Must See: The Adorable Heathrow Bears Are Back This Year!

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There aren’t many things that I find endearing about Heathrow Airport, though one exception is their annual Christmas advertisement, featuring the Heathrow Bears. It’s just so adorable, it can’t help but put a big smile on my face and make me sad at the same time.

Here’s their ad from this year:

If you enjoyed that, here’s their ad from last year:

And their 2016 ad:


(Tip of the hat to @dnlby)

  1. #adorbs.

    Very “Love Actually,” in a good way.

    Although why do they always turn into humans in the end? The bear metaphor is pretty clear…

  2. Hey Lucky. You never miss an opportunity to mention your dislike for Heathrow, but I don’t think I’ve seen an article explaining why. I can’t think why it’s considered worse than many other large terminals. Cheap hotels are attached to the terminals (or a free bus ride away), there are tons of places to explore (and see planes from), security never takes more than a few minutes, there are countless lounges and restaurants, it’s easy to navigate, and you can get into Central London for just £3.10.

    I’ve heard others criticise the transfer experience, but again, I’m not sure how this is worse than other major airports. AMS and FRA can be better, but CDG, LAX, JFK can be worse (even for domestic connections!). LHR has quick security and a maximum of a 12-minute wait for a bus if changing terminals.

    Would you care to elaborate on why you believe it is so bad that it bears mentioning so frequently?

  3. @Mark S. I agree I have to chuckle to myself when Lucky moans about LHR. I think his frustration is born out of the transfer experience.

    But given that a number of US airports don’t even allow international to domestic transfers (IAD springs to mind) and those that do require the exact same re-passing of security that LHR does I’m not sure why he gives LHR a bad rep.

    It’s also worth remembering LHR is different to US airports. Almost every flight is international arrival therefore, like the US does pretty much eveywhere, LHR requires a re scanning of security when transferring. That is reasonable given questionable security screening in some countries.

    Of course LHR cant help its physical geography and the fact that it is split across multiple terminals. Then again that’s no different to somewhere like JFK or LAX.

  4. There’s a bunch of goofy things hidden in the background but I have to say the pool boy in the 2018 ad wearing American flag trunks takes the cake!

  5. the reason they turn into humans is it is the Bair family…a big play on words but still absolutely wonderful and endearing and always brings a smile! Very cleverly done.

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