Great Deal: Up To 70K Bonus Miles With Delta Amex Cards!

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Update: These offers for the Gold Delta SkyMiles® Business Credit Card from American Express, the Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express, the Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Business Credit Card from American Express, the Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express and the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express have expired. Learn more about the current offers here.


American Express has just announced some very nice increased welcome bonuses on their co-branded Delta credit cards, including their Gold and Platinum products. The offer on the Platinum Card happens to be the best offer I’ve ever seen on the card.

Here are the details of the limited time offers, all of which are valid through November 9, 2016:

Business cards

Gold Delta SkyMiles® Business Credit Card from American Express

  • 50,000 SkyMiles after making $2,000 in purchases within three months
  • $50 statement credit after making Delta purchase within three months
  • $95 annual fee, waived the first year

Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Business Credit Card from American Express

  • 70,000 SkyMiles after making $5,000 in purchases within three months
  • 10,000 Medallion Qualifying Miles
  • $100 statement credit after making Delta purchase within three months
  • $195 annual fee

Personal cards

Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express

  • 50,000 SkyMiles after making $2,000 in purchases within three months
  • $50 statement credit after making Delta purchase within three months
  • $95 annual fee, waived the first year

The Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Card from American Express

  • 70,000 SkyMiles after making $3,000 in purchases within three months
  • 10,000 Medallion Qualifying Miles
  • $100 statement credit after making Delta purchase within three months
  • $195 annual fee

Should you apply for the Gold or Platinum card?

If you don’t have any Delta cards yet, are you better off applying for the Gold or Platinum versions of the card? In the past when we’ve seen increased sign-up bonuses I’ve usually said that the Gold is a better option than the Platinum if you’re only after the miles. That being said, in this case the bonus on the Platinum Card is 20,000 miles higher than the bonus on the Gold Card, while in the past it has been only 10,000 miles more.

So in this instance I think the Platinum Card represents a better value, since you’re essentially picking up an extra 20,000 miles for a $195 annual fee.

Regardless of which card you apply for, you can earn a statement credit by making a Delta purchase within the first three months.

Air-France-Business-Class-777 - 15
Redeem Delta SkyMiles for Air France business class

I already have one/two/five American Express cards… can I still apply?

You can have a maximum of four American Express credit cards and four American Express charge cards.

It doesn’t matter whether they’re personal or business, so that means you can have four American Express business credit cards, or two American Express personal credit cards and two American Express business credit cards. Split it up however you’d like.

All four of the Delta cards above are credit cards and not charge cards.

Redeem Delta SkyMiles for Alitalia business class

Can I apply for both the personal and business versions of the Delta Amex cards?

These are all considered separate products, so you should be eligible for the bonus on each of these cards, assuming you haven’t had them before. So if you’ve never had any of these cards, you’re theoretically eligible for all of them.

However, American Express might not approve multiple applications in a day. It’s fine to apply for two cards in a day, though they may only process one after waiting a few days. So just don’t expect to be approved for multiple cards in one day.

Redeem Delta SkyMiles for Virgin Atlantic business class

What kind of a Delta purchase is required for the statement credit?

The Gold versions of the offer come with a $50 Delta statement credit, while the Platinum versions of the offer come with a $100 Delta statement credit.

The purchase has to be made within three months, and any Delta coded purchase should qualify towards the statement credit. That means something like an onboard food or beverage purchase, or even a Delta gift card purchase, should qualify.


How much are Delta SkyMiles worth?

Personally I value Delta SkyMiles at 1.3 cents each. There are things about Delta SkyMiles which frustrate me, like that Delta doesn’t publish award charts. That being said, in practice the miles continue to be extremely useful for business class redemptions, especially on partner airlines.

There’s no denying that SkyMiles can be used for some really solid business class products:

China-Airlines-Business-Class-777 - 8
Redeem Delta SkyMiles for China Airlines business class

Beyond that, keep in mind that SkyMiles is transfer partners with Membership Rewards, meaning you can pool the miles earned from these offers with points transferred from cards like the Amex EveryDay® Preferred Credit CardPremier Rewards Gold Card from American Express, etc.

KLM-Business-Class-747-04Redeem Delta SkyMiles for KLM business class

Bottom line

I value SkyMiles at 1.3 cents each, so to me a 50,000 mile sign-up bonus is worth $650. Add in the $50 Delta statement credit and annual fee waived the first year, and that can be a heck of a deal. Meanwhile to me a 70,000 mile sign-up bonus is worth $715 after the annual fee, not factoring in the $100 Delta statement credit.

Anecdotally I’ve found that these cards are also quite easy to be approved for, especially the business versions. Also keep in mind that applying for the business versions of these cards won’t count towards your “Chase 5/24” total.


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  1. Curious, does AMEX pull a hard inquiry for business cards, if you are not approved? I know personal cards, if you’re logged into your account won’t. I’m looking at getting the AMEX Platinum OPEN card to avoid the Chase 5/24 rule.

  2. “SkyMiles are a great way to redeem miles for business class on China Eastern and China Airlines, which both have fantastic new reverse herringbone seats”

    China Eastern might have a good seat but… it’s still China Eastern… yuck!

  3. A year ago I got the GOLD Skymiles cc with the bonus. I also became an authorized card user on my wife’s PLATINUM Skymiles card. Cancelled the cards after 10 months. If I apply for a PLATINUM card now, would I be eligible for the bonus?

  4. @ Daniel B — Yep, you sure are. You being an authorized user on her card doesn’t preclude you from getting the bonus, and you can also get the bonus on both the Gold and Platinum card.

  5. @ Stan — No way to know for sure, but I doubt it. Historically they’ve offered increased bonuses on the Gold and Platinum, but rarely on the Reserve.

