carpet Club with a FlyerTalk tag on his bag while I’m going down. I figure he’d be on my flight, so don’t chase him.

I get down to my gate, and I see two friends deplaning that just got in from LAX. What the heck is the chance of just running into them?

I then hop on my flight to SFO. While deplaning I notice the same guy that I saw earlier with a FlyerTalk tag, so I chat with him for a while in the Red Carpet Club, as he was heading back to JFK on the redeye.

On Sunday morning I’m on a United Express flight with Explus seating, and I’m in 2A. As I’m deplaning at SFO, I notice a friend of mine waiting for his gate checked bag. As it turned out he was in 1A all along! That’s what happens when you’re on a 6AM flight after a short night. We were on the same flight to JFK, which made the flight a lot more fun.

The next morning I’m going through security at JFK, and right behind me on the escalator is my favorite JFK based flight attendant! Then I get on a United Express flight to IAD, and as we’re taxiing in on arrival I get a text message reading “Is that you in 7C, Ben?” Wow, freaky! What do you do, turn around and look if it’s someone you know, or just ignore the message? Kind of like one of those horror movies at first. As it turned out it was a friend seated just a couple of rows behind me. Hah!

Then later in the afternoon I’m sharing the Lufthansa lounge with only one other guest. The other guest comments about how she’s taking pictures of everything, and as it turns out she was a FlyerTalker as well.

In summary, it’s double EQM season, and it’s time to fly!

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  1. It was me who you ran into getting of JFK-SFO. Nice to meet you – and last weekend was also similarly fun for me, though unlike you all of my p.s. segments were in the lowly C cabin.

  2. Yeah it was awesome – txting you on the JFK to IAD and seeing your head move side to side confirming that it was infact you ben 😛

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