Continental restores 500 mile-minimums for elite members!

After some big changes to the OnePass program earlier in the month, including the elimination of 500 mile minimums, CO has decided to reconsider. They’ll be restoring 500 mile minimums, but only for elite members. A big kudos to CO for listening to their customers, and I can only dream that UA and others will use this as an example (although I know it’s not happening since UA eliminated the minimums back in July, so they probably think most of us have forgotten about them by now).

The only thing better than what CO is doing here would be if the airlines were actually rational to begin with and thought about their policies before changing them….

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh, we haven’t forgotten! I may write an e-mail and make a call to United, just to remind them of their new partner’s actions. Might accomplish jack squat, but, still worth a shot.

  2. I’m with Gray on this. A little rejuvenated and loud buzzing may be what UA needs to come to their senses and do what’s right!

  3. I agree with both of you. IF we seriously want United to change this, we’d need lots of emails to executives at UA, and all at once. The fact is that the policy changed months ago, and if they get an email every now and then nothing’ll change. However, if we have a week where we flood WHQ with letters/emails, there might just be a chance at a change in policy…. just maybe.

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