Hey, thanks TSA!

As I was going through the TSA checkpoint today at TPA a TSA agent comes up to me and says “sir, you’re in the wrong line.” I was of course totally confused, because I was simply taking off my shoes, putting my liquids and laptops on the belt, etc. He went on to say “this is the casual traveler line, the expert line is over there.” So this must be new, since we didn’t have separate lanes last time I was here. But I guess I should actually give the TSA credit for a compliment?

On my way and it’ll be a long day (or two). Expect lotsa updates!

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  1. But I thought the lanes were for passengers to ‘self-identify’…? So how can anyone be told they are in the wrong lane?

    And clearly this also means they know you. Which may be scary itself.

  2. nice, scary that TSA folks know you.

    I had a similar experience this week in Orlando, they moved all “singles” to an expert lane on the end. I thought great, I could avoid the family madness of the main lines. Unfortunately, the expert lane was probably 20 people deep, vs. maybe 8 people per line in the regular lanes…good idea, poor execution.

  3. Last time I went through TPA, back in April, Airside E had the “self-selecting” security lanes marked…but a TSA employee at the entrance to the area was directing entire batches of people as they arrived on each shuttle into whichever line was shortest.

  4. By the time you’re actually at the xray machine there is no point in switching to another line.

    The only experience I’ve had with the expert/casual traveler/families lines was at SLC, and of course only one lane was open despite lots of TSA people milling around the machines in the other lanes.

  5. The TSA folks at my home airport know me well, for a different reason.
    My boarding pass is nearly always marked with the “SSSS” secondary screening code.

    I’m not sure why. The TSA folks are always friendly and cheerful as they take me aside for secondary screening. I always smile and cooperate, and I make sure I get to the airport very early so the secondary screening won’t cause a missed flight.

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