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Update: This offer for The Hilton Honors American Express Business Card has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

Last year American Express and Hilton announced that they’d be entering into an exclusive credit card agreement (while previously Hilton also had credit cards issued by Citi). As part of this, American Express and Hilton are introducing two new credit cards, and also rebranding their two existing cards, which is great news for consumers.

The new credit cards go live today, and as part of that we’re seeing the introduction of the Hilton Honors American Express Business Card, which is the first Hilton Honors small business credit card.

Applications are now live for the new $95 annual fee Hilton Honors American Express Business Card, which is offering a sign-up bonus of up to 100,000 Hilton Honors points — you can earn 75,000 bonus points after spending $3,000 within the first three months, and a further 25,000 bonus points after spending an additional $1,000 within the first six months.

That’s a solid sign-up bonus, and just about all small business owners with good to excellent credit should be eligible for it, given that this card is brand new. In terms of the return on spend, the card offers:

  • 12x Hilton Honors points at hotels and resorts in the Hilton portfolio worldwide
  • 6x Hilton Honors points on U.S. gas stations, wireless telephone services purchased directly from U.S. service producers and U.S. purchases for shipping
  • 6x Hilton Honors points on U.S. restaurants, flights booked directly with airlines or, and car rentals booked directly from select car rental companies
  • 3x Hilton Honors points on all other eligible purchases

On top of that, the card offers lots of other potentially valuable perks, including:

  • Hilton Honors Gold status for as long as you have the card
  • A weekend night certificate valid at virtually any Hilton property worldwide after you spend $15,000 on the card in a calendar year
  • A second weekend night certificate when you spend an additional $45,000 on the card in the same calendar year
  • 10 free airport lounge visits each year with the Priority Pass Select membership that comes with the card
  • Hilton Honors Diamond status when you spend $60,000 on the card in a calendar year
  • No foreign transaction fees

That’s an all around very solid bonus. On top of that, keep in mind that there are some advantages to applying for an Amex small business card:

  • Applying for an Amex small business card generally won’t count towards your total as far as the Chase 5/24 rule is concerned
  • Amex business cards are among the easiest small business cards to be approved for, even if you have a fairly new business with limited income
  • If you haven’t had a business card before and are concerned about the possibility of a rejection, keep in mind that if you’re an existing Amex cardmember and get denied, it typically won’t be reported to credit bureaus; that’s because Amex uses existing customer data to conditionally approve people for credit cards, and only after conditional approval do they pull your credit score, to see if anything major has changed

Bottom line

The Hilton Honors American Express Business Card is a fantastic new card that lots of people should be eligible for, given that it’s a new product. The card has a generous sign-up bonus, offers Honors Gold status for as long as you have the card, and makes it easy to earn 1-2 weekend night certificates annually, assuming you put a considerable amount of spend onto the card.

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  1. @MarkG Same. Says it could take up to 14 weeks to get the free night certificate, but there’s plenty to go on in the meantime. My Diamond status posted within an hour or two, and that seems to be the norm based on DPs on FT. Curious if we’ll be able to purchase AA gift cards using the $250 airline credit as on the AmEx Platinum. AmEx has that feature that lets you jot down your account info. to make purchases right away, so we may find out shortly.

  2. Got the offer today for Hilton Ascend… exact same offer. I’m thinking about it. Seems good but I know Hilton is not the best and require a lot of points per night at their high-end properities so not sure it would be worth my while.

  3. @ Lucky, for those of us who already have the Amex Platinum, do you think it is worth asking if they will discount the Aspire since we already have Hilton Gold and Priority Pass?

    Also, it seems like Amex is missing an opportunity by not rolling this card together with Platinum and adding decent airline status for circa $2K a year in annual fee. Do you think they might look into a product offering between Platinum and Centurion?

  4. @Lolo sez: “…I know Hilton is not the best and require a lot of points per night at their high-end properities so not sure it would be worth my while.”

