10% Off Hyatt Gift Cards Through December 24, 2015

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Historically Hyatt has sometimes sold gift cards at a discount around the holidays. They’re doing it again this year, though they’re not really advertising the deal very well. They offered a discount around Thanksgiving, and then are also offering a discount this week. Instead the details are just hidden in the bottom of the Hyatt gift card T&Cs.

Through December 24, 2015, you can save 10% on the purchase of Hyatt gift cards and Hyatt check certificates using promotion code GPGIFT15.

To take advantage of this offer visit the Hyatt gift card page, and then go through the process of purchasing a gift card like you usually would. When you get to the shopping cart you’ll see the area where you can enter a promotion code, which is where the 10% discount is reflected.


Personally my preference is to buy Hyatt e-gift cards, since there are no shipping costs and you receive them immediately via email, so there’s no risk of it being lost. The “catch” is that they’re only valid at Hyatt hotels in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. You can buy e-gift cards of up to $2,000 each, though can purchase multiple cards.

Purchasing Hyatt gift cards counts as hotel spend for the purposes of your credit card, so you’ll want to use a card that offers bonus points on travel:


Use this promotion to save on the cost of Hyatt stays, like at the Park Hyatt Washington DC

Bottom line

These gift cards don’t expire, so if you’re going to stay at a Hyatt property in the US, these are good as cash. Be sure you use a card which offers bonus points on hotel purchases.

One other option to keep in mind is purchasing Hyatt gift cards through Amazon at face value to take advantage of the 10x points offered with the Chase Freedom at the moment.


There are so many good offers right now, so personally I decided to just purchase a $1,500 Amazon gift card to maximize the 10x points category for the period. Amazon is where I make most of my purchases anyway, so I might as well pick up 15,000 Ultimate Rewards points for $1,500 in Amazon credit.

Do you plan on purchasing any Hyatt gift cards for 10% off?

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  1. Lucky,

    can you combine multiple Hyatt gift cards to pay for a stay?
    For example, if you have 3 $100 Hyatt gift cards, and the bill for your room comes down to $300, can you use all 3 gift cards to pay for your room?
    I’m just curious if Hyatt has a policy of something like “only one gift card per stay” or something similar.

  2. Is there any difficulty using the gift checks? I have some upcoming stays in Australia in January, which means I would have to purchase the gift checks, correct?

  3. Just be aware for international properties…we bought a bunch at same discount for Japan. But when paying with gift certificates you are subject to hotel’s exchange rate. It was so atrocious that it basically wiped out all saving from buying these.

  4. The exception to not using gift checks at international properties is when they bill in $$. Park Hyatt Maldives for example, all the bills are in $$$.

    It’s true that if you have an option, alway choose local currency to pay in, as whoever is giving you the choice is making money if you convert the local currency bill to a dollar denominated bill.

    Lot’s of issues with the gift cards being hacked. Might be limited to e-cards.

  5. This is not a good deal. Ebay routinely has Hyatt $200 GC’s available for $175. You also earn 5x points if paying with an Ink card from Chase which can of course be transferred over to Hyatt (that beats the 3x points by buying directly through Hyatt with the Hyatt Card). You also earn Ebay Bucks and you can get 3x-4x occasionally. Also, you can stack all of this by initially going to Ebay through Ebates cash portal.

  6. I am very confused by the T&C of the gift certificates. Can anyone please clarify if I can:

    1. Use multiple gift certificates to cover the cost of a hotel charge like say dinner, and have any remainder be left on the gift certificate?
    For example, a $250 dollar dinner, can I use 3 $100 certificates, and have $50 balance left on my last certificate?

    2. If the answer is no, that the $50 balance will not be returned to me, in the example above can I use 2 $100 certificates and use other payment for the remaining $50?


  7. @Gaurav – Only gift checks (not gift cards) can be used internationally. They are denominated in USD so you want to use them at properties that bill in USD to avoid unfavorable exchange rate. I’ve used them at PH Maldives for all property-based expenses (not the inter-island airfare). I should have brought some with me to PH Siem Reap as well, since they billed in USD also.

  8. As everyone’s saying about the USD conversion issue, yes, if the property bills in USD, you’ll be fine.

    I just bought some of these to use at the Andaz Papagayo next month. Super pumped I read about this in time to do that. Bummer about the $6 shipping on checks though. Oh well

  9. Hi everyone, I have two questions that I would appreciate some data points on.

    1. In your experience, how long after purchase the Hyatt gift cards did the Amex OPEN savings credit post? My purchase was on 12/24 and no credits have been posted yet.

    2. 10X points at Amazon ends tomorrow. If I make a purchase today and the transaction date is in December, but is not posted until after January, does that count for the 10X?


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