What You Need To Know About The Sapphire Reserve Priority Pass Membership

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Update: These offers for Chase Sapphire Reserve® and the Citi Prestige® Card have expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

Yesterday online applications became available for the new Chase Sapphire Reserve Card. The card has a huge 100,000 point sign-up bonus upon completing minimum spend, offers a $300 annual travel credit, and also offers triple points on dining and travel.

That alone makes the card worthwhile, in my opinion, given that I value the travel credit at face value (more or less). In other words, it’s like paying $150 out of pocket for a card offering triple points on dining and travel, which is a reasonable $55 premium to pay over the long term annual fee on the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card.

What is Priority Pass and how does it work?

One of the other perks of the card is that it comes with a Priority Pass membership. For those of you not aware, Priority Pass is the world’s largest independent network of airport lounges, with over 900 lounges around the world.

Not all lounges participate in Priority Pass, in particular those of some major airlines. For example, in the US, no American Admirals Clubs, Delta SkyClubs, or United Clubs participate in Priority Pass. That’s because they’d view joining Priority Pass as cannibalizing their own business, since they want to be able to sell memberships directly.

For the lounges which do participate in Priority Pass, the individual lounges are being paid by Priority Pass every time you visit one of their partner lounges.

Plaza-Premium-Lounge-London-Heathrow - 14
Plaza Premium Lounge London Heathrow, a member of Priority Pass

As many of you probably know, there are several credit cards that come with a Priority Pass membership, though the exact terms vary by card. The following are probably the two most popular cards that come with a Priority Pass membership:

As you can, the Citi Prestige Card lets you take up to two guests into the lounge at no additional cost.

How does the Chase Sapphire Reserve Priority Pass membership work?

With the Chase Sapphire Reserve, both primary cardmembers and authorized users get a Priority Pass membership. The authorized user fee on the Chase Sapphire Reserve is $75 each. It could be worth signing up someone as an authorized user exclusively for the Priority Pass membership.

But the big question has been whether or not Priority Pass memberships through the Sapphire Reserve come with guesting privileges or not. This is an important perk to many people who frequently travel with others, since free lounge access for one person isn’t exactly valuable.

Alaska Airlines Board Room Los Angeles, a member of Priority Pass

Well, it does seem like the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card Priority Pass membership comes with guesting privileges. Per the user guide:


Rest and revive before your flight at one of 900+ VIP lounges in over 400 cities worldwide after an easy, one-time enrollment in Priority Pass Select, available to cardmembers including authorized users. Once a member, you and your travel companions can enjoy complimentary lounge access along with amenities, like Wi-Fi, free snacks, beverages, phone, fax, conference room sand more.

To activate your membership, visit: chase.com/reserve

As you can see, not only do authorized users get a Priority Pass membership, but anyone getting a membership through this card can take their “travel companions” in the lounge with them for free. That’s plural, so I assume at a minimum those with the Sapphire Reserve can take two guests with them, meaning this benefit is at least as good as the one offered by the Citi Prestige Card

Dang, this is a compelling card!

  1. Has Priority Pass fixed the annoying glitch that prevents you from using some lounges if you only have their card in your iPhone wallet but don’t have the physical card?

  2. @Lucky – Would you have considered not applying for all the cards the past two years to keep your accounts below 5 if you had known the signup bonus and benefits of applying for the Reserve and Freedom Unlimited and the combined UR points value potential?

  3. Just signed up for the card at a Chase branch and was approved. I was around 4/24 so didn’t want to take any chances of not getting approved and people seemed to have better success by applying in the branches.

    Wife applied online last night and was approved immediately.

  4. I think you’re reading a lot into a fairly obtuse sentence. I hope you’re right…we will see

  5. This is the same wording that applies to my Palladium card. So far I have been able to take unlimited companions into PP lounges though the most I have ever done was 5 guests. They do not need to be related. IME PP lounges are generally happy to take more guests as they get paid for each one.