    When are people going to stop making such silly and utterly inaccurate statements? Hilton does “require a lot of points per night at their high-end properities[sic]”, but Hilton also does award gazillion more points per spend than any other program out there (~3x more than Hyatt or ~6x more than SPG per $). Therefore, it is mindless to keep pointing to the relatively large RAW magnitude of the costs of HH awards in points and see that as disadvantage of the program. For your info: when adjusted for the relative EARN rates, Hilton Honors awards cost almost exactly the same as Marriott Rewards’ or World of Hyatt’s. REALLY, and the math is trivial:

    Hilton requires 95K points/night at their top hotels, whereas Hyatt requires 30K at theirs, a 3:1 ratio on the REDEMPTION side. On the other hand, one earns, on average, 3x more HH points than one does Hyatt points for the same spend, a 3:1 ratio on the EARN side. Therefore, it does not require one to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if an item I am interested in costs 3x more than another item, and I make 3x more money than the person who can afford the supposedly cheaper item, the RELATIVE costs of the two items for me and for that other person would be exactly the same!


  5. @Janeway: I am already Diamond but it is nice to get the status without having to think about requalifying. @Lolo: I save my points for really expensive full service Hilton hotels, mostly Conrads or WA. It is not smart to spend 40000 in a $90 Hampton Inn. My last redemption is for a overwater villa at Conrad Maldives, 5 nights with the 5th night free.

  6. I just got the Aspire and was disappointed to find out it will take “7-10 business days”. Seriously? For a $450 AF card?

  7. @DCS: “When are people going to stop making such silly and utterly inaccurate statements? ”

    More of the typical DCS tactic of insulting the people with whom he disagrees. Grow up.

  8. @DCS True, but the ratio is better when you spend at Hilton. I just got almost 6000 HH for a $200 stay at the Hilton Capital Gate, a $200 spend in a Hyatt give me 1000 points… and I am not even counting paying with a Hilton credit card

  9. @DCS,
    You tell them like it is. You and Trump are both my heros. Keep plugging at it even as mere mortals fail to understand your brilliance.

    How many cheese burgers do you eat?

  10. @pointster I called in as well to ask about shipping method, and was disappointed to hear that it’s going out first class mail. Thinking back, this is the first $400+ AF card I’ve opened that had to be sent that way.

  11. @Mike — The statements are silly, inaccurate and mindless. Factually state what is wrong with that assertion, or just go to hell…

    @Debit — Please go worship you mentally unstable “president” elsewhere. You are addressing the wrong guy here, and trying to make an association that no one with an ounce of gray matter between the ears would speaks volumes about your kinship with your “president”…


  12. @MarkG — Correct. If one adds the HH co-brand cards, especially now with the Aspire card @14HH/$, HH awards will be cheaper than any other program’s, but Club Carlson’s.

  13. I’ve been a 10 year silver member averaging about 10 stays per year. Not a heavy hitter by any measure,

    Two things I’ve noticed recently. The redemptions are getting more expensive. I’m seeing points values averaging 0.4 cents per point vs 0.6 in the past.

    The $$$ and points deals were the best a couple years back, you’d see rooms for $150 or $50 and 8,000 points. No brainer there. Gone as we all know.

    Now With the Silver devaluation, it’s either get the cobrand card or shop strictly on price.

  14. @Janeway – I remember the Citi black cards coming out next day air in a box. How low Amex has truly sunk.

    @Lucky – I read online about adding oneself as an AU in order to get the card faster. Do you have any experience with that or know someone who has?

  15. “The card comes with Priority Pass Select including 10 visits each year”. Are these visits per card membership year or Calendar year ?

  16. @DCS I agree the Hilton program is one of the better ones out there, especially for holders of the Aspire credit card. However, a Hilton point isn’t worth much, and a 100,000 point sign-up bonus isn’t very impressive. They make up for it by giving out bunches of points.

    I’m really not impressed by a 100K bonus for the Aspire. It’s better than the offer through my Amex site. 0K points, and it’s not even clear whether I’d get the anniversary free night that the Surpass card offered. I’ve got a month and half to see whether Amex comes up with a better offer.

  17. @MarkG still waiting to get mine. Apparently, it is so difficult and so new for the actually very nice reps that I am either waiting for a callback or have to call them back after a day.

  18. I already have Amex Surpass and I will probably spend 15K (MS) in order to get a free weekend certificate. Since I have another Amex SPG Biz as sole proprietor, I don’t think Amex will approve another Biz, but 100K for 1 night which is not bat at all.

    I made the same calculation as DCS, Hilton maybe cost more but you get 3x per dollar.

  19. @DCS: “The statements are silly, inaccurate and mindless. Factually state what is wrong with that assertion, or just go to hell…”

    It is not inaccurate for anyone to say that Honors redemptions require more points than SPG, Marriott, or Hyatt, whether you like it or not. The reasons beyond that are, frankly, not relevant to the original statement, which has purely to do with redemption levels.

