20 Nights Will Get Just About Anyone Top-Tier Hyatt Status

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Hyatt has just announced a special promotion for those with the Hyatt Credit Card to earn expedited Explorist and Globalist status (all card members automatically receive Discoverist status for as long as they have the card).

Those with the Hyatt Card can earn expedited status based on their stays between September 1 and December 30, 2017, as follows:

  • To qualify for Explorist status, cardmembers must complete 10 nights (normally 30 nights)
  • To qualify for Globalist status, cardmembers must complete 20 nights (normally 60 nights)

Registration is required by September 30, 2017, and there’s no need to cancel and rebook if you’ve already made stays during the promotion period. Essentially Hyatt is just making you stay a third of the required nights over a third of the year. Qualifying nights include cash nights as well as Points + Cash nights, but don’t include free night award stays.

You can find full World of Hyatt elite benefits on this page, though I’ll give a quick overview of the basics of Explorist and Globalist status.

Explorist members receive:

  • A 20% points bonus
  • Upgrade to best room, excluding suites
  • Four club lounge passes annually, each valid for a stay of up to seven nights
  • 2PM check-out
  • Complimentary premium internet
  • Resort fees waived on award nights

Explorist members receive four club lounge passes per year

Globalist members receive:

  • A 30% points bonus
  • Upgrade to best room, including standard suites
  • Lounge access and/or free breakfast
  • 4PM check-out
  • Complimentary premium internet
  • Resort fees waived on award and revenue nights

Globalist members receive suite upgrades on all stays, subject to availability

Those are the facts, though not surprisingly I also have some opinions about this promotion. 😉

First of all, remember that the World of Hyatt program was introduced earlier this year, and replaces the previous Gold Passport program. The new program isn’t especially popular with members, to put it mildly. So the first thing that this promotion tells me is that clearly Hyatt isn’t achieving their target number of elites for the year. If the program were panning out the way they had hoped, they wouldn’t be offering such a generous, publicly available fast track to Globalist status.

I’m conflicted about the promotion. On one hand, this is a very generous promotion. If you’re eligible, it could very well make sense to take advantage of the promotion and earn Globalist status three times as fast. Just keep in mind that if you don’t earn Globalist status by staying 60 nights or earning 100,000 base points (equivalent to $20,000 of spend), then you won’t receive:

  • A free Category 1-7 night, valid for 120 days from when it’s issued
  • Four confirmed suite upgrade awards, each of which is valid for a year from when it’s issued
  • Access to My Hyatt Concierge for reservations and personalized service
  • The ability to requalify for Globalist status in subsequent years after just 55 nights (you’d still need 60 nights or 100,000 base points)

This promotion just rubs me the wrong way. When Hyatt converted Diamond into Globalist status, they aren’t even offering requalification at 55 nights, but rather are requiring 60 nights. They’re basically arguing that former Diamond members weren’t equivalent to new Globalist members. It also meant that members needed to stay 10 nights more than before, rather than five nights more than before. Now they’ll give people Globalist status after just 20 nights.

So for those of you who can take advantage of this, I’m happy for you guys, and it certainly could make sense to participate in this promotion.

At the same time, something tells me that this promotion will generate more frustration than goodwill among members. I’ve had a very light year with Hyatt (almost all my stays this year have been with Starwood, Marriott, Hilton, independent, etc.), and I’m at 39 nights. It’s sort of hard not to feel like this promotion is a slap in the face, when they’re basically saying “hey, those 39 nights so far this year get you nothing, just do 20 more.”

Furthermore, while I’ll requalify for Globalist status, if I were a member who ended the year with 50 nights and didn’t get Globalist, I’d be mighty miffed if someone got it after just 20 nights through a publicly available promotion. Then again, I guess life isn’t fair.

What do you make of this World of Hyatt promotion?

  1. @lucky- is it 20 stays or 20 nights you say 20 nights up top, but in the second to last paragraph you say twenty nights?

  2. I saw the email from Hyatt and immediately popped over here for your take on it. I wasn’t sure what to think, but yep, I’m annoyed. I’ve been killing myself to re-qualify for Globalist this year and guess how many nights I have left to hit 60 this year? YEP – 20 more nights! Thanks for treating your most loyal customers so well, Hyatt.

  3. @ Montreid — Eligible nights include cash stays and Points + Cash stays, but not outright free award nights.

