Finnair’s Quality Hunters — fly around the world for two months for free

There’s about a week left to apply to be a Finnair Quality Hunter. What’s that? Well, you’ll be traveling around the world for two months with the following mission:

As a Quality Hunter, your task is to report to Finnair as an independent advisor, assisting the airline as it investigates the factors that contribute to excellence in travel. You will also share your experiences with the public through frequent updates in text, images and video on your personal blog on the Rethink Quality website.
At the end of your journey, readers to the site will vote for the Top Quality Hunter.

Mighty tempting, eh?

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  1. Finnair’s 757s only have 28.0″ to 29.0″ seat pitch … and no Business (let alone) First Class. Doesn’t sound like quality to me!!!

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