    Otherwise, the fact that you must insist on dismissing people’s opinions as “mindless” is wholly a reflection of you and your NPD.

  20. For those who got the Aspire card, please do not get upset when I reveal the following, but it seems that AMEX & Hilton likely targeted some members — I mean, really loyal members, like yours truly — to get an enhanced Aspire card offer. Here’s my offer:

    — I got approved instantly for the Aspire card around 7:30 am this morning, and then I was offered the option to begin using the card right away, which I accepted and was provided with all the details of the card, including the card number, a temporary PIN, an image of the actual physical card, which I saved as a PDF and can print. I can make online purchases already.

    — Importantly, and this was a pleasant surprise that may upset many, my Aspire offer came with a signup bonus of 100,000 HH points to be awarded after I spend $4K in 3 months (just like the CSR). That is right, I got targeted for a 100K signup bonus for getting the Aspire card! None of the earlier blog posts on this card mentioned a signup bonus, and so far I have not seen anyone else write about it.

    — My physical Aspire card will arrive in 3-5 business days and not 7-10 days as has been reported above.

    Earlier today, I wrote up the above and provided the details of my experience going through the application process, which you can find here:

    I now have all three PERSONAL HH AMEX co-brand cards: the no-fee, the Ascend, and the Aspire. Contrary to what bloggers are saying, I do not find what is essentially the business version of the Ascend to be that compelling if one already has the Ascend card, so I will not go for it, despite the 100K signup bonus points. Bloggers likely find it compelling because of the 100K signup bonus. I do not, and definitely do not need another card.

    Cheers and G’day!

  21. Please, oh, please stop getting hung up about things that you do not understand!

    A starpoint is worth, on average, 2.4 cents and a HH point is worth 0.4 cent. Does that mean that the startpoint is worth more than the HH point? Not at all, because to compare cents/STARPOINTS and cents/ HH POINTS, when SPG and HH award different numbers of points for the SAME spend, is like comparing Australian cents and USD cents without doing a currency conversion. They are both “cents”, but they are “cents” in different currencies and, thus, cannot be compared without doing a currency conversion.

    One EARNS, on average 6x more HH/$ than one does starpoints for the same spend. Therefore, IN TERMS of starpoints each HH point is worth 0.4 cent * 6 = 2.4 cents, i.e., no material difference between the two currencies when adjusted for the relative ease/difficulty of EARNING points in each denomination, which is, in fact, the conversion factor to use for points currencies.

    Bottom line: There is no difference among redemption values of the various loyalty points when they are converted into the same unit of measurement so that they are comparable. If one takes into account points earned with each program’s co-brand card, Hilton awards get cheaper than Marriott’s or Hyatt’s or IHG’s. SPG awards are, BY FAR, the most expensive in the business because of how hard starpoints are to earn.

    Please comments on matters that you are qualified to comment on! That includes you, @Mike.


  22. @MarkG… thanks for your informed post and it’s exactly why I think this card may not be worth it in the end. Essentially, the sign-up bonus is one night at a top-tier hotel and I don’t think it’s worth taking the hit particularly because I do want the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

    @DCS… I shouldn’t even respond to your rude and condescending response but I’m going to anyway. Sure, this would be a great card if it was my only card but I like to spread the love around, so even the extra points on gas and restaurants would be a waste given how many points I’d have to give up PER NIGHT for a top-tier hotel. In addition, the weekend anniverary night is subpar given how much I have to spend on that one card annually compared to Hyatt and IHG which gives a free night annually – used my annual free Hyatt night at the Andaz Papagayo in Costa Rica (not to mention 1:1 transfer with my UR account) and my IHG at Intercontinental Park Lane in London Hilton is not going to give me such return. So in the end, you actually convinced me not to even bother with this card. Thank you!

  23. @DCS: The original statement that was made – the one you dismissed as mindless – was “I know Hilton…require a lot of points per night at their high-end properities (sic)…” At the same time that you dismiss it (and everyone who doesn’t agree with you) as mindless, you validate the statement as true.

    The “value” of the points (measured by the relative ease by which Honors points are earned compared to SPG or other currencies) doesn’t change that fact – Hilton does require a lot of points at their high-end properties.

    Thus, the only thing that you’re doing here (other than arguing for the sake of hearing your voice) is furthering my point even more.

  24. I am not going to waste time addressing anyone who purports to understand how to value loyalty points but is clearly in over his head.

