Instant Approval On The Citi AAdvantage Executive Card!

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At the moment there’s an increased welcome bonus on the Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard®, as the card is offering 50,000 bonus AAdvantage miles after spending $5,000 within three months.

The timing of this is especially convenient, given that as of a few days ago the Citi Prestige Card no longer offers Admirals Club access. That means that many of us are finding ourselves in need of new ways to get Admirals Club access.

The Citi AAdvantage Executive Card not only comes with an Admirals Club membership for the primary cardmember, but offers Admirals Club access for up to 10 authorized users on the card. You can add those authorized users at no additional cost, and they can access the Admirals Club with up to two guests or their immediate family.

This is a card that I personally have a need for, given that I’ve lost Admirals Club access as of last week, as I used the Citi Prestige Card for that. So yesterday I decided to submit my application for the Citi AAdvantage Executive Card, and much to my surprise, I was instantly approved (nowadays a lot of my applications get a “pending decision,” and then get approved after a few days).

I’m waiting to receive the card, and then plan on adding some authorized users. The card has a $450 annual fee, which is the same as the lowest cost of an Admirals Club membership for an Executive Platinum member (those with lower status have to pay more).

So with this card I’ll pay that price, and I’ll also be able to add my family and several friends to the card, to get them access as well. The Admirals Club benefit on the card really is almost too good to be true.

Anyone else picking up the Citi AAdvantage Executive Card post-Citi Prestige? If so, how did your application process work?

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  1. Same situation here. Was using the Prestige for AC access. Applied for this card Wednesday and got the “please call” message. Called yesterday morning and after a wait of maybe a minute for the nice lady to finish processing my application she came back with an approval. Now just need to decide if I’m going to get enough value from the 4th night benefit to keep the Prestige.

  2. @ Chris — I used to have it, but closed it just over two years ago, so am once again eligible for the card (which is great, because I plan on keeping the card long term for Admirals Club access).

  3. Approved here but because I’ve recently opened a Citi card (not specifically this card), they said I was not eligible for bonus…..

  4. @Lucky: Did you have more than 5 card opened in the past 2 years? I know that is for Chase, but was wondering whether Citi would look at it too. I am planning to wait 6 weeks before applying for this card so I would be under the 5/24 rule just case Citi copies Chase.

  5. @JH Was the other card AAdvantage branded? If not it’s my understanding that you should be eligible for the bonus.

  6. “The Admirals Club benefit on the card really is almost too good to be true.”


    I could say more about the quality of the clubs, and the 7500 spend requirement, but I think that your last sentence pretty much speaks for itself.

  7. @ dale m — I’m not suggesting Admirals Clubs are great quality, but the reality is that they’re filled with people who have access one way or another. And now the best way to get access without status on an international ticket is by getting this card. And you can get access for 10 of your closest friends as well. Surely you don’t disagree with that?

  8. I know its a personal question but could you please tell us that how much credit was given to you. How much you had in Citi Prestige ?

  9. I’m not eligible for the bonus but I’m irritated at losing AA club access so I’m thinking of paying for it with my Amex Plat card credit, which frankly I’m having trouble using. That would bring it down to $350. Am I not properly valuing that credit? Is there a better use? The nice thing about the card would be that I could get club access for my husband and mother.

  10. Not me. Had to have a consideration call which took about 7 minutes to approve. She didn’t mention why.

  11. Can I be an authorized user? I’d like to dump mine done see the EQMs being worthwhile any more and save the $450

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