Grrr: I’m No Longer Earning Bonus Points On Many Dining Purchases

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Last year I wrote about Postmates, which is an awesome food delivery service that I use all the time. Postmates is an app that lets you order food from just about any restaurant, and then they have people who will deliver it to you. Some restaurants are integrated into the app which makes ordering really easy, while others require you to manually enter your order.

What’s awesome is that Postmates will deliver anywhere. This is useful even in hotels, and is a great alternative to overpriced and not very tasty room service.

For as long as I can remember Postmates has qualified as “dining” when it comes to credit card spend, meaning that I’ve been able to earn double or triple points on all my Postmates purchases, as I would with any restaurant directly.

As a reminder, if you don’t yet have a Postmates account you can receive a $100 discount on delivery costs using promotion code BS100. Simply enter it after you download the app on your “Account” page, under the “Enter Promo Code” section.

For example, here’s a Postmates order from back in September that I paid for with my Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, which meant I earned double points:


Unfortunately it looks like that has recently changed, per a comment left by a reader a couple of days ago:

I made postmates purchases and didn’t get 3 points/ $…even though when I had the chase sapphire preferred I always got the 2 points/ $ reward for dining. I emailed customer service and they gave me some canned answer about how their category was registered under miscellaneous personal services, so it wouldn’t count for dining.

Well, I just checked my account, and indeed it looks like Postmates changed their merchant code, and no longer qualifies as dining. You can see this reflected below:


I also tried to make a Postmates purchase with my Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express (which offers double points at U.S. restaurants), and you’ll see the issue is the same, as the category shows as “Business Services:”


Unfortunately the same is true for Citi as well when using the Citi Prestige® Card, where it shows “Services — Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Managers” as the merchant code:


Grrrr! At least this is a good reminder that it always makes sense to check and make sure merchant codes don’t change for purchases you frequently make.

At this point I guess I’m best off using The Amex EveryDay® Preferred Credit Card from American Express, which offers 1.5x points on everyday purchases when making at least 30 transactions per billing cycle.

Is anyone else a frequent user of Postmates, and if so, had you noticed this change?

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  1. Noticed this too. Going to see if Citi AT&T Access More counts it as an online purchase for the 3X category.

  2. I didn’t even know Postmates, I personally use Seamless (I think just like most New Yorkers…). If Seamless is available where you are, it definitely is registered as restaurant (I literally just checked on my credit card report).

  3. Same thing recently happened with E-Z Pass (electronic toll tags) using the CSR. I earned 3X for travel on 10/16, but a mere 1X on 11/22.

  4. I had the same experience recently with orderup. Or was it eat24. But nonetheless I appealed and chase said that the merchant code didn’t qualify.

    Are there extra costs for these merchants to be counted as dining spend???

  5. I discovered that a food place near where I work called “Little Home Deli”, where they only do breakfast and lunch, was not classified as a “restaurant”. Makes no sense. I e-mailed Chase and they gave me the generic…”It is what Visa registers the vendor as…blah blah blah”.

    Also, I have noticed that LevelUp and Seamless qualify as “Restaurants” but Blue Apron and Galley do not. Really wish Blue Apron did…

  6. We use Instacart a lot, and this grocery shopping service doesn’t code as a grocery store, so the Amex Everyday Preferred 3X points sadly doesn’t apply.

    We asked them, and it’s because they’re an “Internet Startup” not a grocery store.

  7. I use

    Although it does not code for the restaurant bonus with Chase Visa cards, it DOES code for the restaurant bonus with Citi Thank You points cards — Go Figure.

  8. Try using DoorDash! I work there and although that means I’m biased, it’s a much better option then Postmates. Last purchase I made, it was still qualifying for 3X spend on my chase sapphire reserve 😉

  9. This is becoming more and more common that merchants are changing their merchant code. How do you think the cc companies are affording the bonus points? By stiffing the merchants through higher merchant fees per category. As an owner of a travel business, I had to shift our merchant category recently to avoid the higher fees.

  10. Uber Eats codes as 3X UR on CSR and you also earn SPG points if you have your accounts linked, which I am sure you do. Very select markets for Uber Eats right now and minimal selections. But hey, it’s a start

  11. Yup, as of 10/24 UberEats was travel on my CSR. As of more recently, Eat24 was neither dining nor travel. Bummer!

  12. This makes sense. In their own words “Postmates is a logistics company that operates a network of couriers who deliver goods locally.”. If anything you were lucky to have it categorized otherwise to begin with.

    Seamless, by comparison, as a company that connects you direct to restaurants and they are responsible for food delivery so you’re more objectively buying food than delivery.

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