World of Hyatt Credit Card Review (2021)

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World of Hyatt Credit Card
4x points
at Hyatt properties
2x points
at restaurants
no foreign
transaction fees
Annual Fee: $95

In general, I think hotel credit cards are incredibly underrated. They can offer huge perks that more offset the annual fees, and some cards even offer free nights that can get you a lot of value.

While I have quite a few hotel credit cards, in this post I wanted to take a look at the hotel credit card that I spend the most money on. It goes without saying that hotel stays might not be a focus for many right now, but this card can earn you rewards that you can redeem for years to come.

There’s a particularly compelling reason to pick up this card right now if you’re trying to earn World of Hyatt status, especially with the recent announcement that Hyatt has lowered elite thresholds for 2021.

World of Hyatt Credit Card Basics For April 2021

In mid-2018 Chase and Hyatt refreshed their co-branded credit card, and they created what I consider to be one of the best hotel credit cards out there, with the introduction of the World of Hyatt Credit Card.

What makes this card so brilliant is that it’s worth having regardless of whether you want to keep it just for the ongoing perks, or whether you want to spend money on it. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about this card:

Earn Up to 60,000 Points

The World of Hyatt Credit Card offers a welcome bonus of up to 60,000 World of Hyatt points:

  • Earn 30,000 Bonus Points after you spend $3,000 on purchases in your first 3 months from your account opening.
  • Plus, 1 additional Bonus Point per dollar on purchases that earn 1 point per dollar on up to $15,000 spent in the first 6 months of account opening for an additional 30,000 points

Personally, I value World of Hyatt points at ~1.5 cents each, so to me those 60,000 points are worth ~$900. 60,000 points are enough for up to 12 nights at a Category 1 Hyatt property, as those retail for 5,000 points per night.

Redeem just 8,000 points per night at the Hyatt Regency Bali

Card Eligibility

The welcome bonus on this card isn’t available to those who currently have any Hyatt credit card, or have received the new cardmember bonus on any Hyatt credit card in the past 24 months.

Product Changing

You’re not eligible for this card if you have the previous version of the Hyatt credit card. If that’s the case, you should be able to call Chase and product change to this card. Note that in January 2021, everyone with the old Hyatt Card will automatically have their card converted to the World of Hyatt Card.

Chase’s 5/24 Rule

Chase has what’s known as the 5/24 rule. This means that if you’ve opened five or more new card accounts in the past 24 months you typically won’t be approved for this card. If you do apply for this card, make sure you’re under that limit.

See this post to learn how to check your 5/24 status.

Annual Fee

The World of Hyatt Credit Card has a $95 annual fee, and it isn’t waived for the first year. You can add additional cardmembers to your account at no extra cost.

As I’ll explain below, this annual fee is so well worth it even if you don’t spend money on the card, since you get an anniversary free night certificate.

Earning Points With The Hyatt Credit Card

The World of Hyatt Credit Card offers pretty good points earning opportunities. While this isn’t the card that I use for all of my spending, I strategically spend money on the card, and it works great for for me.

How good are the points earning rates?

4x Points At Hyatt Properties

The World of Hyatt Credit Card offers 4x points for spending at Hyatt hotels and resorts. While I use the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card for hotel spending at most other hotel brands (as the card earns 3x points), I always use the Hyatt card for spending at Hyatt hotels.

The 4x points apply at all Hyatt properties, and even at Small Luxury Hotels of the World properties that are affiliated with Hyatt.

Earn 4x points at Hotel Ranga, an SLH hotel in Iceland

2x Points At Restaurants

The World of Hyatt Credit Card offers 2x points for restaurant spending globally, though personally this still isn’t a card I’d use for restaurants, given that other cards offer 3-5x points.

2x Points On Airline Tickets

The World of Hyatt Credit Card offers 2x points on airline tickets purchased directly from airlines. Again, this isn’t the card I’d use for airline tickets, given that other cards offer 3-5x points.