  4. Hyatt really messed this all up, they clearly didn’t do too much investigation of what the top tier looked like or how to keep them happy. I was one who squeaked in using stays vs nights so the new program pushed me away from making much effort to stay at Hyatts. If I had managed to hit 60 nights this year I’d be very upset that my loyalty and dollars weren’t appreciated much…

  5. hyatt can kiss my SPG/marriott platinum status as i only need 1 more stay with SPG to achieve it.
    hyatt, you were good but not good enough.

  6. I have 15 nights more to go to renew my Globalist status, and here comes this email. Instant migraine.

    @Lucky – what are the chances that this promotion came about because of the WoH program and the loss of so many Diamond members?

  7. @ VX_Flier — I’d say with 99.9999% certainty that’s exactly why Hyatt is offering this promotion.

  8. In the terms of the email is lists qualifying with a dining/spa activity on a non stay. Any thoughts on this?

  9. I am upset! I am exactly at 40 nights. Hyatt needs to understand the minds of loyal customers. This is something other hotel chains do much better.

  10. I’m a 120-150 nights a year business traveler. Former Diamond who struggled to find Hyatt properties to stay in (the cities I frequent are not great for Hyatt) to meet the 25 stays requirement.

    I abandoned them almost completely this year (except for a conference) and have dealt with so many issues trying to use my final year benefits this year that I have a super sour taste.

    I’ll probably tackle the 20 nights, but not if SPG offers me something better!

  11. @ Sky — I think that’s simply referring to the ability to earn points for non-stay dining/spa treatments. You won’t get any elite qualifying nights.

  12. I just can’t understand practically anything Hyatt has done in the last couple of years. Handing out Diamond status for years with mattress run worthy challenges, a “re-imagined” WoH program that seems punitive and not well designed to promote loyalty, restrictive terms on the free night certificates, refusing to credit award stays and holding fast to the 60 nights despite a very small footprint. Now they are playing catch up for their own lack of foresight and doing it poorly.

    They seem to be modeling their loyalty program on the big-3 domestic airlines — figuring they can do pretty much whatever they want — except that they are beneficiaries of the benefits and geographic carveouts that airlines are.

    What an absolute mess they’ve made of things. If I had 40 nights right now, I’d be off the walls furious.

  13. Worth noting that the Hyatt website breaks out things like the 4 suite upgrade awards and the free Cat. 1-7 night as that come from 60 nights separate from Globalist status, which gives upgrades to standard suites as available and the 30% bonus points earned. So it’s not actually clear if these perks all roll together under this promotion, and it’s possible that you’d only get the bonus points and upgrades on availability, not the free nights or automatic suite upgrades.

  14. @ Stephen — You’d get all the standard Globalist perks, but you wouldn’t get the 60 night perks if qualifying through this promotion, which I outlined in the post. So no My Hyatt Concierge, confirmed suite upgrades, or Category 1-7 free night.

  15. Just got the email. Holy crap! Yeah, already have a 7 nights C&P through the end of the year. So basically a $1300 mattress run needed. But yeah, between my early A.M phone calls to secure my DSU on March 1st (which almost failed), and screwing everyone over (like many above, I’d be pissed if I struggled to achieve what indeed would become a much more exclusive tier only for it to be given away to JoeSchmo.)… Hyatt failed in an epic manner with WOH and recent changes.

  16. I am annoyed! I have 27 nights to Globalist and I have tried hard to find Hyatt’s where I travel to (and I have a Hyatt Visa) but their footprint is terrible in Europe and LatAm. I’m hugely offended that in spite of that, I already have 33 nights and now anyone can get globalist status with just 20 nights? It’s offensive and rude! I guess I’ll use the promotion to get me globalist with 7 less nights than I would have… but that means I will have 53 nights anyway!! It’s just not right!

  17. Beautiful though… glad you posted this, might’ve overlooked that you can’t get the four confirmed suite upgrades. Will probably do a three night run to get those club passes, but upgrades on arrival is a crapshoot. Not worth 10 extra nights for that.

  18. Did anyone who already requalified for Globalist get the email as well? I’m curious how bad they were at targeting their email list…

  19. @lucky — I re-qualified as a Globalist for 2018 a few weeks ago and haven’t received anything (yet?) from WOH on this. I did, however, receive a different email today regarding a points rebate for a stay back in July (points were rebated 2 weeks ago so I’m not sure why it took so long just to get that email). I’ll re-post if/when I get anything on this promotion.

