Be Alerted When Etihad Award Seats Become Available

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ExpertFlyer is a subscription based website that I find very useful as a frequent flyer. It’s useful for looking up flight seatmaps, searching award availability, looking up minimum connection times at airports, looking at available fare buckets, etc.

However, for many the single most useful aspect of ExpertFlyer is the ability to set award availability alerts. In other words, you can set an alert for a specific type of award on a specific flight, and ExpertFlyer will email and text you when that seat becomes available.

Given how many airlines open up award availability last minute nowadays, that’s a fantastic tool to have access to, rather than refreshing award availability all the time, like many of us do.

The catch is that ExpertFlyer doesn’t allow award availability alerts for all airlines, though they do for many. The list of eligible airlines is constantly growing, and it looks like they’ve recently added quite a few more.

ExpertFlyer for a while has allowed award availability alerts for all cabins on all SkyTeam flights, though they now also let you set award availability alerts for Etihad Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Australia. It’s possible this has been around for a while, though it’s the first I recall seeing it.

Virgin-Atlantic-Upper-Class - 1
Be alerted when Virgin Atlantic Upper Class award seats become available

To set these alerts, simply log into your ExpertFlyer account and click on “Awards & Upgrades” at the top left. Then you can enter the route, date, etc. In the “airlines” section you can choose the airline and fare class you want.


As you’ll see, there are now options to set alerts for Etihad, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Australia.




For many, the ability to set award alerts will more than justify the $99 annual fee in and of itself. This is especially useful for Etihad, in my opinion, given how consistently they make last minute award seats available.

Etihad often makes first class award seats available last minute

Have ExpertFlyer award availability alerts ever helped you snag an award seat?

  1. The etihad one has been there for a few months. But it doesn’t work. I tried to set an alert when I first signed up and when I didn’t get notified of award space that I could see on etihadguest, I emailed in and asked if I did something wrong. They replied that they do not support etihad. Things may have changed since then, maybe you wouldn’t mind reaching out to them and confirming it?

  2. Lucky said: “It’s possible this has been around for a while, though it’s the first I recall seeing it.”

    So you did not find this because EF sent out this e-mail to their subscribers earlier today:

    “New Award Airlines
    We are happy to announce that we have added many new airlines for Award searching on ExpertFlyer:
    100% SkyTeam Airlines Award Coverage, for all routes
    Virgin Atlantic
    Virgin Australia
    Etihad Airways”

    Strange coincidence, huh?

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