  6. Lucky,

    Any data points of Amex frowning upon or closing accounts on people that applied for the gold biz and personal and then applying for this great offer a few months later?

    I don’t want to chance a bad relationship with Amex by opening four delta credit cards in a few months if you would consider it risky.


  7. Lucky,

    I searched some random dates on DL’s website and the cheapest cost to fly US-Asia seems to be around 140k or something. Is that the norm with DL? The highest signup bonus is like only half way in this case.

  8. @Norman you need to look for partner award space with Delta. Finding low-level availability on DL metal is nearly impossible, but partner redemtions are always a good option. Air France / KLM / Alitalia / Air Europa / Aeroflot (incredible airline) to Europe, China Southern / China Eastern / Air China / China Airlines / Korean Air to Asia, Aerolineas Argentinas / Aeromexico to LATAM, etc.

    One-way business class to Asia is 80k miles in lie-flat business class and 62.5k miles will get you to Europe in the same class. Not a bad redemption, and I’ve discovered that China Southern and Aeroflot business class products are very underrated.

  9. Looks like I’ll be applying for TWO more credit cards this season … Was going to try for the Ink Plus to cover some big upcoming business expenses … but I don’t know if I’ll get hung on 5/24, AND I learned my lesson when I missed the 35K offer from SPG earlier this year. If an AMEX I don’t have yet has a big promotional bonus, I’m jumping all over it. Cue Talking Heads: “Once in a lifetime …”

    Maybe instead of the Ink Plus, I’ll test my 5/24 status by applying for a Sapphire Reserve …

  10. @Justin: Fully agree with you regarding Aeroflot business class. Service was the most attentive I ever experienced (OK, I never traveled on the Gulf carriers, so cannot compare it to those).

  11. @Justin

    Thanks for sharing! The issue I noticed is the price gets higher just because domestic positioning flight to gateways which their partners serve. Is there a way to work around that?

  12. @Norman

    Unfortunately, that’s one of the biggest weakness of Delta’s program; it can be extremely difficult to find low-level domestic award availability on DL metal. You might try searching for the positioning leg independently and then calling to book the full award if the online search engine isn’t pricing at the lowest level. You can also search for positioning flight availability in economy and then adding that segment over the phone. For some reason, the DL online engine has difficulty marrying an international flight in business to a domestic economy leg and pricing appropriately.

    Depending on your home base, the best option is to either eat the cost and book a cheap positioning flight or leveraging a program like BA for domestic legs. I’m in DC and typically connect at JFK when flying DL, so 7.5k Avios takes care of that. Not sure if it’s still available, but the British Airways Visa was offering a 75k signup bonus earlier in the year. That’s 10 domestic feeder flights with a single card. Best part, it’s NOT covered under 5/24!

  13. I received a promotional email from Delta for 60,000 pts on the Gold after $1k spend – so there might be better targeted offers out there …

  14. I have referrals for the Delta Platinum AMEX with a $195 annual fee, annual companion ticket and a 70,000 sign up bonus! You will also get 10,000 MQM for spending $3,000 in the first 90 days. Email me and I will refer you! [email protected]

  15. Applied and approved for the Platinum on October 6th. Would like to time my spending so the bonus MQM post into next year. 90 days from now is January 3rd. Am I safe hitting the threshold in the last few days of this year in my 3rd statement cycle, or will the MQM post as soon as I hit the threshold? (Basically, do they typically post immediately, or after statement closes?)

  16. I initially signed-up for the the personal AMEX Gold with a sign-up bonus of 30K for spending 1K in first 3 months back in September. Now AMEX is coming out with a 50K bonus – is there any way to upgrade to the higher 50K welcome bonus?

  17. Hi Lucky, i just check the Delta Platinum and in the American Express website said that the offers is valid through 02/01/2017. It seems that extended the offer.

  18. What would the lowest (in cost) Delta purchase be for someone who will not be taking Delta flights (on Delta flights a purchase could be, for example, an onboard drink).

    And, do purchases from (where one can buy hats, pens, mugs) count as “Delta purchases”?

  19. Let me know if anyone needs a referral for the Delta Platinum card. The offer is as follows: 70,000 bonus miles + 10,000 MQM’s after $3,000 spend in the first three months and a $100 credit on a Delta Purchase within the first 3 months of card ownership. Referral offer expires on 2/1/17 so make sure to reply to my post asap!

  20. Would a Delta gift card (min. $50) be eligible as a Delta purchase, triggering the $100 statement credit?


  21. @ DL: Yes Gift cards trigger the statement credit

    If anyone needs a link to the Platinum Personal card for 70K Bonus + 10K MQM, simply post your email and I’ll send it your way

  22. Delta Gold Personal – 50,000 SKYMILES +$50 statement credit

    Delta Gold Business – 50,000 SKYMILES +$50 statement credit

    Delta Platinum Personal -70,000 SKYMILES +$100 statement credit

    Delta Platinum Business – 70,000 SKYMILES +$10 statement credit

    Email me for whichever card link you want – I will get 10,000 SKYMILES as well for you signing up through one of my links. <3

    – Jessica [email protected]

  23. Delta Platinum Personal – 70,000 SKYMILES + $100 Statement Credit

    Delta Platinum Business (can use your name as sole proprietor)- 70,000 SKYMILES + $100 Statement Credit

    Delta Gold Personal 50,000 SKYMILES + $50 Statement Credit –

    Delta Gold Business (can use your name as sole proprietor) – 50,000 SKYMILES + $50 Statement Credit-

    Easiest cards to get approved for… I combined 2 pulls one day.

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