    On the topic of re-qualifying, one issue I never considered with the changeover to WOH is that the Tier Suite Upgrades are only usable for 1-year from date of issue, so although I’ve already received my new set of 4 Suite Upgrades, they can’t be used beyond August of next year. Kind of a bummer to not be able to upgrade any late-2018 stays (i.e. holiday stays, etc.) until (and if) I requal next year. Very different than the old Gold Passport “everything resets on March 1st” mindset.

  20. @ Josh — Thanks for the data point. And yep, think it’s ridiculous that Hyatt penalizes members for requalifying for status early in the year, given the expiration of the suite upgrades.

  21. I requalified for Globalist (80 nights so far), have the card, and didn’t get the email.

    I’m super annoyed. I was looking forward to having many fewer globalists around next year.

  22. I’ll start with: I really like Hyatt. But their footprint is just too small to really justify the 60 night requirement.

    I’m at 25 nights, so this gives me a easy way to maintain globalist… but as mentioned I won’t get the four TSU/DSU which to me are incredibly valuable (and one of the huge benefits of diamond/globalist).

    I feel like this is probably their mea culpa – they lost a lot of interest in WoH with the switchover and they want people to stretch for status, so this is their solution.

  23. I’m not really a Hyatt person (or loyal to any chain, but that’s a different story), still don’t get the fury.
    When you make an informed decision and then the rules change halfway through the game to disadvantage you – you have every right to protest.
    If all that has happened is other people get an advantage, not at your expense, I say just take it on the chin.
    I got a Paul smith suit earleir this year, just to see it on sale 3 weeks later at less than half price.
    I kinda kicked myself for not waiting, but can’t really say Paul Smith has done something wrong.

  24. I just checked into a Hyatt for a five night business stay. I was 59 nights in. Been staying almost exclusively at Hyatt this year. Kind of a slap in the face if you ask me.

  25. Wouldn’t double elite qualifying night credit be a much smarter way to help more people qualify? And somewhat less offensive to those that had been working towards globalist, since they can also benefit at least a bit?

  26. This is what I call desperation mode. Hyatt has probably seen an abysmal rate of people aiming to qualify to their top tier and are now trying to find a way to clear the mess they did with this ridiculous program. Not that Hyatt cares at all but I moved all my hotel stays to SPG. So far 30 nights with SPG this year and zero with Hyatt. They won’t see my money at all.

  27. It at least bought the Hyatt Card a couple of more months before being cancelled. Was going to cancel next week, but might as well wait to see if I can qualify, it’s useful as I like having mlife status.
    Have already made Marriott platinum for the year so not much to lose here, but only 20k points from lifetime gold.

  28. Why not outright status matching? Smh….that’s the only way they’d get me to redirect some of my Marwood (Starriott?) business their way.

    To those upset that they’re at ~40 nights already, I don’t understand the logic. Staying 20 nights in 4 months is the same frequency as 60 nights in 12 months. True, its less overall, but if you’re staying that frequently to begin with such that you can spend 5 nights/month in hotels, you’re probably traveling consistently enough that it’s a frequent occurrence, anyway.

  29. Lucky- any thoughts on whether or not MGM stays would count? Might be worth booking some rooms at low end Vegas properties m

  30. Businesses run promotions all the time to increase business. I’ve had DirecTV for years but it still makes me mad when I see UA promotional tie-ins giving 10K points or two year lock-in rates for new subscribers. I’ve given them thousands and get none of those benefits. Or my bank that is now offering 4x the interest on checking accounts, but only for NEW accounts.

    It’s all unfair, but unfortunately the new kid to get party always seems to get the biggest scoop of ice cream.

  31. I understand why those who have been trying hard to requalify are annoyed at this promotion.

    If it’s any consolation – in Australia we have no Hyatt card – and I have spent approximately $3000 USD on Hyatt hotel stays here this year and I’ve managed the illustrious Discoverist status (which comes with the $75 USD/yr Hyatt card).

  32. I’ve been enjoying WOH lately because I think properties who once took diamonds for granted are no longer doing so and are honoring the suite benefit most of the time. I’m worried this will once again dilute the elite ranks but we’ll see.

  33. @Andrew I just completed a similar challenge via a highly targeted offer. My stays at the Monte Carlo did in fact qualify.

  34. I’m pissed. I’m at 58 nights. I planned to go for 80 for the extra suite upgrades assuming I would actually be able to use them because there would be fewer Globalist’s. Lounges are already crowded. I was looking forward to fewer people in them. Seriously pissed.