2x Points On Fitness Clubs & Gym Memberships

Hyatt has a focus on wellness, so one of the cool bonus categories they have is offering 2x points on fitness clubs and gym memberships. For anyone wondering, this also includes group fitness businesses, like Barry’s Bootcamp, SoulCycle, etc.

This is an area where the card’s bonus category is industry-leading, as I can’t think of any other card that offers such a good return on fitness spending. Unfortunately, this has become significantly less valuable in recent months, given the coronavirus pandemic.

2x Points On Local Transit & Commuting

The World of Hyatt Card offers 2x points on local transit and commuting, which includes ride share services such as Lyft and Uber. Other cards still offer a better return on spending than this card does, though.

Earn 1x Points On Other Purchases

For categories in which you can’t earn 2-4x points, the World of Hyatt Card offers one World of Hyatt point per dollar spent.

Check For Limited Time Targeted Spending Bonuses

We’re seeing lots of credit cards offer limited-time bonuses and perks, in light of the pandemic.

For example, between January 1 and March 31, 2021, the card is offering 5,000 World of Hyatt points after spending $3,000 for targeted cardmembers. You can check eligibility for this at

No Foreign Transaction Fees

The World of Hyatt Credit Card has no foreign transaction fees, so it’s an excellent card for purchases abroad. That’s especially true when staying at Hyatts abroad, as well as for dining and commuting outside the US.

Contactless Pay

The World of Hyatt Credit Card features contactless pay technology. This means you can pay using your card without even swiping it whenever you see the contactless pay symbol.

World of Hyatt Credit Card Benefits

The area where the World of Hyatt Credit Card really excels is when it comes to the benefits it offers. In my opinion, these benefits more than justify the annual fee, regardless of whether you’re spending nothing on the card, or are spending a significant amount.

The first three benefits below are perks that you get just for having the card, while the two after that can be earned for putting spending on the card.

Free Night Every Year

Just for having the World of Hyatt Credit Card you get a Category 1-4 free night certificate on your account anniversary every year. This will be issued shortly after your anniversary and is valid for 12 months.

Categories 1-4 cover a majority of Hyatt’s properties, and I’ve consistently been able to redeem this for hotels that retail for $250+ per night. This alone justifies the annual fee on the card.

See this post for all the credit cards offering free night awards.

I used my free night certificate at the Park Hyatt Saigon

Complimentary Discoverist Status

You receive Hyatt’s entry-level Discoverist status for as long as you have the Hyatt Card. The status will post for the primary cardmember shortly after you are approved. Discoverist status comes with the following benefits:

  • Upgrade to a preferred room, when available
  • 2 PM check-out, when available
  • Premium internet
  • Daily bottled water

Discoverist members may receive preferred rooms

Five Elite Nights Towards Status Annually

Ordinarily just for having the card you receive five elite qualifying nights towards status annually. You will receive these within eight weeks of being approved for the card (though usually much faster), and in subsequent years they will post within eight weeks of January 1.

This will be useful if you’re hoping to earn Hyatt’s Explorist status, Globalist status, and/or Milestone Rewards. Ordinarily, Explorist requires 30 elite nights and Globalist requires 60 elite nights, so that would lower the number of nights you actually need to stay at 25 or 55 (or 20 and 50 during the current promotion), respectively.

See this post for all the credit cards that can help you earn hotel status.

A Second Free Night When You Spend $15,000

While you receive a Category 1-4 free night certificate annually just for having the card, you can earn a second one if you spend $15,000 on the card in a year.

Currently you earn this based on spending that amount in a cardmember year (which consists of 12 statements following when you opened your card), while starting on January 1, 2022, you’ll earn it based on spending that amount in a calendar year (which consists of January 1 through December 31).

The Park Hyatt Siem Reap is a Category 3 hotel

Two Elite Nights For Every $5,000 Spent

In addition to the five elite nights you get just for having the card, you earn a further two elite qualifying nights for every $5,000 you spend on the card. This means that in theory, you could spend your way all the way to Explorist or Globalist status, if you wanted to.

