Enhancement to Virgin America Lounge Policy!!!

As I posted about on February 27, Virgin America started selling Clubhouse access to F passengers for $40 at SFO, a great deal, especially if you come hungry and thirsty. It appears as if VX has now expanded the offer to include not only F passengers but also eleVAte members, a program anyone can join for free. Also, the VX site doesn’t specifically mention SFO anymore, so I guess there’s a chance that IAD and JFK count as well. Kudos VX, this is great!


  1. If they include LAS in this offer, it could be a VERY lucrative and compelling offer. Now, the fun part will become getting a gate pass in Terminal 2.

  2. This is total crap. The lounge is only open at VERY limited times (basically no times that Virgin America flies). Their website is a lie!

  3. I had the same experience. I spent so much money on a first class ticket and tried to use the Virgin lounge and was told that Virgin America had a very limited agreement with Virgin Atlantic to use its lounge. Basically Virgin Atlantic flies at different times than Virgin America and so the Virgin Atlantic lounge is never open when Virgin America would want to use it. In short, there is no Virgin America lounge and their website is innacurate.

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