Check out this month’s CNN Business Traveller!

I’m a huge fan of CNN Business Traveller (and in particular Richard Quest’s always eccentric attitude), and especially enjoyed this month’s episode as they talk to some “mileage millionaires.” They couldn’t have chosen better people — well done to Gary and Gene, you represented us well!

Take a look if you get a chance (part one, part two, part three).

Just as interesting, as Gary points out on his blog, Richard Quest does an “elite card throwdown” and shows us what programs he has status in:

Hilton Hhonors Silver
Starwood Platinum
United 1K
Hyatt Diamond
Hertz Five Star
Intercontinental Ambassador

Very interesting! While I knew he was 1K, I’m kind of surprised that’s the only airline he has status in. C’mon Richard, diversify a bit, you fly plenty!

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  1. Uhhh, Hilton Honors Silver… and look at that Hertz Five Star!

    Don’t you get those just for being alive? 😉

  2. Wouldn’t he be somebody the airlines would want to give Global Services or Concierge key to? It would just make sense to have him always trying to plug your airline..

  3. Remember what they say about diversity.

    The longer you work here , d-verse it gets 😉

    Silver does have its place in a lot of programmes – least of all showing some benefit to semi-frequent users, whilst leaving the dangling fruit of gold ready to collect…

    @Nate – whilst airlines probably could, there are probably some boring corporate governance rules that apply that could show it as a gift possible influence – leading to unintended endorsements. Remember these news organisations are meant to be unbiased.. 😉

  4. GENE, was that you on the CNN? If that was you, you looks charming! The looks of you I thought you were a CEO of the airlines.


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