    The soapbox is yours; knock yourself out.

  25. @DCS…. true to a point. If you are talking about earning points via hotel spend then yes hyatt, spg, marriott are comparable. However earning 6x hilton points at grocery restaurant really does not compare to earning 5x chase points transferable to hyatt via quarterly chase freedom or chase ink at cable, cell phone, and Office supply stores. It really doesn’t compare with the 3x chase sapphire Reserve travel and dining points either in my opinion. That said I have a Hilton amex ascend myself, I just don’t put a ton of spend on it. I may get a new business version for the bonus once I cancel my spg business or spg personal card this year after annual fees post and if the retention offers are poor.

  26. @Rabbmd — I usually describe things so that they are broadly applicable — in this case, I am addressing hotel loyalty programs as they are supposed to be practiced based on the model. It is always possible to find cases that would seem to violate a rule. However, that such cases exist at all simply reaffirms rather than contradicts the rule.

  27. @DCS: This probably will come as a shock to nobody except you, but people are not as stupid as you think they are. The differentiation in earning levels between SPG and Hilton mitigates (if not completely offsetting) the value differential between a Starpoint and an Honors point — no one with any reasonable knowledge of the programs will disagree with you to that extent.

    The problem, though, is that you are so completely incapable of being civil in your comments, and so completely incapable of allowing anyone to say anything that you might perceive as narcissistic injury, that all you do is unleash rage against people.

    The answer you gave about the differential in earning is, indeed, the reason why there is a value differential between the programs. However, much like the reason why a hamburger that costs $3 in the US might cost 30 Mexican pesos in Cancun, it also explains why there it takes a lot of Hilton points for a high-end redemption, when compared to Starwood — because the currencies have a different value when compared to each other or compared to a fiat currency.

    The only thing that anyone can take away from this thread is the same thing that I take away just about every time you post here, DCS, and that is that no matter what you say, you end up turning into a complete and utter asshole, because of your inability to be civil in just about anything that you do. If you are like this in real life, then I feel sorry for your family and your colleagues, because unlike me or the people here, they don’t have the luxury of switching you off.

    And to an extent, I feel sorry for you, too, because you don’t recognize that your behavior is entirely your doing.

  28. Such psychobabble…

    FWI: I do not play a cognitive neuroimaging research scientist on TV. I am one in real life…


  29. @DCS: “FWI: I do not play a cognitive neuroimaging research scientist on TV. I am one in real life…”

    Yet again, proving my point even more.

  30. @DCS – When I look at the Amex site in an incognito window I see the 100,000 sign up bonus for spending 3k in four months. I also see the Ascend card with a 100k bonus but with different spending requirements.

  31. The only “point” that’s been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt is your insecurity and inferiority complex. It does not take a genius to know why my commenting here, just you and hundreds other do each day, bends you completely out of shape. The trouble for you is that nothing will change. I will keep commenting and you will keep getting bent out of shape until you turn into the Hunchback of the Forum…

  32. @DCS: “The trouble for you is that nothing will change. I will keep commenting and you will keep getting bent out of shape until you turn into the Hunchback of the Forum…”

    You’re absolutely correct here, DCS. Nothing will change, until you get help for your NPD.

  33. @Eric NYC — What you see seems to suggest that different people will see different things based on criteria that remain unclear, but might get clearer when there are more reports. For me, the Ascend card offers no bonus points because I already have the product. The no-fee card has a 50K bonus whether I am logged in my account or not, but it probably won’t be offered to me in after the system is updated because I got the product by mail yesterday. The Aspire card was the mystery because I could see the 100K bonus ($4K/3months) ONLY if logged in my AMEX account…

  34. @DCS: “I study NPD, so get lost.”

    The people who have it are usually in denial about it, so the fact that your only rebuttal is that you “study” it means absolutely nothing.

  35. @lucky wait, AMEX business cards don’t count for 5/24? I’m so confused by the 5/24 rule. I’m counting the days until I can apply for the Ink Preferred and Freedom Unlimited cards (less than a year to go!), hoping the Ink bonus doesn’t get slashed, and limiting the cards I apply for accordingly.

    By my calculation, I could get two more cards this year without pushing the date. I just got the AMEX SPG Business card, though, and I’m trying to decide between the AMEX Blue Business Preferred, and a US Bank Platinum (no fee, lower cell phone damage deductible than the Ink), for my last application for the year.

