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I had a quick overnight at Heathrow Airport, as I arrived shortly before 9PM, while my flight the next morning was before 7AM. I was lucky in the sense that both my arriving and departing flights were out of Terminal 2, so this presented a great opportunity to review the (fairly) new Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow Terminal 2.

Most Heathrow Airport hotels aren’t actually connected to terminals, so anytime you can stay in a hotel connected to the terminal you’re flying into and/or out of, it’s worth the premium, in my opinion. Some of the other hotels connected to terminals include the Hilton Terminal 4Premier Inn Terminal 4, and Sofitel Terminal 5.

Booking The Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow

The Heathrow properties connected to the terminals can command a premium, and the Hilton Garden Inn is no exception. The rate for my one night stay was either ~140GBP (~180USD) or 35,000 Honors points for a free night award.

I ended up redeeming points for my stay — while it was more or less a breakeven redemption (given my valuation of Hilton Honors points), I have a lot of Hilton Honors points, so I figured I might as well.

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow Terminal 2 Review

Admittedly I didn’t get to check out that many features of the hotel since I mostly just worked from my room and slept, though I’ll talk about the check-in experience, my room, the gym, and my weird picture taking experience.

Getting To The Hilton Garden Inn

Upon exiting Heathrow Terminal 2 on the arrivals level I just walked straight ahead…

Heathrow Terminal 2

There I saw signage for the Hilton Garden Inn, which pointed into the parking garage.

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow signage

Fortunately it’s just a very short walk, and at the end of the parking garage is a sign for the Hilton Garden Inn.

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow entrance

Then you just have to walk down a hallway…

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow entryway

…and then you’ll find yourself in the lobby.

Hilton Garden Inn lobby Heathrow Terminal 2

The location really can’t be beat if arriving or departing from Terminal 2. There’s also a covered walkway from the hotel to Terminal 3, though it’s my understanding that the walk is a bit longer.

Hilton Garden Inn Check-In & Lobby

The Hilton Garden Inn has a pretty nice lobby, with plenty of seating, including chairs and couches. The check-in area is at the back of the lobby, and there are four separate podiums.

Hilton Garden Inn lobby Heathrow Terminal 2

Hilton Garden Inn lobby Heathrow Terminal 2

Since a Hilton Garden Inn is (technically) a limited service property, there’s an area where you can buy drinks and snacks, which I always appreciate, since sometimes I want a snack or drink to take to my room, but don’t want a full meal in the restaurant or from room service.

Hilton Garden Inn lobby Heathrow Terminal 2

There was a short wait at check-in, though I was helped soon enough. The lady checking me in was extremely efficient and not very friendly, which I almost appreciated, since it was late at night and I just wanted to sleep.

She informed me I had been upgraded (I’m a Hilton Honors Diamond member), and asked what time I was checking out. That was the extent of our communication.

With a key in hand I headed to the elevators, located just behind reception. Reception is located on the second floor, while my room was on the seventh floor.

Hilton Garden Inn elevators

The hallways felt fresh and modern. Once outside the elevator I walked down the hall, and my room was a ways down on the right.

Hilton Garden Inn hallway

Hilton Garden Inn Room

I was assigned room 7006, and I’m not exactly sure what kind of a room this was. Online my reservation showed as being for a high floor king runway view room, though I feel like my room was significantly bigger, so maybe it was a junior suite? But it also doesn’t match the junior suite pictures I see on their website…

Hilton Garden Inn room exterior

Anyway, the room was quite large, and had a dining table with one chair, a desk and a wall-mounted TV, a large loveseat, and a king bed.

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow king room

While the mattress was on the hard side, I liked the pillows.

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow king room

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow king room

At the desk was a mini-fridge, as well as a kettle with coffee and tea, as well as two bottles of complimentarty water.

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow king room

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow in-room coffee & tea

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow king room

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow king room

Back on the wall towards the entrance was a luggage rack and an exposed place to hang clothes.

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow closet

The bathroom was also back towards the entrance, and had a sink, toilet, and walk-in shower. My only complaint about the shower is that the controls were hard to access without getting in.

