IHG Rewards Club Card 80K Offer Expected To Be Pulled Today

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Update: These offers for the Hilton Honors Ascend Card from American Express, the Hilton Honors American Express Card, the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card, the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card and the IHG® Rewards Club Select Credit Card have expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

This sure is a day of changing credit card offers. In the next few hours the increased welcome bonuses on Hilton’s co-branded credit cards (the Hilton Honors Ascend Card from American Express and Hilton Honors American Express Card) are expected to be pulled, as well as the increased sign-up bonuses on Southwest’s co-branded credit cards (the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card and Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card).

It looks like there’s another offer that’s expected to be pulled today. The current sign-up bonus on the IHG® Rewards Club Select Credit Card is expected to change today as well. The card has been offering a sign-up bonus of 80,000 points upon completing minimum spend since July of this year, though prior to that the offer was 60,000 points. So while I don’t know what the offer will be after this, my guess is that the bonus is going back to the “standard” one that it was before.

If you don’t have this card, I consider it to be one of the most lucrative ones out there. It offers:

  • An anniversary free night certificate every year, which is valid at any IHG property worldwide, pending availability; given IHG’s global footprint, that should justify the card for just about anyone
  • IHG Rewards Club Platinum status for as long as you have the card, which gets you bonus points, room upgrades, etc.
  • A 10% rebate on points redemptions, for up to 100,000 points back each year

The card has a $49 annual fee, which is waived the first year. So not only is this a great sign-up bonus, but what really makes this card worth getting is the ability to get a free night at virtually any IHG property worldwide just for paying the $49 annual fee. That’s a no brainer, and the best free night benefit of any hotel credit card, in my opinion. The longer you wait to apply for the card, the longer it is till you get your first free anniversary night.

Keep in mind that the IHG Card also isn’t subjected to Chase’s 5/24 rule, so you can be approved even if you’ve opened more than five new accounts in the next 24 hours.

If you don’t yet have the IHG® Rewards Club Select Credit Card, I’d recommend applying in the next few couple of hours.

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  1. The card isn’t subject to 5/24, but I have a different question. If I apply, would it count in the 5 cards that I have applied for, therefore preventing me to apply for another card in the future?

  2. Julian — Yes, just about any card application would count as an application towards that limit (the exception is select business cards).

  3. @Julian–yes it will definitely count as one of the 5 cards that you have applied for within the 24 months–so if you are 4/24 already, this will put you at 5/24.

  4. My husband and I got the card a couple of months ago: he got the 100,000 sign-up and I got 80,000. I tried requesting the additional 20,000 but Chase denied it. Either way, we have 180,000 points to use for our trip to Europe and we will keep the card given the annual free night anywhere for $49.

  5. Are there any tricks to search for award availability? I just search a bunch of dates in a few different cities for June/July and nothing came up.

  6. @ Matt — What issues are you having? What message are you getting, and for what hotels? Reward night availability really shouldn’t be an issue.

  7. I’d be curious to know what phone number Lu called. I spoke with Chase and they were pretty clear in indicating that you can only apply for the current offer. They did say that if you apply and a better offer commences within 3 months they can often help with that. I think that’s probably a more accurate expectation.

  8. @lucky – It looks like if i do 2 adults it works fine, if I do 2 adults and 1 child I get a message, even though the room shows a max occupancy of 3? It says “Rooms are not available for Reward Nights on one or more of the selected dates.”

  9. I just got 100k a couple of day ago too, by calling. You call IHG at 1-888-897-0083 and tell them that you’re interested in the Chase IHG card. They transfer you to Chase, which takes your application by phone. It takes a while to apply by phone, but the offer terms were 100k, no annual fee, 5k for adding an authorized user, and $2k spend. I got approved a few days later.

  10. @Matt
    This is a common issue for almost all hotels in all chains, not just IHG. Very few hotels outside US have rooms for more than 2 persons, unless you book a suite.

    What you may want to do is to book the 2 adults room. then EMAIL the hotel to explain if the hotel allows an additional child. It depends on the local laws and of course the hotel’s policy, but more often than not the hotel would give you an answer one way or the other about how to accommodate the additional person who in this case is a child.
    How old the child would also make a difference.

    This what a friend ALWAYS does, as they often travel with at least one and sometimes two children.

  11. @ Larry and @Lu –
    I just called that IHG 1-888 number and the chase number on the back of the card and they were both perplexed at such an offer. Wondering why some people were able to get a 100K point bonus which appears to have never been published anywhere, because the folks i spoke to treated me like a was a point grubbing crazy person.

  12. from the post I got last month:
    Call 1-888-897-0083 & ask about the Chase IHG card
    The above number is for IHG, they will state they need to transfer you to Chase
    Once transferred they will offer you the 100,000 points after $2,000 in spend
    You apply over the phone

    Again, don’t know if it still works

  13. @ Julian, per Million Mile Secrets, use Credit Karma to see how many cards you’ve applied for in the past. Use the Credit Age link. It will show you the ages of your accounts. ‘It’s so easy. Check TransUnion and Equifax. You’re welcome.

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