Chase Targeted Spending Bonuses: Are You Eligible?

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Credit card issuers have been offering all kinds of additional perks and bonuses on spending in order to keep cardmembers engaged in these difficult times. For example, we’ve already seen Chase add spending bonuses, new ways to redeem points, and credits. Now there seems to be a new targeted spending bonus.

Chase’s targeted spending bonuses

Chase is offering targeted spending bonuses on many of its card products. The strange thing is that I never received direct communication about these offers, so this was a nice surprise

To see if you’re eligible, just visit and enter your last name, zip code, and the last four digits of your card number. If you have multiple Chase cards you’ll have to check your eligibility for each card individually.

The current round of targeted bonuses seem to be valid for purchases between August 1 and September 30, 2020, and are valid for up to $1,500 of spending per month.

My offer: earn up to 7x Avios

Looking at my portfolio of Chase cards, I see a couple of offers. First of all, the British Airways Visa Signature® Card (review) is offering 7x Avios for restaurant, grocery store, and gas station purchases.

Similar bonuses also seem to be available on the Iberia Visa Signature® Card (review) and Aer Lingus Visa Signature® Card (review), given the similarities between all three cards.

I value Avios at ~1.3 cents each, so to me that’s like a ~9.1% return on spending in those categories, which is excellent.

The IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card (review) is offering 5x IHG Rewards Club points in those categories.

Personally I find this to be significantly less compelling. I value IHG Rewards Club points at ~0.5 cents each, so to me that’s like a ~2.5% return, which isn’t exciting at all.

Those are the cards that I have from Chase that show offers, but there are potentially many more, including co-branded cards from Hyatt, Marriott, and Southwest.

Bottom line

Chase has some targeted spending bonuses on cards through September 30, and you can check your eligibility here. Interestingly I never received an email about this bonus.

Frankly keeping track of the best credit cards to use at the moment can be a daunting task, given just how competitive temporary bonus categories have become. Some of these bonus categories are great, while others are less exciting.

I do think earning 7x Avios in a few categories is potentially an excellent deal, so I’ll need to decide if I should shift some of my spending…

Were you targeted for one of these Chase spending bonuses, and if so, do you plan on taking advantage of them?

(Tip of the hat to JP in Chicago)

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  1. I got 5X United Miles for groceries and gas till Sept. 30th. I think it’s a good one, and am taking advantage of it.

  2. Only my IHG card got the bonus offer, but it’s useful to know since I’m literally just heading out to the grocery store. Would have used a different card, but thanks to this post I’ll cash in on some IHG bonus points instead! Thanks.

  3. Off topic, but I just received a letter from Luc Bondra, UA announcing that in September, 2020, I will no longer earn the $ with my United TravelBank card, but instead the miles. The card will have a new name “United Gateway Card”. The new earning mile rates are bad; few policies also will change. They don’t mention how they would convert the cash already earned previously. I will stop using and close that card very soon. Did anybody have the TravelBank card and receive the same notification?

  4. FWIW, my IHG Premier offer is 5x, but I’ve put plenty of grocery store spend on it and have been getting 7x points.

    Also FWIW, Nespresso ordered directly from Nespresso counts as “groceries.”

  5. 10x Marriott on dining was enough to get me to move the card from my sock drawer to my wallet.

    5x IHG on groceries isn’t exactly exciting, but without having another card bonusing that category, it does edge out my alternative, the Citi Double Cash.

  6. Thank You
    The offer you are attempting to access is not available for the card account you entered. If you have another account, please try signing in using that card’s information.

    Nothing of CSR, Freedom, Ink or Ink Cash

  7. On freedom unlimited got an offer of 3k points after making 4 payments for specific services by 9/30. No offers on my other freedom cards, ink cards or my hyatt card. I got rid of my CSR. When I put in the information for the freedom unlimited it said I was now registered, but I had signed up for this offer about a month ago when they sent me an email about it. I met the spend requirements but have not seen the points yet, although they say it can take 8 weeks for them to show.

  8. Just a word of advice. I tried this link when I first heard about it on July 29th, and got nothing. Thanks to Lucky I tried it again just now and got the bonus. So if you’ve tried before, it only takes seconds to try again.

    I see people trying CSR and CFU. Has anybody gotten a bonus for any non co-brand card?

  9. Got the 7 Avios offer on $1.5k at Restaurants/Gas/…. not on any other card. Funny thing is that I closed the card a week or tow ago 🙂

  10. Both IHG cards pulled the 5x, Bonvoy had the same 10x already registered for, nothing for Hyatt personal or Ink Biz cards.

  11. CSR – 1500 pts if I pay two bills with the card (Utilities, Insurance, Cable, Internet, Phone) must complete spend by 9/30/2020, no minimum bill amount

  12. 5x Southwest on gas and groceries. Since I have CP through the end of 2021, that is effectively 13 cents per dollar… when we are interested in flying again.

  13. I got the 5X on groceries and gas stations on my SW Priority Visa and one of my IHG cards.

    The SW offer is a winner and I will use this card for groceries through 9/30. I also got 10X on gas from my Marriott Amex card and will probably use that one for fill-ups (which are few and far between these days), since I value the two returns identically ([email protected] vs [email protected]) and Marriott points are harder to come by for me.

  14. Used the Amex Surpass for 12x on grocery through 7/31. Am also working on the Surpass free night (15k spend), have less than $2k to go by 12/31. Will put Surpass in the drawer while I use the United for grocery, until it’s offer expires. Got the 10x Marriott for grocery, restaurants. 5x United grocery. 7x BA avios on grocery, restaurants, gas. Used the Marriott on restaurants until I signed up for the BA offer. Used the Marriott, after 7/31, on grocery until I signed up for the United offer. Using the BA now for gas too instead of Premier or Ink (each 3x gas). Marriott went back in the drawer. I don’t think the Ihg offers are nearly as good. The avios I use to fly to Charlotte on AA for 5-7.5k miles.

  15. Got 1500 bonus points for making 2 payments on utilities, phone, cable, or insurance bills on my CSR. Pretty sweet. Went ahead and paid my utilities and phone bills early.

  16. I didn’t receive email about Avios 7x, either, but I was eligible. Dang, went back to 8.1, too, though should be easy to blow $1.5k in those cats in 6+ weeks. Most lucrative covid spend of all offers, who’d a thought it of BA?!

  17. Lucky, I got the same offer you did for BA card. I’m in Vegas right now, and I’m using the hell out of it.

  18. Thanks for the info Lucky. Would never have known about this if you had not posted it. I got the 7X on BA.

  19. My wife’s Chase Freedom Unlimited offer: earn a total of 2,000 rewards points monthly on $250 in combined purchases when you pay bills using your Chase Freedom Unlimited® Credit Card from April 1 through September 30 in these categories: Utilities, Insurance, Phone Service, Cable, Internet

    My CFU, CSR, CF had nothing. Her CF had nothing as well.

  20. I got the IHG one too, but agree it is probably not worth it. If a Hyatt one comes up, I will definitely take advantage of that!

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