Confirmed: United introduces one way awards!

No surprises here. Starting February 1, United will offer one-way awards for half the price of roundtrip tickets. Initially this will only be available on United and United Express and tickets need to be booked online, but more functionality will be added in summer. Apparently they’ll also offer “Miles & Money” awards, the details of which will be announced on Monday. More information can be found from United PR here.

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  1. So half of the miles for oneway award and I’m wondering if the taxes would be half price too? (of the regular roundtrip award taxes)

    I didn’t know UNITED PR is a VP of UA.


  2. Just because the post was signed Robert Sahadevan doesn’t mean that Robert Sahadevan “is” UNITED PR. In fact, I’m willing to bet that it isn’t.

    Whether it’s one designated person, or a group account, whomever posts certainly reports to Robin Urbanski And I’d bet that nothing gets posted without Robin’s personal ok.

    And taxes — yeah, actual taxes “are what they are” .. and depend on where you’re flying into/departing from. Won’t be exactly half but will likely be charged for the actual taxes incurred.

  3. No surprises? We still don’t know if UA plans to follow AA and do away with stopovers on roundtrip awards.

  4. so no mention of taking away international stopovers. should we start doing a carpet sweeping of .bomb to check if they’ve hid anything in a random article somewhere.

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