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow bathroom

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow toilet

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow shower

Toiletries were from Crabtree & Evelyn.

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow toiletries

I think my room had a runway view room (or something), though I couldn’t actually tell because it was dark for my entire stay, and they also had double pane windows that were spaced out — this meant the sound insulation was excellent, but it also meant you could barely look outside at night due to the glare.

While I didn’t order anything, the in-room dining menu read as follows (why on earth do people feel it’s appropriate/necessary to mark their orders on the actual menu?):

All-in-all the room felt fresh, spacious, and modern, and was more luxurious than I was expecting for a Hilton Garden Inn.

Wifi in the room was fast and free.

Hilton Garden Inn Gym

While I didn’t have a chance to use it, the hotel has a 24/7 gym just off the lobby, which was small but decent enough.

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow gym

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow gym

Other Hilton Garden Inn Musings

The hotel offers guest laundry on the fifth and tenth floor, which is a nice amenity. I tried to check it out to get pictures, but it was locked overnight, so I couldn’t access it.

I also didn’t have a chance to check out the restaurant and bar. However, apparently the rooftop Runway Bar is pretty decent, and has the views you’d expect based on the name.

In the morning I checked out at around 4:30AM, and as usual, I like to take my hotel pictures very early in the morning so that there aren’t people in them. So as I was checking out I took some pictures of the lobby, and was approached by a security guy.

“Excuse me, may I ask why you’re taking pictures?”
“Yes, just for TripAdvisor. Is that a problem?” (which I say because I don’t need to explain to some random security guy I write a blog)
“What… is TripAdvisor?”
“It’s a website where people post reviews of hotels online, and post literally hundreds of pictures of every hotel.”
“Are you a guest here?”
“Yes, I’m just about to check-out.”
“What are you taking pictures of?”
“Just the lobby and my room. Is there a problem?”

Then he left me alone and went to talk to the front desk, presumably about me. I get the guy was just trying to do his job to the best of his ability, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth to be approached like that.

It’s one thing if I were taking pictures of security cameras and sneaking into employee hallways to photograph them, but in this day and age taking a picture of a hotel lobby shouldn’t cause anyone to bat an eyelid, in my opinion.

That’s especially true when you consider that virtually everyone is “reviewing” hotels nowadays thanks to sites like TripAdvisor.

It reminds me of that time that taking pictures of a Hyatt breakfast buffet was strictly prohibited

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow Bottom Line

I had a quick but good stay at the Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow Terminal 2. This is an incredibly convenient hotel if arriving or departing from Terminal 2 or 3, and I’d stay here again in a heartbeat under similar circumstances. The rooms were comfortable, so when you combine that with convenience, then you have just about everything I look for in a Heathrow hotel…

Has anyone else stayed at this hotel? What was your experience like?

  1. I stayed there shortly after it opened and overall had a good experience. The room was nice, like you mentioned, the soundproofing was great, and I found the bed comfortable. Good WiFi too. My only minor complaint was the restaurant. I felt it could use some more options, the food was fine, but really unremarkable, and the service was a bit off – I finally gave up on getting dessert when I couldn’t get my waiter to come over.

    I would definitely recommend it, the convenience cannot be beat, and it’s a nice hotel. When my flight was canceled the next morning (sigh) it was much easier to walk over and rebook than deal with phone wait times.

  2. What if he said, “are you taking pictures of something unsatisfactory? If so, I’d like to know so I can remedy whatever it is.”

    Would that be better?

  3. There is also a HI Express, which shares the facilities with a Crowne Plaza I believe that´s connected to T4. Just for completeness.

  4. Hey Lucky. Just wanted to say although these reviews don’t drive much traffic, as your most loyal readers we love seeing so many trip reports and appreciate the speed you’re publishing at the moment. Thank you and keep going!

  5. $180US for a modern hotel and room, connected to the terminal, is more than a fair price. I don’t think there’s much a premium on that rate.

    Lucky, nice review – I’ll probably stay their next summer as I have a Heathrow overnight on a trip. Also enjoying latest round of product reviews!

