WOW: Garuda Indonesia First Class Black Friday Sale

Garuda Indonesia is known for having one of the world’s best first class products. For those of us who are miles & points junkies, unfortunately it’s also one of the more unattainable products on miles, given that the only way to redeem miles for their first class is directly through Garuda’s program, and it isn’t cheap.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0048.Garuda Indonesia first class, per my friend @kellydaoud

So I’m always on the lookout for cheap Garuda first class fares, as I’d love to review their product (a while back Nick reviewed the product between Amsterdam and London, though that route has been discontinued).

A bit over a month ago I posted about the cheapest roundtrip first class fare I’ve ever seen on Garuda Indonesia — you could fly roundtrip first class from Jakarta to Europe for ~$3,480.

Well, at the moment Garuda Indonesia has a Black Friday sale for travel originating in London, and some of the fares are incredible.


The fares are valid for bookings through November 30, 2016, for travel through June 30, 2017. Here’s an example of some of these amazing fares:

  • London to Jakarta in roundtrip business class for 1,111GBP (~$1,387)
  • London to Singapore in roundtrip business class for 1,111GBP (~$1,387)
  • London to Jakarta in roundtrip first class for 2,015GBP (~$2,515)
  • London to Singapore in roundtrip first class for 2,369GBP (~$2,957)
  • London to Melbourne in roundtrip business class for 1,111GBP (~$1,387)


These fares are just unbelievably amazing. Business class from London to Australia for under $1,400 roundtrip? That’s unheard of.

Personally I’m most excited about the prospect of flying Garuda Indonesia first class from London to Jakarta roundtrip for ~$2,500. What an amazing deal!


Here’s a sample itinerary:


There’s even a decent one-way fare from London to Jakarta in first class, as it costs 1,230GBP:


Availability for these fares is excellent across the board.

I plan on booking one of these tickets myself. You guys have been asking for a Garuda Indonesia first class review for a long time, and at this fare I really can’t say no. I had considered taking advantage of the previous “best” fare I saw, but this one is $1,000 cheaper roundtrip.

Anyone planning on snagging one of these fantastic Garuda Indonesia premium cabin fares?


  1. Benjamin: my husband Steve and I will be glad to see you onboard. We have been traveling quite a bit on business and we fly Garuda Indian, always in FIRST. And please review their champagne and caviar. It’s EXQUISITE. Oh Jesus what do you know about the finer things in life. Now go put some airline pajamas and pretend you’re flying British Airlines First Class.

  2. I’m guessing that you will either fly Air India, TAP, Meridiana, or Aer Lingus to position? PLEASE DO IT!!!!

  3. Lucky, off topic question. a few months ago you posted hotel deal in Langkawi, Malaysia and I took up
    that offer and just came back from the stay at St Regis. It was an awsome and lots of fun while there. my question is, how do you find such hotel deal and where should I look for future deals like that ? Thanks

  4. Many thanks Ben…after reading this I have just booked a return from LHR to DPS (Bali) with 2 nights stopover each way in Jakarta for £1,067. Incredible deal especially when you consider my dates are flying out Christmas Eve and back on Jan 1st.

    What a steal. Many thanks again…and please ignore the small-minded haters who are quite frankly pathetic in the extreme. Love your blog and keep up the great work.

  5. Ben, so glad you get excited about a flight for Somewhere to nowhere that no one would take if they didn’t have something to do. I wouldn’t even get excited if the first class from my home airport was as cheap as economy class of it wasn’t a trip I didn’t need to take.

    So be a little spring chicken and take this lovely trip and write about it so we can enjoy it through your trip reports.

  6. For RT LHR-SIN (F) do they allow a CGK stopover on the initial leg before continuing on to SIN? Thanks!

  7. @Credit has a point. Who could possibly find this information of any use? Nobody flies from London to Asia besides toffs, benders, unicorns, and rogue elements of the Illuminati. Thanks for sharing your remarkable insights with us, Credit. Haven’t been on the receiving end of so much nuts & bolts wisdom and everydayman’s pragmatism since the last Kayne tweet

  8. “Business class from London to Australia for under $1,400 roundtrip?”
    That is jaw dropping WOW!!! Same for First Class. Too bad I can’t take advantage of it.

    I’ll be flying NRT-DPS on Garuda Business Class next year.
    Got this 7.5 hour flight with Delta Miles: 40K + $23 USD.
    I was so happy to be able to finally use up my Delta miles.

  9. Got (F) Booked LHR-SIN for me and the wifey! BUT… damn online system only shows price in GBP and will only let you use AMEX for IDR. Couldn’t find a way to change it so instead of 5X points I had to settle for 3X. Default was U.K. didn’t show me USA option only ‘other country’. Anyone have the same experience?

  10. @Ron Thanks ‘Capt. Obvious’ 😉 What I was saying is GA site only allows AMEX if charged in IDR and when I called up the rep she was a little surprised. So I was asking if others have had the same experience and whether or not there is a ‘work around.’

  11. Ooh, idea for a trip: Fly Air Namibia from Frankfurt to Windhoek to Johannesburg, then TAAG from Johannesburg to Luanda to Lagos. Then fly Arik Air to New York! This way, you can explore 3 new products, including Arik Air and TAAG; both airlines you have wanted to review.

  12. Same question as @NewToMiles –

    “What frequent flyer program would you credit this to?” — to add on, which do you think would be the best one to credit to?

  13. Thanks matey

    Got First class tickets for next may to CGK for the wife and the baby much appreciated,

    Where would you recommend putting all these miles to as i am one world member only,

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