Check out the Long Island Holiday Inn for some great award redemption opportunities!

Via View from the Wing:

The brand new Long Island City (Queens) Holiday Inn “Manhattan View” appears to be making all of its room types available when booking an award.

The “King Bed Manhattan View Suite” normally runs $650 a night but is available for 15,000 Priority Club points.

This is an incredible deal which worked out perfectly for me. At the end of my Asia trip we have a one night layover in New York, and I was dreading paying $200 for a crappy airport hotel (as the JFK airport hotels really do suck), but at 15,000 points this is a fantastic value. Based on the pictures on the hotel site, it looks a lot better than the average Holiday Inn.

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  1. Pay for a crappy hotel? Isn’t that what the BRG is for? 🙂 We’ve gotten lucky several times in NYC with BRG’s in some pretty decent hotels.

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