Chicago Seminar Do October 16 & 17

Registration just opened for a frequent flier seminar that will be the weekend of October 16 & 17 in Chicago. It’ll be taking place at the Holiday Inn Elk Grove, and we have a special rate of $89 plus tax, including breakfast and lunch for one person, internet, shuttle service, and Saturday night cocktails. Apparently the hotel will be entirely occupied by FlyerTalkers, which sounds like quite the event. The registration fee is $20, and you’ll have the opportunity to attend five of the following seminars:

1. Rookie Bootcamp led by Bikeguy
2. Mileage Run #1 with Viajero Joven as leader. Hooray VJ is back.
3. Mileage Run #2 with Wanaflyforless
4. Booking Award Travel by Gleff
5. Good Credit = Free Travel and How to Bump by Ingy and Lucky9876coins
6. Hotel Loyalty Programs by Ric Garrido of the Loyalty Traveler blog
7. The Rental Car Kings with Mrp Alert and Evan!
8. The Legends of Flyertalk with confirmations so far by Pudding Guy, Beaubo, MrPickles, Wanaflyforless and more to come. Yes, we have asked Randy.
9. Coupon Connection Event moderated by Beaubo
10. Alliance Roundtable with Wanaflyforless on OneWorld, Beaubo on Skyteam and Gleff on the Star Alliance. The LCC’s will also be included

Make sure to secure your spot for what should be a geeky (and fun) weekend!

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  1. @ Gene
    You can go to up to 7 sessions
    5 standard sessions, then there are 2 standalone sessions with no conflicts: Rookie bootcamp on Saturday and Sponsors on Sunday morning.

    The Sunday alternative would likely be sleeping off Saturday’s cocktail hour.

  2. Argh, I’ll be at a can’t-miss event in GRR that weekend! So close yet so far. Sounds fun, though.

  3. Are any of the presentations recorded so that they can be watched by those of us who are unable to attend as we live in different countries?

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