Delta’s New Video-Game Themed Safety Video

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On Thursday American unveiled their newest safety video, which coincides with them debuting their new employee uniforms.

On one hand I commend them for trying, because it’s clear a lot of effort went into the production of this video. But at the same time theĀ video sort of feels like an attempt to imitate Air France’s incredible safety video, but it falls short. Kudos to Air France on that video by the way, because the more often I see it, the more I love it.

Not to be outdone, Delta has released their latest safety video, less than 24 hours after American released their video. I doubt it’s a coincidence. Lately Delta has had very specifically themed videos, and this one has a theme I sort of love. It’s called “Delta Safety Video Game: Legend of Safety.”

I happen to think it’s well done, though I could also see this getting annoying pretty quickly. However, I’m happy to see that it’s replacing Delta’s previous safety videos, which I found to be one of their worstĀ videos yet.

The previous video was called “Delta Global Safety Video, and simply consisted of flight attendants of different nationalities doing the safety demonstration. I couldn’t help but feel like the performance was so stereotypical to the point of almost being cringe-worthy.

So well done on the new video, Delta. I quite like it. But then again, I don’t have to watch it a hundred times, so… šŸ˜‰

What do you make of Delta’s new video game themed safety video?

  1. They omit the important part about never inflating your vest in the airplane. I know there was a 767 ditching where many people drowned due to this, if it were part of the safety presentation it may have saved lives. Not that anyone follows directions anyway!

  2. Well done, but I can see that getting really annoying on repeated viewings. And too many soccer players (maybe they cost less to license?) The “Biscoff bonus” at the end was a particularly nice touch.

  3. Perhaps if they rotated a series or variety of these safety presentations people might find them less boring.
    For all of you “frequent flyers” out there how would you know if they ever changed anything if you never listen?? That ncludes you Ben!
    Ryan, when panicked, people are capable of many stupid things! But in an emergency they would have you to correct them no doubt!

  4. Ugh @ the American one — taking 40 seconds to get to the actual instructions and 4+ minutes total? The AirFrance video is about the same length *AND* is bilingual, so they’re having to cover 2x the material. What ever happened to Be Brief & Be Seated?

    +1 to Delta for the Deltalina cameo appearance!

    Also, why don’t any of the safety instructions point out that the exits & exit rows are indicated by RED indicators in the emergency lighting? If you’re half asleep, in a smoky cabin, or other less-than-ideal situation, looking for the red lights is easier than trying to remember how many rows away from the exit you are, especially if you’ve been on multiple flights in a week. I’ve been on more than one aircraft which lost power at night and it was quite difficult to see which row was which, but you couldn’t mistake the color!

  5. Decided. Not flying DL or AA on any aircraft with IFE. I am not a violent person, but I think watching these videos may just result in an aggressive outburst. Their previous videos were warmer, authentic and easier on the eyes and ears.

  6. I think this new Videos absolutely dreadful probably one of the worst they ever came out with
    I’m not a fan of the new AA safety video either however I think the older one which Ihad different people speaking was easier to keep your attention to and you got the basics in like three minutes .
    Why are these airlines investing so much money in the safety videos seriously just do a basic safety video that covers everything and call it a day and guess the extra money and you’re on board product snacks etc. the real pity obviously somebody works in that department wants to keep their jobs so they don’t have to go back to their main job

  7. OMG…I feel that I will experience an epileptic fit with the the repetitive (and monotonic) visual and auditory stimulants in this video and the new AA video….

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