Reaching the $5,000 threshold has nothing to do with the calendar or cardmember year — the counter simply resets every time you spend $5,000, and then you start earning towards your next two elite nights.

Further Promotions

While there’s no guarantee this will continue to be offered in future years, historically Hyatt has offered additional promotions for World of Hyatt members, particularly when redeeming points.

For example, for the past several months and through February 28, 2021, World of Hyatt has been offering 15% off award redemptions, and those with the Hyatt Card get an additional 10% off, for a total of 25% off redemptions. That’s an incredible value.

Chase Offers

One of the great features of Chase cards is access to Chase Offers, which provides savings on purchases with all kinds of retailers. The program wasn’t launched that long ago, but has already saved me a significant amount of money. For example, there was recently a Chase Offers deal to save 10% on a Hyatt stay, and I took advantage of that.

Secondary Car Rental Coverage

The World of Hyatt Card offers auto rental collision damage waiver coverage. Decline the rental company’s collision insurance and charge the entire rental cost to your card.

Coverage is provided for theft and collision damage for most cars in the US and abroad. Do note that in the US the coverage is secondary to your personal insurance, though.

Protection With Trip Delays, Lost Luggage, And More

The World of Hyatt Card offers a variety of other protection when traveling. Among these features is:

  • Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance — be reimbursed up to $5,000 per trip when your trip is canceled or cut short due to sickness, severe weather, etc.
  • Trip Delay Reimbursement — if your flight is delayed by more than 12 hours or requires an overnight stay, you and your family are covered for unreimbursed expenses, such as meals and lodging, up to $500 per ticket
  • Lost Luggage Reimbursement — be reimbursed up to $3,000 per passenger if you or your immediate family member check or carry on luggage that is damaged or lost by an airline
  • Baggage Delay Insurance — be reimbursed up to $100 per day for five days for essential purchases when your bag is delayed by over six hours

Make sure you check your cardmember agreement for all of the details, since there are terms & conditions.

Redeeming World of Hyatt Points

The best value for redeeming World of Hyatt points is using their free night award chart. The great thing is that you earn elite nights for your stay even if you’re redeeming points or using a free night certificate.

Hyatt’s award chart looks as follows:

There’s value to be had at all levels of the chart. As a general rule of thumb, I try to redeem at properties where I’m getting more than two cents of value per point.

In other words, I’d redeem points at a Category 1 hotel when the paid rate is $100+, I’d redeem points at a Category 7 hotel when the paid rate is $600+, etc.

There’s so much value to be had at all levels of the award chart, and in particular, I love redeeming at Hyatt’s top properties.

Redeem Hyatt points at the Alila in Bali

Is The World of Hyatt Credit Card Worth It?

Let me answer this very simply — if you’re eligible for the card and have any interest in staying at Hyatt properties then yes, the World of Hyatt Credit Card is absolutely worth it. This is a card I personally have, and that I wholeheartedly recommend.

With that simple answer out of the way, let’s talk more about the best strategy to take with the Hyatt Card — how much money should you spend on it, should you be putting all of your spending on this, and more.

Value In Spending $15,000 Per Year

Personally, my approach is to put $15,000 of spending on the World of Hyatt Card every year, and I think that’s a great strategy. As mentioned above, you get an anniversary free night certificate and five elite nights towards status just for having the card.

However, by spending $15,000 on the card in a year you receive:

  • A second Category 1-4 free night certificate
  • Six additional elite nights towards status, meaning I’m earning a total of 11 elite nights towards status annually with the card

As anyone who is a World of Hyatt Globalist can attest to, the status is really valuable, and for many of us, the co-branded credit card makes it much easier to earn that status.

But even taking the value of the elite nights out of the equation, say you spend $15,000 on the card in categories on which you otherwise wouldn’t earn bonus points. You’re earning a Category 4 certificate that could be redeemed at a hotel costing 15,000 points, and that’s generally exactly how I redeem it.

So to me, that’s almost like earning two World of Hyatt points per dollar spent, which is an unbeatable return on everyday spending.

