Delta’s New Oscars Themed Safety Video

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Among US airlines, I like Delta’s safety videos the most. They seem to update them a few times a year, and they’re generally quite relevant and incorporate pop culture.

Well, Delta is capitalizing on the Oscars having taken place last night with their latest safety video, called “The SAFETYS,” described as “Awarding Delta Safety Video Excellence in Delta Safety Videos.”

The safety video basically consists of the “best of” moments from previous Delta safety videos, so you’ll almost entirely see things you’ve seen before.

Here’s Delta’s latest safety video:

On one hand I give Delta credit for having something Oscars themed, though at the same time I’m not sure it actually flows as well as they’re hoping, especially for someone who might not have seen Delta’s previous safety videos.

What do you make of Delta’s latest Oscars-themed safety video?

  1. Interesting that Delta would choose to base their video on something that has been so controversial and created so much backlash this year. And in other years, generally a telecast that seems to drag on for far too long.

  2. We took a trip on Delta in the last week or so – and didn’t think the safety video was the greatest. I’ve seen better/funnier.

    On the other hand – the equipment/seating on our flights – ATL to/from Madrid – front of the plane – was great (for couples). And the food we had on the way home from Madrid to Atlanta was about the best we’ve ever had on a flight. I am very impressed with Delta flying though Atlanta these days.

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