    To be fair I would value this perk at maybe $10 max pp as most of the lounges are pathetic and do not feature good food or beverages. The LH and SQ lounges that you get as *G are much better. However in some 3rd world airports the PP lounges are a nice respite from otherwise dreary terminals.

    I wonder if they will keep the hidden UC membership for the Reserve card, or maybe that dies with the Palladium?

  6. @ Bob Loblaw — Fair enough, though in this instance I think it’s quite intentional. I don’t think they’d add the complimentary guest clause if they didn’t mean it.

  7. I’m not convinced this means what you think it does. “Once a member, you and your travel companions…” They could assume that your authorized users, mentioned right before that sentence, are your travel companions. I’m not saying it doesn’t come with guest access, but I think we have to wait for the letter in the mail from Priority Pass to confirm. I just activated mine online.

  8. How much time did it take for you to get the pass after you applied? I applied monday morning and activated right away. Any chance I would get it this week?

  9. Really hope this is as the wording suggests. Lucky, do you know if Chase will activate your PP membership and send membership cards along with the CSR if I called ahead?

  10. @ HKGBOS — I don’t believe so, as it’s fulfilled by a different department. I could be wrong, though.

  11. @ WR — I’m sorry to hear that. For what it’s worth, the posts have been getting a LOT of traffic (much more than any other posts) the past couple of days, so you’re in the minority in that regard. For what it’s worth, I don’t get any sort of commission on the card, and I’m genuinely writing about it because I think it’s an incredible new product. Please be patient with me over the next couple of days, and maybe skip the posts about the card.

  12. If you don’t get any commission on the card then why is your link to the card as onemileatatime.com/go/sapphire-reserve/

    This clearly seems like a referral url, instead of one linking directly to the chase site.

  13. @ B — I do that for most links, whether affiliate or non-affiliate. That way if the link to the application ever changes, I can update the links in all posts at once, rather than having to go back to dozens and dozens of posts to change them individually. It’s intended to make things easier for readers who find posts later on. I have tens of thousands of active links at any given point (since I have 12,000+ blog posts), so managing links is important to me.

  14. What if I currently have PP via Amex Platinum? Do I need to cancel one with Amex Platinum and ask them to reissue with CSR in order to take guests at no additional cost?

  15. @B it’s so when the referral url DOES come out, he can change it one place instead of going back to old posts and updating them. Also so he can track referrals internally to measure engagement, even though Chase is not tracking affiliates (although they undoubtedly are tracking HTTP referrer). If you go to that link, it just redirects you immediately to the public link, no extra codes or anything.

    Not everything is as it “seems”.

  16. Interesting…. I call the chase credit card service number yesterday asking this question and the rep, after putting me on hold for a few minutes, came back with the answer that they do not offer guest privilege. She even specifically said ONLY card holder including authorized user can get in for free.

  17. A few times I’ve brought more than two guests in with the Prestige Priority Pass and they never billed me for it. Has anyone else seen this?

  18. When I called to ask about Card benefits I was told only the card holder and authorized users get free passes while you can purchase one time use guest passes.

    The rep could have certainly been wrong, but wanted to give you a heads up

  19. @Red – Good to know, I only used it with 2 guests so far, and there is limitation to use it only on AA flights…

  20. Lucky,

    Just to verify on the Priority Pass Club, if I am flying UA out of LAX, I can still utilize the Alaska Club in Terminal 6 even though I am using UA ticket but have Priority Pass membership?


  21. Lucky,
    With all this talk of 5/24 it begs the question:

    Do you know definitively if the “5” = five hard hits (in 2 year span) or if the “5” = the five latest accounts reported (in 2 year span) on the credit report?

    As we know when applying for any card, the company may hard hit one, two, or all three credit bureaus. But in the end, the account will more than likely show up on all credit reporting agencies. So I need to know if chase is actually looking a the specific account history or just looking at the hard inquiry history. For me, it would make a difference as to whether or not I can apply for this card. So far, I’ve not seen a blog that addresses this specific question. Me:

    On credit report x and y, I have only one hard hit on each report. But it shows all my accounts.
    On credit report z, I have 5 hard hits, and it shows all my accounts.