The reality is that I do even better than that, since a good bit of that $15,000 of spending is at Hyatt hotels (where I earn 4x points), so the math works out even more favorably.

The Park Hyatt Ningbo is a Category 4 Hyatt property

How Much Do You Have To Spend For Globalist Status?

I’ve had some people ask if it’s worth spending your way to Globalist status with this credit card. Hyatt Globalist status ordinarily requires 60 elite qualifying nights, though in 2021 it will only require 30 elite nights.

Historically you’d need to spend $140,000 on the card to earn Globalist status (you get five elite nights just for having the card, plus spending $140,000 would earn you 56 elite nights). However, in 2021 you don’t need to spend nearly as much:

  • If you apply for the card now you’d get 5 elite nights for 2021
  • You’d then only need 25 more elite nights, which you could earn with $65,000 of spending

While that’s not half bad, personally that’s not the approach I’d take, though. I think the better approach is to better mix-and-match spending. After all, what’s the value in Globalist status if you’re not actually planning on staying at Hyatts with any frequency?

Is Globalist Status Worth It?

Globalist status is my favorite top tier hotel status, and it comes with all kinds of awesome perks. Just to share some of the benefits:

  • Unlimited complimentary suite upgrades, when available
  • Four confirmed suite upgrades, each of which can be used to confirm a suite upgrade at the time of booking for a stay of up to seven nights, when available
  • Complimentary breakfast and/or club lounge access
  • Guaranteed 4 PM late check-out, except at resorts
  • An additional Category 1-4 and Category 1-7 free night certificate
  • Guest of Honor, where you can redeem your points for a friend or family member, and they get your status
  • Waived resort/destination fees on all stays, and free parking on award stays

However, do note that some of these benefits are tied to Milestone Rewards, and those in some cases still require earning 60 elite nights.

See this post for the best strategies for earning Globalist status.

Room service breakfast & a suite upgrade at the Park Hyatt Paris thanks to my status

Other Options For Earning Hyatt Points

While the World of Hyatt Card is awesome, I’d note that it’s not the only way to earn World of Hyatt points. You can also transfer over points from Chase Ultimate Rewards at a 1:1 ratio, which is one of my favorite uses of those points. There could be value in using:

See this post for all the best ways to earn Hyatt points.

Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to World of Hyatt

World of Hyatt Credit Card Coronavirus Perks

We’ve seen a lot of credit card issuers add limited time perks to credit cards to get cardholders to keep them. What has been done for those with the World of Hyatt Card?

World of Hyatt Credit Card Summary

The World of Hyatt Credit Card is exceptional. It’s a card I have, and also a card I spend at least $15,000 on per year.

The card is worth having even if you don’t plan on putting spending on it — you get an anniversary free night certificate you can use at a hotel that costs significantly more than the annual fee, you get complimentary Discoverist status, and you get five elite nights towards a higher status tier.

Beyond that it can be worth putting spending on the card, thanks to the unique bonus categories (4x points on Hyatt stays and 2x points on fitness and gyms), as well as the additional elite nights and second free night certificate.

I’m a huge fan of this card. I’d argue there has never been a better time to pick up this card, thanks to the 5 elite nights you can get for 2021 if you pick up this card, combined with the significantly reduced requirements for earning Globalist status this year.

If you want to learn more about the World of Hyatt Credit Card or apply, follow this link.

Apply Now

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  1. I’m with you Lucky! I put around $150K on this card annually and only deviate from it for $5K+ individual transactions (for which I get 1.5X on Amex) and the first $80K per year that I divide between my two AA cards to expedite EXP status. It’s a more precise art after crossing the 100 night threshold with WoH where the 10K/GSU upgrades stop flowing. I wish they’d offer a premium card with enhanced benefits and/or the continuation of threshold bonuses after 100 nights.

  2. How do you keep track of your cardmember year spend? Between not having a specific date and also Chase’s reporting on YTD spend being difficult enough, I’m wondering how people do this.

