5,000 Bonus Miles For Joining Frontier’s Discount Den

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Even though I’m a Premier 1K with United, I tend to sleep around — no, really –with Frontier from time to time, especially if they are cheap. The key is, they need to be significantly cheaper than anyone else for me to want to fly them.

One way to make them even cheaper, however, is to get a Discount Den membership. This program, which is similar to Spirit’s $9 Fare Club, costs $49.95 to join and then offers discounts on Frontier flights for a year. The discounts vary, but usually seem to be around $10 per ticket, though it’s worth noting that they aren’t always available. The best part is that the discount applies to everyone on the same reservation. So if you have a family, it be worth joining the Discount Den even for just one trip.

Well, for those who have been considering getting a Discount Den membership, now is a probably a good time to do so.

Frontier ticket counter at the Denver Airport

Bonus miles for joining Discount Den

From now until September 11, 2017, new Discount Den members will receive 5,000 bonus miles just for signing up. The bonus miles will be deposited to the member’s account within 7-10 business days.

For those that are already Discount Den members, Frontier is offering 2x miles on all Discount Den fares booked by September 11 and flown by November 16. Previously booked tickets won’t count.

Frontier makes it seem like the double miles is only for existing Discount Den members, as though this is their carrot for having already purchased a Discount Den membership, presumably without any bonus miles. But here’s the thing — I don’t see anything that would preclude new Discount Den members from earning double miles on fares they book immediately after joining. In other words, I sort of expect that if you join Discount Den during this promotion and then book some Discount Den fares, you’ll earn both the 5,000 bonus miles and double miles on the actual trips. That’s sort of compelling.

At least that’s my interpretation from reading the terms and conditions which I’ve included here.

5,000 miles for new Discount Den subscriptions

One time 5,000 miles bonus on all new Discount Den subscriptions purchased on September 9, 2017 through September 11, 2017. Bonus miles earned will be credited to your account within 7-10 business days post subscription purchase. Bonus miles are not qualifying miles towards Elite status. Limit one bonus per member. All other ticket and Discount Den terms and conditions apply.

2x miles on all Discount Den fares purchased and traveled by November 16, 2017

All flights must be completed by 11:59 pm EST on November 16, 2017 for all destinations including nonstop and connecting flights. Bonus miles only apply to new Discount Den bookings purchased on September 9, 2017 through September 11, 2017. No Registration required. Bonus miles earned will be credited to your account within 7-10 business days post-travel. Bonus miles are not qualifying miles towards Elite status. EarlyReturns® number must be provided at the time of booking to qualify for the Bonus Miles. All other ticket terms and conditions apply.

Frontier Discount Den features

Here are the features of a Frontier Discount Den membership.

  • Exclusive access to THE lowest fares
  • The fares are available for up to 6 people on your itinerary, as long as you are one of the passengers
  • Savings are unlimited for one full year!
  • Be the first to hear about new offers, promotions and hot new destinations
  • As a member, you’ll earn EarlyReturns® miles for every purchase
  • To make it even easier, your EarlyReturns® and Discount Denmemberships are the same
  • It’s only $49.99 per year

I did a quick search to see what a typical Discount Den fare would look like.

Should you buy a Discount Den membership?

I think Frontier’s Discount Den makes a lot of sense for those who fly Frontier regularly. Or for those who fly Frontier with their family. In my case, it was worth it to join Discount Den just for one trip. So if you have some trips coming up where flying Frontier makes sense, this could be a good time to join the Discount Den. I also don’t recall ever seeing a bonus offer for joining, but I don’t exactly pay that much attention.

I suppose you could also consider this an opportunity to buy Frontier miles for 1 cent each. Given that they sell them for 2.5 cents each via points.com, I guess that’s a bargain. Then again, these are Frontier miles, which Ben can’t even be bothered to put a value on.

Bottom line

Frontier is offering 5,000 bonus miles for buying a Discount Den membership by Monday. The membership costs $49.95 and is actually a good deal for those who fly Frontier regularly. Or for those who fly Frontier with their family.

I don’t value Frontier miles very highly, but if you were going to join anyway, it’s better to earn bonus miles than to not earn bonus miles. And if you are already a member, by all means make any planned Frontier bookings so you can earn double miles on those trips.

Are you a member of Frontier’s Discount Den?

  1. Frontier miles are even more worthless than Hilton points, and expire if you don’t fly them at least once every 6 months or have their CC to buy something every 6 months. Their award flight availability sucks, and they don’t even try to make them worth something like spirit does.

    On the flip side, I actually don’t mind frontier, and already have a discountden membership because ive flown them enough this year that it’s saved me money.

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