Emirates’ Renovated Lounge Has A Moët & Chandon Champagne Bar

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While I’m a big fan of Emirates in general, their Dubai ground experience for premium cabin passengers has typically left a bit to be desired. Their B-concourse lounges are past their prime, and while their A-concourse lounges are impressive in terms of scale, they feel extremely sterile.

Well, the good news is that Emirates has just wrapped up an $11 million renovation of their Concourse B Business Class Lounge at Dubai Airport, and it looks like a significant improvement.


While the furniture has been upgraded, I’m perhaps most excited about the new “zones” that they’ve added as part of (what I assume is) a marketing partnership. While a lot of airlines integrate some partner brands into their lounges, often there’s no noticeable benefit for consumers. Emirates got creative in that regard.

Specifically, Emirates has incorporated Moët & Chandon, Costa Coffee, and Voss Water into their lounge in a very cool way.

Enjoy a barista-made Costa Coffee beverage

Passengers can now enjoy a barista made drink in the lounge, rather than just the automated machine drinks they had before:

Customers passing through the Emirates Business Class lounge in need of a caffeine fix can enjoy complimentary handcrafted beverages prepared by Costa Coffee baristas as well as a fresh range of pastries, provided round the clock. The coffee bar will serve signature Costa drinks made using their unique Mocha Italia espresso blend.

Beverages available include their signature Flat White along with iced coffees and favourites like cappuccinos and caffe lattes.


Enjoy a healthy snack or smoothie with Voss Water

Emirates has also added a health hub area, with all kinds of goodies for those looking to be healthy:

For the health conscious traveller, Emirates has introduced the Health hub in partnership with Voss water. With an increasing demand for health, well-being and more nutritious meals, Emirates is the first airline to have a dedicated health hub within its lounge.

The new station allows travellers to rehydrate and recharge before their flights with a selection of fruit and water infusions. It also features a healthy menu of gourmet sandwiches, wraps, and salads. Healthier beverages such as a selection of juices and smoothies are also available.


Enjoy Moët & Chandon champagne and canapés

While Emirates has long served Moet in their lounges and onboard, you can now enjoy an extended selection in the lounge, paired with canapés:

Customers looking to unwind before their flight can look forward to the Moët & Chandon champagne lounge created exclusively for Emirates. The first-of-its-kind lounge to be located in an airport reinforces Emirates and Moët Hennessy’s longstanding partnership of over 25 Years.

Moët Hennessy champagnes are a mainstay of the Emirates experience; however, this is the first time an airline is serving four of Moët & Chandon’s finest champagnes in one place. This includes Moët Impérial, Moët Rosé Impérial, Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage and Moët Nectar Impérial.

To complement each champagne, chefs from Emirates flight catering and the in-house lounge teams collaborated with Moët & Chandon, to create a unique selection of canapés – from sweet to savoury flavors. The canapé menus are changed monthly and include selections such as smoked salmon wrapped in nori with wasabi mayonnaise to complement the Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage 2006 and passion fruit and jasmine tea macaroons to be paired with Moët Nectar Impérial.


Bottom line

Kudos to Emirates for adding these themed areas to their lounge, as it seems like a win-win. I assume that Costa, Voss, and Moet are picking up part of the cost for product placement, and at the same time customers benefit by getting additional offerings. I’ve only used the Emirates First Class Lounge in Dubai, so maybe next time I’ll have to stop by the business class lounge to check this out.

Has anyone experienced the remodeled Emirates lounge in Dubai? Would you like to see more themed/sponsored lounge areas, if they mean additional offerings?

  1. Why don’t you fly EK J sometime? Seems like an extremely useful review that you haven’t yet done.

  2. Costa Coffee is a curious edition. The coffee they make in The UK is really terrible. An ill fitting brand with the other prestigious additions,

  3. Is this only in the terminal B lounges? I’m flying through DXB today but connecting between two A380s so I guess I’ll be in Terminal A

  4. Very savvy on Emirates’ part, considering their parent company also owns the franchises for all these brands in the UAE 😉

  5. Costa Coffee is decidedly unpremium, but I guess has brand recognition if nothing else – if I was Moet and Voss I wouldn’t be thrilled to be in the same company.

  6. Hello Lucky! I really enjoy your site. I fly DXB to IAD fairly often. I was last at DXB in June — I frequented the B-Concourse Business Class Lounge — which was quite nice, at the time.
    However, I fly First into IAD. The B-Concourse First Class Lounge does, indeed, leave quite a bit left to be desired. While the A-Concourse Frist Class Lounge is, by far, my favorite. I’ll be flying out of Dubai in November. I’ll take a peek…may even snap a couple of photos and share. 🙂 Please keep the articles coming!

  7. Meh. You’d think they would go high end. Prefer the Laurent Perrier room in the Haneda JAL FC Lounge.

  8. A big factor in why you’ll find Costa Coffee in the lounge is likely due to the fact that the UAE brand rights for Costa are owned by Emirates Leisure Retail which is a subsidiary of the Emirates Group.

    Personally, I like Costa’s coffee, but it might not be to everybody’s taste as this comment section attests. As Lucky has mentioned, it is definitely a step-up from the button-press machines you’ll find in most business class lounges.

  9. Might have to put my EK silver to use before it expires after 2/2017 and go down to Dubai just to check out the Voss section. I live about 25 miles from their water source and tapping facilities but only 3 miles from the airport, so what could possibly be more natural than to take an oval weekend in Dubai? 🙂

  10. costa coffee, voss and moet? these are 3 of the most unlikely, random brands placed in one.

    Why is costa coffee even in a premium lounge? Sorry that is horrible coffee. What next a Folger’s coffee bar ?

  11. Been to the lounge three times but I haven’t seen the Moet Chandon Bar yet in concourse B. Where is it exactly located. I have seen the Voss and Costa area, but I haven’t seen the Moet.

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