  3. @ Michelle DB — You’re absolutely right, it’s not at all easy to keep track of. I just know when my cardmember year starts, and then I put about $10,000 of non-bonused spending on the card, and then the remaining spend usually comes from Hyatt hotel stays. I know the new cardmember year starts because another free night certificate is deposited in my account. I do wish they’d make it easier to track, though…

  4. Lucky – I have a friend who is a very big spender on personal cards (big family). He and his wife could easily spend the $$ to earn Globalist, so a part of me wants to recommend this card to them on that basis; BUT if Hyatt wanted to trim its Globalist ranks, seems that limiting the # of elite nights that one can earn through card spend would be an easy victim. Do you know if Hyatt feels that it has too many Globalist members? Does Hyatt currently prevent folks from using any Globalist benefits if they haven’t earned a certain number of nights via physical stays?

  5. I think you have to mention the existing Hyatt/AA cross-promotion too. I’m an AA PLT Pro and thanks to the status challenge offered, I’m now an Explorist and it only took $5K in credit card spend, redeeming 2 award nights certs, and a few work trips. I currently have a total of 26 qualifying nights. And with the 10% refund on points, Hyatt is my go-to-program currently.

  6. Don’t forget the reciprocal benefits with MLife (MGM Hotels) in Las Vegas!
    My Hyatt status was matched, and I consistently receive offers for 3 or more nights
    at all the hotels under the MGM banner, and up to $150 dining credit as well.

  7. So i’m not eligible for this new Hyatt credit card or bonuses if I still currently have the old one that i signed up for many years ago?

  8. One minor correction Lucky… Since you have 1 free night certificate, and free nights count towards status, you wouldn’t need to spend $140k to get 56 nights (+5 credited from the card)… You’d only need spend $135k to get 54 nights and need to redeem your certificate (even if you didn’t spend the night, just to get the night to post). Nit picky, I know, but highlights the fact that free nights (points, certificates) count towards status, which is also a nice benefit!

  9. @BC 150K annually? Wow. You love this CC, hehe. You would definitely be Globalist every year without actually needing to stay at any Hyatt.

  10. Even though the card isn’t industry leading on anything except gyms it does offer a well rounded set of bonus categories. My wife generally won’t remember to use specific cards for bonus categories so I just tell her to use the Hyatt card. It doesn’t maximize return but it does earn enough that I don’t stress about it!

  11. Does anyone know if I can get 2 points on my monthly Peloton subscription? If so, I will switch it over to my Hyatt card.

  12. Not sure if this was reported here since it’s a relatively minor property… but a hotel just up and sold leaving Hyatt end of last week the Hyatt House San Diego/Carlsbad. Not many people may be checking their emails and I’ve only seen it mentioned on TPG. This impacted my Labor Day travel so I thought I’d share…

    Basically I got an email (which I missed) but what shocked me was that all of a sudden last night all of my points were refunded without explanation in the app. Upon reading the email I found out that the hotel had “left the Hyatt brand” and was no longer participating in world of Hyatt. My points were refunded and I was rebooked on a cash reservation with an exorbitant nightly rate (more on that at the end)

    I so I naturally called World of Hyatt line right away
    It was clear based on talking to World of Hyatt that this took everyone by surprise, they did not have a playbook on how to handle this or any preset Guidelines. That being said the customer service rep handled the situation smoothly. My travel was already quickly, the upcoming holiday weekend. Luckily Hyatt was able to rebook me in a near by property and even granted me points to cover the difference in award cost.

    IF THIS IMPACTED YOU, note that they automatically booked you on a paid rate which HAS CANCELLATION FEES. Make sure to ask the rep to CANCEL the original reservation when you rebook your travel or you might be charged.

  13. Hello, can anyone answer my question????

    Do these cards provide Lounge Access when flying on Delta Airlines?

  14. @Alex, they do not. A benefit that significant would have been listed in Ben’s exhaustive list.

