1. Over what period are the on-time and percentage and average delays calculated? If its the last x days, rather than all flights ever, could there have been something going on (eg weather systems, time-limited problems at the airport) that’s made performance poor recently, rather than something that warrants ripping up the schedule all together?

  2. Hi lucky, do you know which plane do they use for this route? i heard that recently they have switch to a smaller plane for this route due to low traffic. thx

  3. @ H — Good question, I’m not sure. I mean, in order to have a 9% on-time record you’d have to at least be looking at 11 days, and only one day would the flight be on-time. That’s a frightening statistic, but I’ll do some research on it.

    @ caelus — Three days a week they use the 777-300ER (leased from Jet Airways), and the other four days I believe they use either an A330 or A340.

  4. If you go to the Travel Information section of expertflyer, there is more information. The average is calculated over 2 months. For TK70, the stats for the 35 flights in that period are:
    12 >45min late
    15 > 30min late
    5 >15min late
    3 on time

    The max delay was 1h35

  5. Don’t forget many flights have considerable padding in the schedule. On some routes I’ve regularly departed an hour late and still arrive on time.

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