InterContinental Royal Ambassador changes are coming

Via the December Priority Club Rewards Statement:

Exciting Changes are Underway!
We’re committed to offering InterContinental® Royal Ambassador members a level of personal service rarely experienced in today’s hectic business world. In February, we will be introducing a fresh new look to the Royal Ambassador programme with new benefits and a brand new web experience. Keep an eye out for these enhancements early next year.

Ambassadors got a similar email as well, so it seems like they’re totally restructing their loyalty program. While some seem to be optimistic about the changes, thinking they’ll add substantial benefits without taking anything huge away, I’m not really looking forward to this. Royal Ambassador status is already the most rewarding top tier elite level, so I see no reason for them to make it any better.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be surprised if they add a few benefits, but it’ll cost us dearly. I’m thinking the first thing they’ll eliminate is the free minibar. Next I wouldn’t be surprised to see them get rid of upgrades, or at least reduce the upgrades substantially. It seems like they’ll have some cool new web service based on this email, but I doubt it’ll make up for whatever they take away.

For those that still think the changes will be positive, look at the key word in the email — enhancements. Has that ever been used to describe a good change?

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  1. The economy in the worst state in years,hotel bookings way down-then you got comments from IHG’s CEO saying that they will specifically target the loyalty of PC members to help alleviate the pain.It would be just plain commercial suicide to mess around with your top customers for the sake of a mini bar etc.I can’t see anything but genuine enhancements to Ambassador .There’s really no choice.

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