  6. It’s a 15-minute fast walk to T3.
    From Hilton Paddington it’s 3 min to train + 15 minute train ride + 10 minutes to the check-in counter.
    Staying in HGI you don’t have to think about train times, it’s fresher, cleaner and more modern.

  7. You don’t have to give any explanation about why you are taking pictures.

    The only answer in a free country would be: Because I want.

  8. Ben, when you are giving explanations to the security guard you are just letting him believe he is right about it, and he will continue doing that to another and another and another guest.

    You are a hotel guest and you don’t have to lie or give any explanation about why you take photos.

  9. I think 180 is a lot of money for a limited service hotel
    as I have stayed in 4 and 5 star for 200 plenty of times
    So they are def getting some kind of premium for a 2 to 3 star property by being in the terminal
    It would have been nice to see if the breakfast was any good but nice review otherwise
    Def a cut above most tired US based Garden Inns

  10. @Paul

    Britain a free country?!? What have you smoked? It’s one of the most regulated countries that you can find. Internet & Media censorship that rivals the worst dictatorships…

  11. @Max “Internet & Media censorship that rivals the worst dictatorships…”. What are you on about? I dare you to say that to North Korean slaves or even the Chinese 🙂

  12. That room is depressingly awful. The wall colour is dreary, there’s no pictures. It looks like a waiting room.
    And sorry, but I think that if you are going to post a review, it should also include a full restaurant review as well. At the very least, photos of a buffet (if offered) would be appreciated. Otherwise, its just half a review.

  13. I’m not here to start a debate or anything. But, people confuse their basic rights they have in their home, public and private places.

    The hotel is privately owned. They can set all kinds of rules. Including no photographs, as many malls also do. And they have the right to ask about them.

    Law enforcement and security personnel if warranted, by any suspicious behavior or even the time of the day the incident occurred will certainly conduct an inquiry if “they” believe it falls under their umbrella of suspicious activity. For each officer, it’s “their” personal perception. Good to see you went with the flow.

  14. It seems like a good option at Heathrow so thanks for the review. I always wonder though why a hotel or a guest considers a room to be upgraded when it’s just bigger. It looks like the only difference between this room and any king room with a sofa is that this room has more carpet to walk across.

  15. Given I got a business room at the newer Crowne Plaza Terminal 4 on the same night as you for £90 I’d say that you paid over the odds. Granted the Garden Inn would have saved me the transfer from T3 to T4 but I’d much prefer the extra 15 min journey given the CP is nicer than the GI. For comparison the Sofitel wanted £245.

  16. I love a luxury hotel as much as the next person but when the Premier Inn is selling rooms for twenty nine quid I don’t know why you would stay anywhere else*

    *Unless your job is reviewing hotel rooms..

  17. Thanks for the review. Based on what you got it’s a long way from a premium rate. That actually sounds value priced.

  18. For a night I’m looking at next month, the T2 HGI is more than double the price of the Hatton Cross HGI. I can understand wanting to stay close for an early flight, but I’m okay waking up a little earlier to save £60.

  19. I stayed at this HGI just the other night at Heathrow. Stayed on the top (13th floor) with a beautiful view of T2. I paid extra for the top floor, airport view king room and the view was okay. Being Hilton Honors gold I got free breakfast and the spread was huge. Even though the view wasn’t perfect, the convenience factor made it exponentially worth it.

  20. @Lucky, do you typically ask for these upgrades (meaning, do you remind the staff during check-in of your Diamond status) or do they upgrade you automatically. I’m had horrible luck getting free upgrades with Hilton and I’m not sure if it’s on me to push for an upgraded room during check-in.

  21. It seems we followed the exactly same itinerary after the United daytime flight to LHR…

    I thought the hotel, while relatively new, was pretty depressing. Better than the Hilton Garden in at Frankfurt and certainly better than the horrible Hilton at Gatwick… but still, quite blah.

  22. I appreciated this blog in spite of the security officer. I will be staying there next summer and I appreciated the pictures and showing how to get to the hotel. It takes the uncertainty away. Now I know what to expect!

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