  15. Hi Lucky, I, too, love the new W of Hyatt credit card & my Globalist status! I believe that it’s worth it to spend $15k each cardmember year to gain an additional free night certificate as well as to receive a total of 6 elite night credits to help me requalify for status. However, my experience spending $5k to get 2 elite night credits was that it WAS, in fact, calendar-year dependent, AND I lost credit for more than $4k that I spent in December of 2018 when the counter was reset. Can you check on this particular aspect of the card benefit for us? It was very disappointing for me to lose credit for all of that spending in December & have to start all over again in January! Thanks!

  16. @ Lucky,
    I have always been curious on how you physically keep track of logistics of all the programs. (and the spend associated with it)
    Do you have spreadsheets or old school notebook and paper?
    Electronic calendar or paper?
    or a bunch of post- its?

  17. @Stanley – Yes – I own a business so somehow find a way to charge an inordinate amount =) I use this card mostly for “normal” day to day purchases but I actually use my AmEx to pay taxes. They charge 1,9% or so and I end up with 3% of value by getting the 50% bonus over $5k, redeeming the points for Pay with Points for int’l flights and then getting the 50% mileage back.

  18. Hi Lucky, I left a comment above re: the W of Hyatt $5k credit card spend to earn 2 nts toward elite status being calendar year related. Can you respond to it? This has been my experience.

  19. Lots of questions about how to keep track of yearly and categorical spend. It couldn’t be easier. Throw away Excel and other spreadsheets. Chase, the big publicly traded banking concern, issues the Hyatt card. Log into your Chase account using a web browser. On login, you’ll see a dropdown titled “Things you can do.” Click on that, and at the top of the list of options you’ll see “spend report.” It lists total spend for the year as well as spending by category: you’ll quickly figure out how much that Globalist status is or is not costing you.

    Someone else asked if owners of the previous card can get this card. My personal experience was that I called and cancelled the old card, reapplied for the new card 5 days later, and was issued the card with the “new user” ~60,000 bonus points (not the crappy 2,000 point offer they extended to people who wanted to “convert” their card.)

    Agreed that the new Hyatt credit card is the cherry atop the awesome World of Hyatt program. We spend a lot of money on this card, and a lot of money at Hyatt, yet we feel like we get value far in excess of what we put down. We have a family to look after, and having access to the nicer parts of Hyatt’s portfolio has opened our world.

  20. I currently have the old H CC. What is the best strategy for getting the new WofH card and how long after cancelling the old one do I have to wait to apply for the new?

  21. Personally I don’t think this card is all that. Yes if you are a frequent hyatt guest but to suggest that if you have any interest in staying at hyatt you should get this card is a stretch. Some of the sapphire cards will give you just as many points if not more and for less overall spend. Using the cat 1-4 and getting a good return on it isn’t that easy with hyatt’s smallish footprint. I don’t feel like diverting large amounts of spend to hyatt, since I can earn points in flexible currencies and redeem for much better returns on premium international travel. If I had a large number of hyatt stays and this was going to get me to the next level of status that is one thing, but for a lot of people this card isn’t the must have its being made out to sound like. The signup bonus is ok although I miss the old signups where I could get two free nights at the top properties. Lot of other cards are better, but this is among the better hotel cards.

  22. Best hotel card for the best status. Love Hyatt, I am at one of their beautiful club lounges now.

    I think you are missing its best use though (other than obvious): INTERNATIONAL NON-BONUS SPEND

    What other card is good for non-bonus spend that does not have a foreign transaction fee? My AMEX Preferred charges those fees… Not sure on the Chase cards that are good for it.

    Best way to get to the $15k: Hyatt stays, gyms, and Non-Bonus International Spending. Everything else is well covered by other cards.

  23. Dakine, what is particularly good about this card for international non-bonus spend – compared to, say Citi Premier or Chase Sapphire Preferred?

  24. Just a comment on Gym/Fitness qualifying as 2x: It depends on how the merchant codes on the credit card transaction. The particular Camp Gladiator instructor where my wife attends submits his bill as a Gym. Not all instructors do, and sometimes it is the credit card read code that is on the device (Square, table top reader.)

