All US Hyatt Place Hotels Have Free Breakfast Again (For Now)

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In mid-March I wrote about how Hyatt seemed to be running a trial at some of their limited service Hyatt Place properties. It’s not unusual for big companies to test out new concepts and analyze the guest feedback to decide if bigger changes might make sense.

In this case Hyatt seemed to be testing out two different breakfast concepts at a limited number of their US properties. Specifically, some Hyatt Places started charging $10 per room for breakfast, while other properties offered free continental breakfast, and added a fee to buy-up to a hot breakfast. In both cases, Globalist members received complimentary hot breakfast.

I was curious to see what would come of this test. Yesterday Mommy Points wrote about how the websites of the hotels that had been running the trials once again indicate that free breakfast is available. I reached out to Hyatt and asked if free breakfast was permanently back, or what the conclusion of the trial was. Their response was as follows:

Earlier this year, a small number of Hyatt Place hotels in the U.S. piloted different breakfast options, including a complimentary continental breakfast and a pay-for breakfast with more extensive options. Currently, guests can continue to enjoy the complimentary breakfast offering at Hyatt Place hotels in the U.S. as we continue to evaluate the best breakfast offering moving forward.

So it doesn’t sound like free breakfast is necessarily returning to Hyatt Place properties for good. Rather it sounds like the trial was only supposed to last for a certain period, and that time is over, and they’re now analyzing the data. The good news is that for now all guests can continue to enjoy free breakfast at all US Hyatt Place properties. But that doesn’t mean it’s here to stay for good.

On one hand I think it would be a loss if Hyatt Place got rid of free breakfast. To me free breakfast is one of the few things that sets a subset of limited service properties apart. At the same time, more often than not I seem to only hear people complaining about the quality of the food at these types of properties.

It reminds me a bit of airline food in economy. People only complain about the quality of it when it’s offered, but they’re also angry when it’s taken away.

  1. Not sure if this is good news or bad news
    Almost every one I know thinks that the breakfast at Hyatt Place was the single reason not to stay there and especially globalists who have earned the = benefit and expect some kind of tangible value for their loyalty. I would work on making something other than crap on a shingle if I was Hyatt and model a quality breakfast like they do in a number of their full service hotels
    Or at least offer Globalists 2000 points to not eat it so their day inst ruined and give a reason to stay
    Even Hilton Garden Inns with their mediocre fare make breakfast seem like a 5 star hotel after Hyatt Place/ Hyatt House breakfast offerings
    At least you get real sliced fruit name brand cereal made to order bacon etc
    Hyatt would go out of business if they offered this slop in their full service hotels
    It was laughable that they were trying to charge for it

  2. Meaningless. I just stayed at a Hyatt Place on points, and plan to avoid it in the future. Avoid SLC downtown.

  3. Boy, I disagree. I find their breakfast’s perfectly acceptable. Do they compare with the breakfast buffet at the Waldorf in Shanghai I had last year? Of course not. But in most I’ve stayed at you can special order an omelet, choose from various yogurts, oatmeal, cereals, breads, pastries (low point), fruits, bacon (usually crisp the way I like it), sausage (not great usually), and middle of the road coffee with fresh cream available. For a family of 4 like mine, and used in conjunction with miles and points, I find the Hyatt Places/Houses a great deal that I purposefully seek. If they drop the free breakfast, I would likely stop going.

  4. Granted I have limited experience with Hyatt property breakfasts, the only one being a Hyatt House nearby that I was staying at for a convention, but I thought the breakfast was pretty good for a limited service property. The omelet was good, and there was a wide variety of pastries, fruit, juices, and milk available. The breakfast was actually better on the whole than my brunch at the Westin Peachtree’s Sundial restaurant, and easily beat what I’m used to from Hampton and Holiday Inns. It also beat out the free breakfast from my local Sheraton’s executive club as well. IMO, at least from that experience, the free breakfast is the biggest reason to choose the Hyatt over a competitor.

  5. Since it became too hard to requalify for Globalist, I’ve not really bothered with Hyatt Place. I’ve found the free breakfast is better at Holiday Inn Express or Hampton Inn and often found myself eating offsite because the breakfast offering was so weak.

  6. Have your heard any news about Holiday Inns offering free breakfast to people who have made reservations under AAA? I stayed at a Holiday Inn in Massachusetts last week and the manager told me that Holiday Inn had just signed an agreement with AAA Auto Club that gives free breakfast to anyone who makes a reservation under AAA rate. I asked him if it was for all Holiday Inns and he said “yes”.

  7. Everything about the “free” breakfast is awful, this has been the case at all five Hyatt Place properties I’ve been to. On the other hand Hilton Garden inns usually charge ~$10-15 for a solid breakfast. I’d rather see that.

  8. There must have been a problem with it or they wouldn’t have changed. However, I liked the original concept: free continental and an up-charge for a fresh made- to- order hot breakfast. Making Globalist is a challenge and I wish I could stay at Hyatt Place. I don’t because of the loud in-window/wall air conditioners and the breakfast. If they fixed the breakfast I would be more inclined to book them.

  9. Except it isn’t “all Hyatt Places” but “all Hyatt Places in the US”. Which isn’t the same thing.

  10. Well, well. I wrote a note earlier and now I know better what others were saying. My stays at Hyatt Place previously had been several in the Bay Area, and in New York and near Washington DC. All had been terrific. Then this weekend I stayed (really!) at the infamous Hyatt Place Central Dallas. It was truly terrible and NOT worth the breakfast. No omelet station. No fresh fruit. Watered down coffee. Staff didn’t clean any of the tables; when I checked in there was a huge mess next to day check in table where the staff hadn’t gotten around to cleaning up from some lunch dishes. And the list goes on…very different. Clearly Hyatt has an issue with uniformity of experience at their Hyatt Place’s that I previously did not experience/appreciate. So sad.

  11. I wish Hyatt Place would bring back the skillet breakfast sandwiches they use to have. it’s better than what they serve now. That awful potato mash and the even worse black bean and corn garbage, that you can tell is days old because no one ate it the last time they set it out. I will say on Tuesday mornings they offer biscuit and gravy and that’s pretty decent.

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