  22. If I get this new Chase Sapphire Reserve card, do points I earn become part of my point bank which I’ve earned using the Chase Sapphire Preferred card?

  23. From my other cards, Amex Platinum, Citi Prestige, and AAdvantage Executive, they all clearly specify the amount of guests allowed for free, even by club type and under what exact situations you can gain access. None of them are that vague so I am very suspicious about this. Perhaps they are leaving it open ended and will allow people to guest and see how it goes? They might do a blanket allow up to X people and if someone uses it too many times they will get ‘throttled’? I don’t know and am just making that up. But not specifically and clearly stating how many guests are allowed at no cost makes me think this is not the case at all.

    I’d really be interested in hearing from people who have received their welcome packet with the full details outlined.

  24. @Lucky, do you know if you’ll get a referral link in the future? I plan to apply for this card in October and want to make sure you get the credit so I can give back something to my favorite daily reading site.

  25. @Lucky – I got a “further review needed” notice when I applied for the card this morning and lending services informed me that I was denied for opening too many new accounts (presumably breaking the 5/24 rule). I pointed out that I only had 3 credit cards with Chase, but they pointed out three other accounts (Citi and Amex) opened in the past 24 months. Does the 5/24 rule not apply to ONLY CHASE ACCOUNTS anymore?

  26. @ Ethan — It never only applied to Chase accounts (at least as far as I know). It refers to all the new accounts you’ve opened in the past 24 months.

  27. Oh damn I thought that was Lucky’s referral link. I intentionally came here to apply. Whoops, sorry dude.

  28. I spoke to my Chase Private Client rep and there is no additional benefit in being a PC member but if I apply with her she can expedite the card in about 2 days (assuming they aren’t so backed up they can’t produce and send that fast…). Should also help if there are any approval snags.

  29. I get my card tomorrow (just got the tracking number from UPS). I’ll let you know if it says anything in the welcome kit.

  30. @Lucky – Where did you find this language regarding the Priority Pass access?
    As of 7:15 Pacific standard time, this message was showing at the travel benefits section of the CSR card:

    “Complimentary Airport Lounge Access
    You and your authorized users can access 900+ VIP airport lounges worldwide with Priority PassTM Select and enjoy lounge amenities such as WIFI, free snacks, beverages and more when you activate your membership.4”

  31. I’m having trouble getting anywhere with Chase regarding activating the Priority Pass “Select” membership. I was approved for the card yesterday and called the number on the back of my CSP card and the rep did say she could assist with my questions regarding the CSR card. I’m traveling on China Eastern to from JFK to MNL via PVG in about 10 days so I would really like to have access to the Priority Club lounge.
    First rep directed me to the the Priority Pass website /join. I said that absolutely doesn’t sound right. After a long hold, she came back and said you’re enrolled and will get the cards in 3 to 4 weeks and the cards are needed to enter, no temporary cards or showing anything via your smartphone, etc.
    Subsequent call to customer service I was informed that “this call serves as your activation”.

    Lucky – The link in your post above chase.com/reserve doesn’t really work either.

    Thus far, customer service reps seem to be eager to discuss the card benefits but when it gets to specifics they quickly run into trouble and worse yet I still do not know if my PC Select membership enrollment has taken place. I also called Priority Pass direct and their rep said membership, including sending the membership cards, is controlled via your credit card company.

  32. We applied the first day and received our cards this AM; Priority Pass membership must be activated on Chase’s web site, so the PP cards do not come in the package, FYI.

  33. Just received my CSR card in the mail! I also activated the Priority Pass benefit and called PP to see if they can expedite the membership card delivery, PP agent said Chase sends the cards so I called Chase, the agent told me PP sends the cards… Any idea which one is correct?

  34. This is still completely up on the air so this post is bogus. Can someone who has gotten the card please read the full T&C to see what it says?