  35. I already have Globalist until February 2019 since the start of WOH because I had 25 stays before March 2017. I’m currently at 39 nights and 21 to go. I am also pissed at Hyatt for this promotion for the same reason as most loyal Hyatt customers.

    If I knew Hyatt was going to have this promotion, I would have used my 39 stays/nights at SPG properties instead and 20 nights at Hyatt for the rest of the year. This would have given me next year: Hyatt Globalist, SPG Platinum, and Marriott Platinum.

  36. @Kubear: I don’t get it. You already had Globalist through 2019 from stays before March, so why do you specify “I’m currently at 39 nights and 21 to go”? What would 60 nights this year get you that your 25 stays before March didn’t?

  37. I guess this is a mattress run worthy challenge, especially combined with Citi Prestige 4th night free? Can we still get the nights counted booking through Citi concierge?

  38. @JoePro: 60 nights will get me these award benefits: a free night category 1-7, the 55 nights re-qualification, 4 suite upgrades, and concierge agent. The concierge agent will probably be useless for me, but the other 3 benefits you can only get with completing 60 nights. Beside these specific award benefits, I will still get all other Globalist hotel perks until 2019 assuming I didn’t make it to 60 nights this year.

  39. I’m at 87 hyatt nights this year and am also completely annoyed with this. First they raise the bar, removed the stay criterias, and now they lower it again for people who will not really impact their business. I don’t understand. Why not give a certain number of night credits for the Hyatt card upon various spend levels (5 for 10k, 10 for 20k etc). Although I easily requlified this year I also think the stay credit criteria made a lot of sense also.

  40. Ben, do you think people who sign up for the Hyatt card between now and Sept end will be able to sign up for this promo?

  41. Don’t worry, Hyatt elites! Everyone already stopped pursuing Hyatt status when they rolled out WoH! Haven’t stayed at a single one. Going to a convention that is at a Hyatt and I’m staying elsewhere on purpose.

    Loyalty goes both ways. Want to earn the big spending power of road warriors? Create a program that provides massive incentive for the highest tier, and taper that off for lower tiers. Fix the program and I’m back. Other this year I’m Hilton Diamond, Marriott/SPG Platinum, IHG Spire.

    Hyatt: Really hoping you read these comments and work to fix the program. This move stinks of desperation but there is always a way to make things right. Rooting for you to turn this around for next year.

  42. So pissed, i was planning my vaca all around hyatt locations so i can requalify for globalist next year, i am at 55 nights now and this!!

    I have emailed to hyatt to voice out my unhappiness, hope they will think twice before offering such “insensitive” promo!

  43. I’m at 45 nights yet. So in theory 15 more to go. But I have no interest at all now. This is just so bad from Hyatt, slap in face for all their loyal customers who agreed to played by their rules.

    Especially bad for all Non US customers who can’t even get that credit card.

  44. Not sure what the outrage demonstrated by Lucky is all about. SPG targeted promo after promo you got and hope took advantage, no tears for those of us who promo after promo got an offer of zip.

    However all this angst of the Hyatt offer which I did receive. I think you may all be surprised at how many people care so little about it. I’m not going to be bothered and I’m sure many others won’t either. For many, coming after the main summer holidays have been and gone it’s too late in the game. I’ve not interest in Hyatt as the locations they go they are expensive vs my favoured hotels.

  45. Ermm your ‘just about anyone’ kinda ignores the majority of the world that don’t live in the US and are ineligible for the credit card. What a rubbish promo, they clearly aren’t interested in WoH members elsewhere. Hilton, you just got my business.

  46. I understand the frustration, but didn’t you get 2x elite qualifying nights at Starwood at least once just for breathing? It’s the same thing and you had no problem with that targeted promo.

  47. This is clearly an insensitive promo and the comments show it rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, but to say your 39 nights got you nothing is a bit of an exaggeration. You will get:
    – A free Category 1-7 night, valid for 120 days from when it’s issued
    – Four confirmed suite upgrade awards, each of which is valid for a year from when it’s issued
    – Access to My Hyatt Concierge for reservations and personalized service
    – The ability to requalify for Globalist status in subsequent years after just 55 nights

  48. “just about anyone” excludes anyone living outside of the US who can’t get access to the card…

  49. Globalist at 56 nights with 60th coming up in two weeks. Worked really hard to hit so 100% agree this is definitely a huge slap in the face to those that are earning 60 the hard way.

