Check out bmi’s new “Gold” cards….

I posted pictures back in January of the British Midland Gold welcome kit. It kind of makes sense. British Midland’s top tier status is “Gold” so the card is…. you guessed it, gold!

Check out this FlyerTalk thread for a picture of bmi’s new “Gold” cards. Yeah, they’re black, which isn’t an issue in and of itself. The card actually looks kind of sexy (hey, it’s the closest I’ll get to a Global Services or Concierge Key looking elite card). But there’s one major issue — it doesn’t have the name of the airline anywhere on the card! It does have the Star Alliance Gold logo and mentions “Diamond Club,” but doesn’t have “bmi” on it anywhere.

Why is this an issue? Because when you try to use your British Midland Gold status to access a partner lounge, the agent has to enter into the computer what airline the card is from. Something tells me Red Carpet Club agents will be thrown off a bit by this, at least at airports like Washington Dulles (where they’re looking for problems instead of solutions). Since they’ve probably never seen the new card before either, they might just think it’s a bad fake.

(Tip of the hat to Murphy)

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  1. The best rcc agent EVER works at IAD. I’ve seen him twice at the (d7?) Club. He addresses everyone by name, thanks them for their business, is super friendly and remembers to give drink chits. He also thanks you again on the way out… I gave him a GTEM and a GGTG Shirt the last time I saw him… (Yes I’m now giving out your shirts to really good employees that express an interest I carry extras with me)

  2. I liked the D7 lounge – least of all there are canned beverages there – and the staff always seemed happy.

    C7 on the other hand… I’ve had battles every time in there – be it access… or drinks chits (and getting my “One time exceptions”… twice)

    Keep an eye on the threads – I’m sure people are going to try accessing with these new cards sooner rather than later.

    I still have my old fashioned “Gold” Card still. Shame I’m not going to use it before the end of the status year 🙁

  3. I’ve just entered the Continental Club at La Guardia with my old-style Gold bmi card. I expected it to take a little while as obviously the agents are unfamiliar with bmi and the Star alliance, let alone the new cards… so imagine my surprise to see on the top of their desk a fax (in black and white) with the new bmi card on them!

  4. I just got my black card today. It does have bmi on the back — actually, it says, but the bmi letters are in the bmi logo font and about 5 times as tall as the fly….com. So I don’t think there should be any confusion about which airline issued this card.

    Also gone from the card is the Hertz CDP and logo; on the other hand, the card comes with 4 Europcar upgrade vouchers. The accompanying literature is in a very pretty postcard format, but the information on it is not extremely useful (though it is up to date — Continental is listed among the Star Alliance partners). The adhesive on the card is annoyingly strong, just like on the previous gold card.

    in a couple of weeks I’m going on my first Star Alliance flight since getting both cards (LAX–BOS and back on United). I guess I’ll take both cards with me, just to be safe.

  5. Well, I got my new black card today. But why? It’s valid until 3/2010, just like my old one. And it appears to be actually a miracle that it ever got to California, given that BMI somehow put “United Kingdom” as the country on the address sticker. As if I was a subject of her Majesty…

  6. I wonder how long bmi will remain around. See their press release:

    Some of the upcoming operational changes:
    “bmi will reduce the number of aircraft in its mainline operation by nine from the current 39.”
    “Leases will not be extended on aircraft when they expire in the first half of 2010, including two of the three long haul A330 aircraft.”
    “Flights from Heathrow to Brussels, Tel Aviv, Kiev and Aleppo will be suspended in January 2010 and the service from Heathrow to Amsterdam will be suspended at the end of the current winter timetable period in March 2010.”

    The new strategy for the airline includes “Making use of the synergies of Lufthansa and other partner airlines in all areas” and “Maximising revenue generating opportunities with codeshare and Star Alliance partners”.

    I wonder what this means for Diamond Club — as bmi turns into a virtual airline, will they keep DC alive or let it get absorbed into Miles & More?

  7. RCC agent at LAX swiped my black card and asked which airline it was (my boarding pass said “BD”, “Gold”, and “Star G”); in Boston I didn’t even show my card — they just read the barcode on my boarding pass and let me in.

  8. Dont know if anyone else has the same issue as myself regarding the ”new” gold cards. I received mine by post and it is headed with Regus businessworld… on the lower front it has Diamond Club but no mention of BMI nor the Star Alliance logo.

    I used the card for the first time last week in Thailand and was refused entry. The staff used their lounge folder to show them what the gold card looked like and when they seen my card was a new one and they didnt yet have the picture of the new cards, they said they couldnt let me in.

    How pissed off was I… Just a little.

    But when I contacted the Diamond club contact center, they couldnt be bothered and just said it doesnt matter if the logo isnt on the card… Hey!! wake up and smell the coffee mate! I am the card user on the ground and I can assure you I wasnt allowed in. There was a que behind me and I was very embarrassed.

    Anyone got any similar probs with this?

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