Is The World of Hyatt Credit Card Worth The Annual Fee?

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The World of Hyatt Credit Card is a very compelling card that can offer outsized value compared to the annual fee.  I figured it made sense to look at the overall value proposition of this card, and explain why I hold on to it.

The World of Hyatt Credit Card Annual Fee

The World of Hyatt Credit Card has a reasonable $95 annual fee. As I’ll explain below, I think most people will find that to be worthwhile.

The World of Hyatt Credit Card Annual Free Night Certificate

My single favorite benefit of this card is that it offers an annual free night certificate valid at any Category 1-4 World of Hyatt property. This covers a majority of Hyatt properties worldwide, and almost all of them retail for over $95 per night (which is the card’s annual fee). For example, this past year I used my certificate at the Park Hyatt Saigon, where I got a gorgeous suite upgrade as a Globalist. The paid rate at this hotel would have been over $300 for the one night stay.

The certificate is issued on your cardmember anniversary every year, and it’s valid for a year from when it’s issued. Even if you’re not a Hyatt loyalist, almost everyone should be able to get value out of that, in my opinion.

The way I see it, this benefit became even more valuable this year, as stays booked using free night certificates now count towards status, so redeeming this certificate will help you requalify for your World of Hyatt status.

Last year I used my annual free night certificate at the Park Hyatt Saigon

The World of Hyatt Credit Card Elite Status Benefits

Having The World of Hyatt Credit Card can help you with earning status with Hyatt:

  • Get automatic World of Hyatt Discoverist status for as long as your account is open
  • Get 5 qualifying night credits toward your next tier status every year
  • Earn 2 qualifying night credits towards your next tier status every time you spend $5,000 on your card

Discoverist status gets you the following perks:

  • A 10% points bonus
  • Premium internet
  • A complimentary bottle of water
  • Priority check-in
  • 2PM late check-out
  • A preferred room within the category booked

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong club lounge

Hyatt Credit Card Promotions

On top of the published benefits of The World of Hyatt Credit Card there are some other perks that are potentially valuable. Specifically, Hyatt seems to offer several promotions per year for cardmembers. While there’s no guarantee we’ll see the same promotions in the future, in the past year we’ve seen:

Again, we don’t know what these promotions will look like in the future, but if history is any indictor, there will continue to be some great promotions intended to engage cardmembers.

Earning World of Hyatt Points is Easy

There’s something to be said for accruing a points currency where you can easily top off your account in order to maximize your points. After all, sometimes you don’t earn enough points for a redemption, and need to find a way to earn more points. One big advantage of the World of Hyatt program is that you can transfer over points from Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Earn Ultimate Rewards Points

Whether you transfer over points with the purpose of going for Globalist status, or for a redemption at the Park Hyatt Maldives (or both), there’s value in accruing a points currency that you can easily top off.

The Park Hyatt Maldives can be booked for just 25,000 points per night

Bottom line

I’ve had The World of Hyatt Credit Card for a while now, and don’t have plans to cancel it anytime soon, given how much value I get.  The way I see it the annual free night certificate more than justifies the annual fee, and it just became even more valuable, as it now counts towards status. But on top of that the card can help you earn status and also makes you eligible for some awesome potential cardmember-only promotions.

Regarding Comments: The comments on this page have not been provided, reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any advertiser, and it is not an advertiser's responsibility to ensure posts and/or questions are answered.
Regarding Comments: The comments on this page have not been provided, reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any advertiser, and it is not an advertiser's responsibility to ensure posts and/or questions are answered.
  1. Please point to a single blog post over the years where you have said that the annual fees for a card is not worth it.

  2. Lucky – this is the second day in a row that you and Gary have posted about the same card (CSR yesterday, Hyatt today). Seems weird that you both are posting reviews of the same Chase cards, on back to back days, recommending them both. Has there been any encouragement or recent PR push from Chase to get bloggers to write about their cards recently?

  3. @k if you daily read all of these blogs especially from Lucky, you would have remember it, too. I also knew that Lucky cancelled it for various reasons without his pointing it out. Haha. By the way, Lucky would like to add four more cards and I agree with him about the Hilton ascend card being totally with it. Aspire is good, but Ascend is even better. Lucky will also cancel another card soon based on his recent post for it is not that worth it anymore.

  4. The only reason I would get this card is if it gave me qualifying nights, like the 15 I get on my Marriott card. Even if it was 5… heck 3 nights might get me. Hyatt should change that. Otherwise I am sure the math works but just don’t want another card.

  5. After I got my free annual night posted, I recently cancelled my card. After i cancelled, they did not take away the annual night from my Hyatt account. This is at year 2, so i did get a free night a year ago as well. The reason is because I dont have any Hyatt status and it felt like i was having to find somewhere to go use it. While i was able to use it during a vacation at a hotel that was $175 that night, i have too many other cards with annual fees as well and didn’t need another one. I will wait 2 years and see if a good bonus offer is out again and sign up then. If i was more of a Hyatt person, then i would probably have kept it.

  6. If any admins are still monitoring this thread: What are the chances of a luxury Hyatt card from Chase? AMEX has SPG and Hilton Aspire. Opportunity for Chase/Hyatt to go after disaffected SPG platinums?

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