    Couldn’t they have somehow thought of a promo option where Globalists that hit 60 and also doing 20 nights during the promo period get an extra free 1-7 night and an extra 4 suite upgrade or something along those lines. For those that don’t understand why we are pissed, the answer is this is a reverse promo that rewards those that haven’t given Hyatt a lot of business and gives those that have absolutely ZERO benefit from this promo. That’s just messed up and wrong.


  50. What a complete fuck-up by Hyatt – I earned Globalist on base points a few months ago (I’m at ~40 nights but usually stay at higher priced properties in Asia and SF). WoH took away check-in amenities, and screwed up suite upgrade awards expiration dates (I now have 8 that I have to use by next June, and that is not for the lack of trying to use them). Only WoH positive for me was reduced number of top-tier member so that I could actually use up my suite upgrade awards (I don’t think I ever managed to use them all in all my years with Hyatt), but now Hyatt completely reversed that as well.

    I’ll easily re-qualify as SPG platinum this year (I think lifetime platinum actually), and this continuous crap from Hyatt is making me seriously consider switching to completely to SPG (Ritz-Carlton has similar locations to where I have been preferring Hyatt so far).

  51. 40 nights this year too. Very frustrating. With a stroke of the pen, Hyatt just wiped out all those stays. I’m surprised they offered a quick path to top tier status for such a large audience.

  52. This offer confirms that Hyatt intends to be a hotel chain for US citizens/residents only. Already their WoH reengineering was strongly skewed in favor of them and explicitly against those living in other parts of the world.

    Now reducing the qualification threshold to 20 nights, if you have a credit card which is exclusively available to US individuals, is just another nail into the coffin.

  53. To quote from the movie ‘The Incredibles’… ‘When everyone is special then no one is special” When everyone is elite.. then no one is elite.

    The reason I as a person who are trying to qualify with 60 nights this year is upset with this promo is that after the change to WoH, the whole point was that it would thin out the herd in 2018 so there will be less number of Globalist, who are truly loyal to Hyatt. Then we won’t have to fight for suite upgrades and have crowded lounges and hopefully get treated like a true top tier guest.

    Yes, with my 60 nights, I’ll get the 4 CSU and free 1-7 cat certification but on every stay, there will be tons of newly minted 20 night Globalists to compete against. That’s the rub…

  54. Will this offer work for hotels in Las Vegas? Can I book a cheap room at a mgm resort and credit my stay to hyatt?

  55. Who is really going to pursue this offer? Most of us who were disillusioned diamonds have picked up our toys and moved on. I’m thoroughly enjoying SPG/Marriott platinum and have zero interest in having to jump through hoops to be a lesser Globalist (no confirmed upgrade certs and no free night cert). When I said goodbye to Hyatt, I meant it.

  56. I achieved Globalist earlier this year, and didn’t get any email notification. But… I did get an email promoting the Hyatt CC card and the 40k bonus.

    Since hitting Globalist, I’ve started staying at SPG hotels and much prefer them. Better variety of feel, as well as better power and upper ends of chains (IMO). Plus, I much prefer SPG points for future vacations.

  57. what about if you do not have the credit card and applied for it but got rejected will they give youa waiver for this promotion? who can i talk to or call? this sounds like discrimintion to me

  58. Lost the Starwood bid. Made it so much harder to qualify for globalist. Now in a shithole they can’t climb out of. Desperate !! I am at 57 nights.

  59. I don’t understand what the fuss is all about! Traveling as a family of 4 on my own dime here and been Diamond (currently Globalist) many times over.

    The 4 confirmed suite upgrade awards, are worthless to me and seldom was able to use them (due to claimed lack of availability by Hyatt). Better than 90% upgrade rate however without the DSU in nice properties such as PH Aviara, HR Huntington Beach, Hyatt Time Square NYC, etc. The most important thing for us is the club lounge access and the breakfast and for that this promo makes sense to us because also the Hyatt Cash & Points rate is the best value out there.

    Thank you Hyatt 🙂

  60. The question of fairness is a bit subjective. Someone getting globalist under this still aren’t getting confirmed suite upgrades, a free night award, and hyatt concierge status, thus someone who spend 60 nights still gets quite a bit ‘more’ for doing so compared to someone qualifying under this promotion. As far as sharing status with members that may only stay 20 nights in 4 months, the only ‘downside’ that other globalist have is perhaps they lose out on a suite-upgrade and perhaps they club has a few more people grabbing snacks, and that is rather self-righteous isn’t it?