    If it’s true that AMEX biz cards don’t count, however, then I can scrach the SPG biz off my tally, get the Blue Biz Plus, and the US Bank AND one more card of my choosing, if my math is right. Someone check my reasoning?

  36. @DCS, Good reply to the Trump, the con-man, cool-aid drinking guy @Debit!
    BTW, Hilton brand have been little stagnant (except Paris Hilton, lol) since they haven’t added many new properties lately vs. the other Hotel brands..

  37. @DCS I love Hilton and Amex myself. When I called, I was also offered over the phone 100,000 points in three months. I posted about this comment hours ago on Lucky’s other post “Ascend won’t be considered a new product.” I probably posted this around six or seven am EST, because like yourself I am a Hilton and AMEX loyalist.

  38. @Eric Lee for aspire card holders, you get unlimited access with guesting privileges for an additional two people.

  39. @DCS,
    Are you kidding me? Just look at how you have sucked all the attention in this thread. You may pretend to not like trump, but I think you worship him, or at least pick up pointers from him.

  40. Lucky: A longtime Surpass (now Ascend) card holder here….like DCS, I called this morning and had no trouble “applying for” and getting approved for a Aspire card. As it’s considered a new product, I like others were eligible for the 100K sign up bonus. I had originally asked/requested if I could just upgrade from one card to the next but was told that no upgrade offer was available, that I would have to formally apply. As such there would be a soft pull on the credit for the new application. That in itself is not a big deal to me. But here is the issue/question: I now don’t see a need to keep (open) and pay for the Surpass/Ascend, so I would close that account, something I didn’t want to do; prefer to keep it open as a longstanding account holder (for credit worthiness purposes). And I just read a comment by someone who said they talked to a rep and was told that there would be upgrade offers mailed out by the end of the month to current cardholders. (I’ll assume that if/when that happens the sign up bonus would be less, which is not a big deal to me). So if that is indeed the case, I’ll be quite upset about this process. It would have been great if they reached out to current cardholders with an upgrade offer first rather than having to formally apply and open a new account. Has anyone heard/got feedback on this situation? In the same boat as me? I can’t be the only one. Thanks.

  41. @Debit — Unlike your “president”, who seeks the attention with endless stupid comments, I, unfortunately, cannot seem to avoid getting the attention of stupid people like you for posting intelligent comments. If you and others like you would just go away and let me exercise my right to post intelligent comment without being “punished” for it, it would no longer seem to you like I “suck all the attention” like your stupid “president” who cannot live without it.

    Please just go away.

  42. @DCS: “If you and others like you would just go away and let me exercise my right to post intelligent comment without being “punished” for it, it would no longer seem to you like I “suck all the attention” like your stupid “president” who cannot live without it.”

    Again, DCS, you are not a victim here. Don’t pretend like you are.

  43. @matthewsf it depends on your rep. The first rep said he woildn’t sure if the promotional bonus offer would be made available for upgrades. With the second rep, I did not even ask and he upgraded my account. From the moment, I got approved he told me that I have 100k bonus offer even with the upgrade and not a new application.

  44. Not sure how many people will make it to my comment after all the back and forth (DCS, get some help man). But here are my 2 cents.

    1). The sign up bonus for Aspire is really good. You get 100000 bonus points (I remember back a couple of months ago when that was really good). But you also get a free certificate night annually, STARTING now at signup. This is significant.

    2). There seems to be a little confusion on how to signup judging by the flyer talk board. As of early today, the browser I use to sign in to amex did not give me the option to apply for an Aspire but only to upgrade, since I have the Surpass/Ascend already (I think it used cookies to figure out my current card setup). What I did was use a different browser and the 100000 offer for the aspire came up, and it worked great.

    3). In general, I strongly suggest that people sign up for a new aspire, as there is currently no signup bonus to upgrade (sometimes Amex does this though and this could be possible in the future). And if you already have the ascend, cancel it after you get your Aspire set up, transferring the credit line to the new card (I am sure amex won’t mind as it is redundant). But if you are due for an anniversary certificate as I am (perk of my signup bonus) then wait for this to kick in before cancelling.

    4). I am assuming that Lucky (and Eric) were right, it appears that Ascend and no fee are not considered new products for the purposes of sign up bonuses.

  45. @Stanley — I, on the other hand, spoke with no reps. I just did it all on my own online as soon as the cards went live yesterday. I believe that the system will likely offer applicants only what they are eligible for. Only deviations from what the system can do would necessitate bringing in a “supervisor” to address.

