Claim Your 2016 Gogo Inflight Internet Passes From Amex

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Last year American Express added an awesome new perk to The Business Platinum® Card from American Express. Through this perk, those with the Amex Business Platinum Card get 10 complimentary Gogo inflight internet passes each year.

This is an annual perk based on the cardmember year. I took advantage of the perk this year, and I was just notified that my 10 Gogo inflight internet passes have already posted for 2016.


Sure enough when I logged into my Gogo account I saw the 10 inflight internet passes, all of which expire December 31, 2016.


Even if you have a Gogo Unlimited Plan like I do, there’s still a ton of value in these vouchers. For example, I recently used one on a Delta flight between Los Angeles and London, which a Gogo Unlimited Plan doesn’t cover. The pass for the transatlantic flight would have otherwise cost ~$70.


If you’re using passes exclusively on flights like that then the value of the 10 passes is up to ~$700. Realistically most people aren’t using passes that way, or at least not using all 10 passes that way. Gogo prices have skyrocketed in general, though to be realistic about the value of such a pass, Gogo sells one day passes in advance for $16. That’s much cheaper than you’ll get onboard most flights, where I’m finding single flight passes to cost ~$30 for transcons.


Let’s say one of these Amex passes is worth an average of $16 (it’s valid for only a single flight, though has the benefit of being valid on all Gogo equipped planes, even international ones), which makes this benefit worth $160.

Given that the Amex Business Platinum Card has a $595 annual fee (Rates & Fees), is it still worth it? I consider it to be well worth the annual fee, given the following perks:

Access Centurion Lounges (including complimentary spa treatments) with the card

Bottom line

If you have the Amex Business Platinum Card and are enrolled in the Gogo benefit, be sure to check your Gogo account where you should see the 10 passes have posted, valid through December 31, 2016.

If you have the card but haven’t yet registered for the benefit, do so here by entering your card number and card security code.

And if you don’t yet have the Amex Business Platinum Card, it’s certainly worth considering. The Gogo benefit is available exclusively on the business version of the card, giving it a slight edge over The Platinum Card® from American Express.

Do you value the Gogo perk which comes with the Amex Business Platinum Card? If so, how much is it worth to you?

The following links will direct you to the rates and fees for mentioned American Express Cards. These include: The Business Platinum® Card from American Express (Rates & Fees).

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  1. Got my email today, too. Nice of them to do it automatically instead of having to remember to “relink” the accounts.

    Between this and the Boingo plan, this card provides a lot in the way of “free” internet.

  2. $70 for one flight?! I really don’t mind the 20 bucks United charges anymore (even though it’s availability is spotty at best) 🙂

  3. Cheryl,
    How many did you use in 2015? You may just be looking at the first “page” of passes. At the bottom it might say 1 of 3 and you can click to the next passes, which expire later. (Assuming you still have the card, which it sounds like you do).

  4. Just noticed today when I closed my AMEX Platinum Biz card, my remaining 8 Gogo Passes disappeared. This happened to my friend’s account as well (lost 7 passes). So, fair warning to USE the gogo passes while you’re card is still active. I did not read any warning that the remainding passes are revoked immediately upon CC cancellation. Ouch! I had expected the passes to remain active until their 12/31/16 expiration date as listed.

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