How Soon Is The Citi AAdvantage Executive Card Admirals Club Membership Activated?

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The Citi AAdvantage Executive Card is the best way to gain Admirals Club access. The card has a $450 annual fee, which is otherwise the lowest cost you could pay for an Admirals Club membership. What makes the card unique is that:

  • The primary cardmember gets a full Admirals Club membership
  • You can add up to 10 authorized users on the card at no additional cost, and each of them gets Admirals Club access, and they can each bring two guests or immediate family members

In other words, with a single $450 annual fee you’re potentially getting Admirals Club access for up to 11 parties.

I applied for this card last week, and was instantly approved. However, I don’t physically have the card yet. I was actually told it arrived at my billing address, but as usual I’m traveling, so I can’t get it right away.

However, I’m flying American this week, and was trying to figure out whether or not I’d be able to get Admirals Club access within days of having been approved for the card without physically having the Citi AAdvantage Executive Card. Since the primary cardmember gets a full Admirals Club membership, I knew the membership would be linked to my AAdvantage account.

In other words, I knew I wouldn’t physically need the card for access, but I wondered how quickly American updated their systems to reflect that you’re a new member. It looks like it happens pretty quickly, and there’s an easy way to tell whether or not your Admirals Club membership is activated.

To figure it out, pretend that you’re signing up for an Admirals Club membership. Go to this page, enter your AAdvantage number, last name, and password.

If your account has already been updated to reflect the Admirals Club membership, you’ll see that the next page shows “1-Year Citi AADV Exec CC Membership.”

If it hasn’t been updated, you’ll see that it gives you the option of choosing what kind of membership you want to purchase.

Note that this only works for the primary cardmember. Since the authorized users don’t get a full Admirals Club membership, they wouldn’t show up as being eligible online. Authorized users need to present the physical Citi AAdvantage Executive Card, since there’s no membership linked to their AAdvantage account.

Hopefully this helps someone else in a similar situation who recently applied for the card.

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  1. Hello
    About a year ago I signed up / was approved for the Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard, and wondered the same.. I was traveling but had not yet received my physical card.

    I was in DEN airport, and I just decided to walk into the club and ask.. and it worked! One day after the card was approved, my name was enrolled the club’s computer with my AAdvantage number, and they let me in to the club. They take your photo the first time you show up at a club, on future visits the primary card holder doesn’t need to show the Citi card at all. Just AA number, or scan a boarding pass, and you’re in.

  2. @Lucky. So do you have to printout that page, or will the Admirals’ club agent know it by checking their database?

  3. @ Daniel B. — They’ll know when you give them your AAdvantage number. No need to print anything out.

  4. I have a lifetime Admiral’s club membership and decided to try your look up data there.

    They showed membership but said I need to renew. LOL I don’t need to renew ever.

    I guess as they do not sell lifetime memberships any longer, there is no way to show it on that page.

  5. Off-topic, but since you mentioned your billing address: I presume you use a PO Box, Ford’s place, or your parents’. Ever run into problems with anything time-sensitive while you’re away? I presume you’ve had to deal with a juror summons at some point?

  6. @Lucky

    Did you know there is an Amex Virgin Australia Card? It gives 2.5 points/dollar for Virgin Australia purchases and 1.5 points/dollar on everything else. It has a $375 annual fee though….

  7. Just curious but what do you use for a billing address since you don’t live anywhere full time? PO box? Friends? Relatives?

  8. @OliverSilverio You have to least have a long stay Australian work visa or permanent residency and make above a certain $AUD income which must be verified.

  9. @David I shutter to imagine how many celery sticks, hummus and cheese cubes you’ve eaten over the course of your life and how much more you will eat

  10. If you can add 10 users and they can each bring two guests, and so can you, then surely that’s access for 33 people – not 11?

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