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As you may have heard, we’re making some improvements to the community aspect of OMAAT, including the comments section and Ask Lucky section. We’re trying to make the commenting system easier to use, make conversations easier to follow, and reduce friction between responding to blog comments versus posting here in the forum.

As part of that transition, the “Ask Lucky” forum will be closed while we migrate users, data, and platforms. We have loved the engagement here over the years, and hope that you’ll really enjoy the new experience, which should be more streamlined, and easier to interact with.

All “Ask Lucky” usernames will be imported to the new system, but if you haven’t yet registered, or use different handles/emails in the comments and on Ask Lucky, please let us know. In the meantime, feel free to post your comments or questions on any related blog post, and we’ll try and answer.

Thanks for your understanding, and we look forward to sharing the new site with you soon (very soon)!


Ben & Tiffany

  1. Why did Qatar Airways laid off cabin crew who took Unpaid Leave?
    Initially when the Unpaid leave was offered by the company, we were encouraged to take unpaid leave in order to help the company financially. But there were nowhere written that the employee can not leave the country. We took unpaid and went home to see our family and the border of country closed. We waited for 11 months without salary hoping to be back and earn the saving that we used all these while. But they laid off every one who took ULV because we were unproductive for the company for 1 year. It is understandable.

    But what hurts the most is the one’s who were stranded before the border was closed, the company not only paid them some part of salary for 11months but also brought them back to work and made them quarantine on company’s cost. Question is
    1. Why did the company differentiate STRANDED CREW with Unpaid crew as both of us were unproductive to the company for 11 months ?
    2. Why didn’t the company informed on the same email saying the employee are not allowed to travel outside of Qatar even if they choose to take ULV.?
    3. Some unpaid crew were made to stay for 11 months without salary but majority of the crew asked for only 15~45 days of unpaid leave. Why didn’t the company pay at least 10% of their basic salary for 11 months?

    Just because few crew came into the trap of Unpaid Policy, we were easily targeted. What they didn’t consider is that we also have our family to look after.

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