  25. As usual, Ben produces the best reviews. Keep up the good work. Quality photos, charts/images, humor, organized/logical, speaks to the $$ as well as the aesthetic of the hotel or program.

  26. Wow, looking at all these benefits of US co-branded credit cards seriously make me so jealous! Here in the Middle East it seems that everyone charges a lot more for a lot less!

  27. Lucky, I kind of expected that a July 5, 2020 post may have some updates regarding Covid. Examples:
    * Is now a good time to apply for the card?
    * Are you paying for gym memberships?
    * Are you taking public transit?
    * Are you commuting?
    * Are you eating at restaurants?
    * Are you staying at Hyatt hotels?

    I mean. No, hopefully?

  28. Since the card provides the Discoverist status which usually requires 10 qualifying nights, how many additional nights are needed to reach the Explorist status ? Is it after the regular 30 nights, or are only (30-10)=20 nights needed to over the difference ?
    Since there are 10 nights now awarded for opening the card, do they count towards it, meaning after just 10 nights in the hotel the Explorist status would be granted ?
    Thank you for clarifying.

  29. Lucky, thank you so much for labeling the pictures in the store with the location of the hotels. So helpful. Can you please start labeling the title pictures as well?

  30. What exactly are people spending 15,000+ a year on that isn’t a bonus category on another card that would more than outweigh one free night?

  31. @ Michelle DB – SM Chase & ask them what your spend is YTD. You will receive a response back usually within 24 hrs.

  32. @Chris , I second that ! Any Chase Reserve + Freedom Unlimited holder gets more value in spending 15$ grand.

    Not to mention , that Hilton Surpass offers way more value/perks for the same annual fee . WOH card overrated in comparison with direct competition!

  33. I understand that the annual cat 1-4 free night posts after your anniversary, but when does the second free night for spending $15K post? Does it post after hitting the spend requirement, or does it also post when the annual free night posts?

  34. @CJ – it posts when you hit the spend requirement…totally different from getting a free night annually just because you have the card.

  35. Hi!

    Would you be able to clarify how Chase defines “24 months” in the statement “you are a previous card member of any Hyatt card who received a new welcome offer within the last 24 months” – e.g. the 24 months is defined from the date you applied/approved, or from the date you received the first bonus, or from the date you received the second bonus? The difference can be as large as ~6 months. Much appreciated your insights!

  36. Does 4X at Hyatt count with taxes and incidentals too when paying with the card? Otherwise may be better to use csr since it counts taxes etc

  37. @Nick, Yes it counts towards taxes, as well as anything you charge to your room, food/drinks at hotel restaurant, room service, etc. So you’ll basically always use the Hyatt card when paying for your Hyatt stays.

    @Richard- Chase goes by when you got the bonus. So whatever date you received the bonus last, you will want to wait a minimum 6 months to APPLY for the next card. To be safe though, I would suggest waiting until the next calendar month. So if you got the *bonus* Jan 17th, 2019. Wait until February 1st, 2021 or later to apply for the card for another Hyatt bonus.

    @Stan P- I agree there’s definitely more “perks” included in hilton surpass. I Love the easy access to top tier status for Hilton by just having their cards (gotta have that free breakfast! lol) It’s not a better value though unless you’re spending A LOT of nights at Hilton, because you don’t get a free night with the Surpass card unless you spend $15k. The Hyatt card is worth it even if you spend 1-2 nights a year at Hyatt. You get a 15k point night each year (easily worth over $250 right in downtown in a big city, well over the $95 for annual fee). If Hyatt came out with a higher level card like the Hilton Aspire is, that gives me Globalist status, I would definitely get it. I would hope they’d give you a better award night though (like category 6 free night). Also, the first $15k on hyatt can be = to 2x hyatt points (on non-bonus categories). So that is definitely better than 1.5x UR From CFU gets transferred to Hyatt using your CSR or CSP. Use your CFU after that $15k though. So many cards have bonus categories though, so it can be difficult to find that $15k spend in non-bonus spend. So it’s definitely not worth it for everyone. Just need to take a look at where you spend your money before deciding. CFU is probably best option for most low spenders.