  35. I just spoke to a representative and he read from his computer that with PP Select the cardholder and ANY guests could get get access. I confirmed again that it was ALL guests and he said yes. Hopefully this is correct!

  36. Called Chase for info on priority pass. Rep said they were being mailed in 2-3 weeks and I could not get access to any member numbers or anything to login or register prior to having the card. I am traveling this weekend and he said that I would be able to charge 2 entires in a 12 month period using the reserve card. I would then later have to call chase and ask them to reverse the charge.

  37. I also called chase and PP and got the run around from both about the membership and who sends out the cards but finally speaking with a Chase manager I was informed that Chase does handle everything with your PP membership. I also had my card expedited for an upcoming trip. I did confirm the allowance to use your reserve card for 2 PP fees a year so if your card hasn’t reached you in time you can charge your reserve card then call chase for credit to your account for the fees.

  38. I “activated” the Priority Pass Select membership on the Chase benefits site, and I think it said I should receive the membership card soon. That being said, can I not access the lounges before receiving that card? Thanks!

  39. I have the chase sapphire reserve card and activated my PP membership. My card hasn’t showed up yet so I called PP and chase to see if I needed the physical card prior to access the lounge for an upcoming business trip. PP was absolutely ZERO HELP. Chase told me to buy the day pass on the reserve card and they’d reemburise the day pass fee of 27$. I’m now sitting at LAX, not in the lounge…. The Tol Bradley Terminal, KLM, PP lounge “doesn’t do day passes”. Besides the 100,000 bonus points I’m not sure if this card is worth keeping after a year. The PP club seems like a joke.

  40. I activated the PP membership in the account but have not received any PP card yet. Howz other’s experience…do i need to do anything else to get the card? Also, how many companion/guest are allowed with you in the lounge…i am getting different answers all over.

  41. You state that “Chase Sapphire Reserve, both primary cardmembers and authorized users get a Priority Pass membership”. I haev been able to activate my Priority Pass membership but can’t find any info on how to activate my “authorized user”s priority pass. Any idea how to do that?

  42. They will automatically send a priority pass for you and any authorized users on the account if you activated the priority pass. It takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive, or at least mine did.

  43. At the Vancouver Airport Plaza Premium Lounge and overheard some people were having trouble bringing in a guest through their Chase Sapphire Reserve Priority Pass :/ She had to call Priority Pass who then I think deferred her again so she got fed up and left the lounge….

  44. I’m still not clear on what the Priority Pass Select provides. Do I not pay every time I enter the club (I know it says complimentary but it just doesn’t make sense). I see they have the three paid memberships on their website, going all the way up to Prestige which is $399. Apparently the Prestige and the Select that comes with this card seem to do the same thing. I find it hard to believe I’m getting a perk worth $400 so what’s the catch? What am I missing?

  45. @Josh, you can use the pass for free entry at any of the lounges that accept priority pass for you and any traveler traveling with you. Depending on the lounge, some have free food and beverages set out and some give you a credit towards food. For instance, DFW has a fridge with drinks and snacks sitting on the counter that are free to take where at the lounge in NAS they give you like a $15 credit to order food off of the menu. I have used this quite a few times and have never been charged so no catch, just a great benefit.

  46. Yes it does provide free entry to the lounge but only when space is available. I was denied entry to the SFO lounge before Christmas because ironically “other flyers had priority”. I did get to use it at the PDX Alaska lounge on the way back which had free food, drinks, wifi, etc.

  47. The priority pass is a complete waste unless you are an international traveler. If you are business person that flies within the domestic US then its a total waste.I suggest just getting a credit card for the airline company you use most to get you lounge access. Just look at the priority pass website and prepare to be disappointed..

  48. The only lounge that accepts the Priority Pass at PDX has a sign outside saying that Priority Pass holders are not welcome at the time because it was too full. The lounge said that the bank over sold these passes and told me to call the bank. I had purchased the Reserve card for $450/year because I travel and wanted to access an airport lounge. I feel this is false advertising!

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