    I have now beefed up the report of my experience applying online to include screen captures the various steps and of the offers I got:

  46. @Lucky — can you implement an “ignore” option on this site, to enable one to tune out undesirable noise or unwanted solicitations? Such an option would, of course, be helpfully “binary” because if I tune someone out, it would also tune me out to that person automatically, and everyone would be happy…

  47. @Dcs,

    No. I am opening a altar of worship to you.

    Which Hilton should I open it in? If only you spent more time explaning the Hilton program to obviously dumb people.

  48. I’d be okay with the ignore option – those of us who already ignore DCS at InsideFlyer or on Disqus can finally be rid of him once and for all.

  49. @Mike sez, oblivious to the the irony: “I’d be okay with the ignore option – those of us who already ignore DCS at InsideFlyer or on Disqus can finally be rid of him once and for all.”

    Duh! How stupid is that. Just ignore me here as you apparently do elsewhere, and there won’t be any need for an “ignore” option because that would essentially accomplish the same thing!!! I’d told you before that you were too obsessed with me to ever ignore me. I again dare you to show some “discipline” and ignore me, but I am sure you are incapable of it, which makes your claim about ignoring me at IF or on Disqus just more unhinged hogwash.

    Do you realize that I never address you here until you get in and start to bitch about my commenting?

    Can’t make this stuff up!!!

  50. @DCS: If ignoring everyone without an ignore function is enough for me or others, it should be good enough for you, too.

    Don’t be a hypocrite.

  51. LOL – More mindlessness. It is a FACT that I do not address you until you address me, which means, I am no hypocrite because I do, in fact, ignore you. However, when someone comes after me, I hit back. Therefore, I hit you back whenever you bitch about my commenting. No hypocrisy there at all.

    I have dared you to ignore me here just AS YOU CLAIM TO BE DOING AT I.F. AND ON DISQUS. I have never addressed you there so, if you do indeed ignore me there (although I doubt that your obsession with me would let you, so it is a b.s. claim), then ignore me here too! It is that simply.

  52. @DCS: All you are doing is proving my point even more every time you open your mouth – you simply refuse to hold yourself to the same standard you demand of everyone else because you think you’re better than everyone else.

    Get help.

  53. @Mike sez: “All you are doing is proving my point…”

    I lost count of how many times you have made that claim, except that you have no “point” and have never had one. What you are is unhinged and obsessed with me. It is known as OCD, for short, but with clear overtones of an inferiority complex that’s gotten exacerbated because to date you have repeatedly failed to discredit any of my assertions.

    Goodbye, “Mike.” I wish you well…really.

  54. And yet again, DCS’s NPD has deluded him into believing that he is more important than he really is.

    Yet again, DCS, get real here. You are not a victim. The fact that I and others call you out when you act like a narcissistic prick doesn’t mean that we’re obsessed with you.

    And no, you discredit yourself here far more than you will ever admit. Not just because you act like an asshole when you post, but also because you post things that are wrong more than you think you do.

    Get over yourself, DCS. People here aren’t going to feed into your narcissism, whether you like it or not.

  55. Calling something that was originally theorized by Freud “your phrases” is, perhaps, the most absurd example you’ve shown yet of your narcissism, DCS.

    Get help.

  56. Then stop coming here and REPEATEDLY accusing me of the same ridiculous thing, over and over and over again. How old do you think that shtick has gotten and when will YOU grow up and drop it once and for all (that might require a year of CBT+ SSRIs)? You aren’t accomplishing jack, but keep doing the same thing again and again and again. It is the classical definition of O.C.D., and the underlying psychopathology is an inferiority complex that you MUST “treat” by repeatedly confusing my clearly INFORMED comments with narcissism. Not all informed people are narcissists!!! What it means is that I am not “projecting” anything. O.C.D. is the accurate diagnosis.

    I will now pull the plug on this thread so that I won’t know if anything is posted here again. I ain’t the one with OCD, which means that I can definitely move on.

    Keep at it, and good luck!

  57. @DCS: “It is the classical definition of O.C.D., and the underlying psychopathology is an inferiority complex that you MUST “treat” by repeatedly confusing my clearly INFORMED comments with narcissism. Not all informed people are narcissists!!!”

    Only you would call your repeated attacks and insults upon everyone who disagrees with you “INFORMED comments” (sic). The fact that you just don’t get it (and never will get it) says more about you, frankly, than I ever can.

    I, too, am done with this.

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