  61. Juno says: “there will be tons of newly minted 20 night Globalists to compete against”

    Well, for one thing, the only people that will be minted 20-night globalists are people that had 0 nights up until this point. How many people have 0 Hyatt stays ytd, but just because of this will put in 20 for a status at a hotel brand they obviously shunned? I would wager that nearly every person that qualifies on this offer already has 20+ nights to date, and will have over 40 nights by the time this is all said and done, me included. To argue that a 60 night globalist shouldn’t have to compete with the people staying 40 nights is drawing a false line in the sand — the 60 night line, and every other line drawn with any hotel brand, is subjective from the get go. You are mad because you may have to share hors oeuvres with someone who (gasp) only has 40 nights while you have 60 and maybe once or twice next year you are afraid of not getting some free upgrade to a suite because of that guest that only had 40 nights last year? Let me play you the world’s tiniest violin. Hotel status chasers must be the most narcissistic group out there. By any means, if we end up checking in the same day somewhere next year, I hope you get the suite and not me, I don’t want your feelings hurt.

  62. Mark says “Couldn’t they have somehow thought of a promo option where Globalists that hit 60 and also doing 20 nights during the promo period get an extra free 1-7 night and an extra 4 suite upgrade or something along those lines. For those that don’t understand why we are pissed, the answer is this is a reverse promo that rewards those that haven’t given Hyatt a lot of business and gives those that have absolutely ZERO benefit from this promo. ”

    Promos often have people left out for any number of reasons.

    Someone hitting 60 nights this year is already a getting cat1-7 certificate, 4 confirmed suite upgrades, plus another upgrade and 10,000 bonus points for every 10 more nights they stay, plus access to Hyatt concierge, plus a qualification next year at 55 nights, and are likely well on their way to lifetime status. None of that applies to anyone getting ‘status’ from this promo. Again, being mad that a pool of poeple out there is going to get globalist which means nothing more than you share the lounge with them and -may- not get as nice of suite upgrade at check in is pretty much akin to a 5 year old fit.

  63. good post Lucky. By the comments, those of us loyal to hyatt are all upset. any insight in to why they took away the spend thresholds for night/stays as in the past? now it’s 50k for explorist which does nothing for you if you have already qualified. seems to me that they value active card and no stays over some stays a loyalty.

  64. This is bullshit they wait till sept to just give it away for 20 nights!! You don’t get the 1000 points anymore when u check in and they raise it up to 60 nights.

  65. I’m so upset with WOH program too. I’ve been a loyal Diamond member for the last several years and I agree with others – Hyatt footprint is so small. I was pissed when they made us stay 5 extra nights! I squeak by each year due to the locations I visit globally (well, that’s ironic…).

    I have already stayed at several Hilton properties for work travels this year since Hilton matched my Hyatt Diamond status thru end of this year. I REGRET not switching to Hilton at the beginning of this year to maintain my Hilton Diamond status.

  66. Hi Lucky,
    Do you happen to know if the comp rooms booked under mlife.com for Vegas mgm properties count toward the Globalist challenge? If I’m not mistaken, these comp rooms still require daily resort fee, if that makes a difference.

    Thank you!

  67. Lucky:

    Use to be that consecutive nights only counted as one “stay”. Do consecutive nights count as one “night” or does each night count towards the 20 nights?


  68. What i meant to say is that constitutive nights at the same property only counted as one stay.
    Still true, of or if I stay 20 consecutive nights a the same property, does that get me globalist?


  69. called Hyatt. Was told consecutive nights at same hotel count as total nights stayed towards 20.

  70. So I called Hyatt and they claim that MLIFE rooms will not count towards the 20 nights. According to their promotion only Hyatt branded hotels count. Anyone else have any insight to this?

  71. I’d also like to know about mlife counting towards the 20 nights. I had assumed they did, but haven’t hit 20 nights yet.

  72. FYI I was told today that using this promotion you DO NOT QUALIFY for all globalist benefits such as the 4 suite upgrades.

  73. I did this last year, after pretty much abandoning Hyatt for how badly they screwed up a terrific loyalty program like Gold Passport. As the previous reply states; you get the “status” of Globalist, but not the perks! I didn’t get the 4 suite upgrades this year. So for those that qualified with 60 legit nights, you still got more of the Globalist benefits than those who took Hyatt up on this credit card offer. I don’t know about Hyatt going forward, for me. With Marriott and SPG rolling into one program in a couple of months; that will sure be intriguing. There’s a plethora of wonderful Westin, W, and St. Regis properties that I’d love to visit, and now I’ll be able to do just that.

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