I hate the beach

I’m probably in the minority, but I really really do. The sand, the salty water, and that dry feeling on my hands. Add that to the fact that I fry more quickly than a shrimp on a hibachi grill, and it’s something I simply don’t look forward to.

Back to civilization this afternoon!

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  1. Those who hate the beach typically have bodies that no one wants to see on one. I’m just sayin’ 😉

  2. @ Oliver — Some of us are just nice people.

    @ Sinep — Ha ha ha. No comment. 😀

    I wish that would have been the case this weekend, because I saw a lotta people I didn’t want to see.

  3. I detest the beach, except during winter. Why? I loathe the smell of rotting shell fish, the ozone, the negative ionization and of course the blistering sun which makes me think of what being in a crematorium must feel like. Oh, and I have to tell you, my hatred of the beach has nothing to do with my body. I happen to be gorgeous. In my lifetime I have seen some fugly bodies at the beach that personify muffin top and beached whale status. Nothing wants to make me plunge a knife into my eyes more than the site of a big bellied male in a tight speedo. Do you Sinep, or peniS? I was raised in a yachting/sailing family. Summers were spent at my parents yacht club on the water in our yacht or sailing with my beloved uncle. Is the beach pretty? Yes. What I loathe most about the beach however is beach people. They are stupid! Devoid of intellect. Path of least resistance types who just love to lay around encouraging wrinkles and melanoma and always relaxing. Just what are they so damn tired from? Relaxing? I refuse to vacation at the beach, attend weddings on the beach and I will not go. Unless I’m paid. So, no one is making me go there but they sure have no problem giving me their unsolicited opinion about how great the beach is and how fab they look being irradiated. Give me blankets of snow and a cracking fire to curl up in front of with my hubby.

  4. I abhor the beach and can’t understand why so many morons enjoy it.

    First off it’s a filthy disgusting place,sand and debris everywhere,people urinating and defecating in the sand.
    Then theres the putrid salt water smell wafting for miles around,rusting cars and destroying anything metal or paper for miles around!
    It’s hard to imagine all the losers riding home in wet,soiled clothing,with salt water all over their skin.

    Then there are the beach people,it’s like a giant freak show.
    Fat flabby men in speedos,okra whale sized women with breasts hanging between their knees,and bums who stink worse than a rotting whale asking for change.

    And then last but not least there is the scorching hot sun,frying everyone and sending them home with skin cancer.

    Only a moron would love the beach

  5. I am not a fan of summer time in general.
    Hot weather pisses me off!

    There is absolutely nothing good about hot weather,it ruins the interior of your car,causes discomfort and tempers to flare,prevents outdoor activitys and causes heat prostration.

    Anyone who gets off over weather hotter than 75 degrees should be horsewhipped on a 100 degree day and the dragged onto the asphalt to die.

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