    To answer what are you spending 15k on? Typical non-bonus areas that can be worth it *DEPENDING ON YOUR OTHER CARDS*: cell phone bills, gas for vehicle, utilities, car insurance, large appliance purchases (HVAC, kitchen suite, home improvements, etc), groceries (many cards have this as a bonus cat), christmas and birthday gifts, medical bills, down payment on a new vehicle (I was just able to put 2k on card with no fees charged). Also, 2x points at restaurants (total of 3pts/$ for first $15k spend is worth it as well even if you have the CSR [assuming you’d be transferring to Hyatt anyway]). Unfortunately, I was able to find 15k in non-bonus cat spend (while having like a dozen other cards with all sorts of bonus categories) a little too easily lol.

    @ Alex: Since you specifically mention flying Delta, I’m assuming you are specifically referring to a Delta Sky Lounge? If so, you have to pay $550 annual fee for the Delta Reserve or the Amex Platinum cards. Both of these also give you Centurion lounge access now (can take 2 guests into Centurion, @delta lounge only cardholder gets in). If you just want priority pass (which are overpacked and way worse than Delta Sky/Centurion lounges imho, not to mention they’re often closed to priority pass holders during busy hours because so many cards give this perk now…), the Hilton Surpass is a good option if you don’t fly very often because it allows you to enter up 10x a year (the 10 uses can be split between you and a guest(s)).

  38. Oops @ Richard, wait a minimum 24 months* (not 6 as stated in previous comment) after the date you last received your Hyatt bonus.

  39. Has anyone applied and received card with the 10 elite night (rather than normal 5 night) bonus? I know the terms say 6-8 weeks, but I got the 5 nights and discoverist status almost instantly, just wondering in reality how long until the bonus 5 show up? Thanks!

  40. @ Nick: I applied for the card in the summer and the additional 5 status nights (for a total of 10 nights) showed up on my Hyatt account shortly after, within two weeks.

  41. Haven’t seen any discussion of it, but is the 1 additional free night (category 1-4) for $4,000 in spend between now and year-end being widely offered?
    Good deal or not?
    I can’t see anything that says how long the certificate is valid, but I assume 12 months.
    I also got the 5X at Amazon and 3X at grocery stores, so considering it.

  42. I would LOVE to get this card to complement my CC portfolio. So I would really appreciate any kind of advice on work arounds for non US-based readers. Does buying (or renting) some property help – since I am in the US a couple of times per year anyway? Or is there a more easy way?

  43. We have the old Hyatt card and the chip is broken, so will need to get a new card. Do you know if they will automatically move us over to the new card? Or should we cancel for a few months in hopes of getting the bonus for the new card? And would we even be eligible for it as past cardmembers? Thanks!

  44. I just applied and got approved for the Hyatt Card. I have now received the card in the mail. I logged into my Hyatt account and I was only given 5 bonus elite nights for the card, but was supposed to get 10. Does anybody else have any data on this happening to them? I of course will call Chase and question, but wanted to see if anyone has had the same issue.

  45. @ Laura: I applied for the card in the summer and the additional 5 status nights (for a total of 10 nights) showed up on my Hyatt account shortly after, within two weeks. I would give it a few weeks before calling Chase. It seems to be their regular process that the nights posts in separate transactions.

  46. spend my first $5k with the WOH card, does that count towards the sign up bonus AND 2 extra tier nights? If I reach the spend in December, would the 2 extra nights count for 2020 AND 2021, or just the year they post?

    Also @jackie said the spend restarts annually, can anyone confirm that?

  47. Drawing a blank – is the “$5,000 spend for 2 night” counter also going to finally start from 0 in 2022 & each year going forward (vs. a rolling counter)?

  48. Any DPs that product change from legacy (2+ years past bonus) to new WOH earns SUB? Or is better route to close legacy and apply for new WOH (burning a 5/24), and if so, what time lag between events is needed?

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