When Will The Chase Sapphire Reserve 100K Bonus Expire?

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Update: This offer for the Chase Sapphire Reserve® is expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

The Chase Sapphire Reserve Card became available last weekand I’ve written about it extensively. The card has a big 100,000 point sign-up bonus upon completing minimum spend, though the card is so much more than that.

The card also has a $300 annual travel credit (that can be applied towards any eligible travel purchases), triple points on dining and travel, and much more. The way I view it, since I value the travel credit more or less at face value, long term it’s like paying $150 per year for a card offering triple points on dining and travel, which I consider to be very worthwhile.

I’ve been getting a ton of questions about the card, though probably the question I’ve been getting more than any other is for how long the Chase Sapphire Reserve 100,000 point sign-up bonus will be available.

The short answer is we don’t know. But because people have asked, I’ll certainly speculate and share my perception of the situation:

  • The Chase Sapphire Reserve has been ridiculously popular already, not just among miles & points enthusiasts, but also among average consumers; I’ve had friends who don’t at all follow the miles & points world ask me about the card
  • The offer doesn’t seem to be marketed as “limited time,” and Chase hasn’t publicly provided an end date for the offer; that’s not necessarily to say that the offer will stick around forever, but rather that I get the sense that they’re not just offering it for a very short period of time, or else they’d want to create that pressure
  • Nowadays Chase is by far the most generous issuer when it comes to sign-up bonuses; it might not be easy to get approved, but if you are, you’re likely to get a very nice bonus
  • The people running Chase’s credit card program are smart, and they know this card is providing outsized value, in particular with the sign-up bonus

So if we’re being honest, Chase probably doesn’t need such a good sign-up bonus. They’d probably get almost as much interest with a 75,000 point, or even 50,000 point, bonus. Now before anyone tells me “don’t give them any ideas,” I think it’s safe to say that Chase knows how ridiculously lucrative this offer is.

But I’d also guess that’s part of their strategy. They’re going above and beyond to provide goodwill to new cardmembers, and they’ll hope that pays off long term. Furthermore, 100,000 points really gets people talking, and not just miles & points people. So perhaps instead of spending a bunch on print and online ads, they’re instead investing in the value proposition of the card as a means of spreading the word.

What does all that mean in practice? I don’t think they’re just doing a flash offer on the sign-up bonus. I would speculate that it will stick around for some amount of time, even though they know the offer is more generous than it has to be.

So I know this isn’t a specific answer, but I’d guess that the current sign-up bonus will be around for somewhere between two and five months. More specifically, I think the offer will still be available in the fourth quarter, but would be surprised to still see it in 2017. Regardless, I would speculate that they’ll give some advance notice before the offer changes.

It could expire sooner, or it could expire later, but that’s what I would speculate. That way they’ll get a good amount of mileage out of the word of mouth relating to the card and can have a big cardmember base very quickly. Once the offer is pulled, I’d be very surprised to see them ever bring back another public 100,000 point sign-up bonus, at least with the current terms.

Again, that’s all speculation on my part, with no inside information. People asked me what I think, so there you have it.

How long do you think the Chase Sapphire Reserve 100,000 point sign-up bonus will stick around?

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  1. Lucky: What are your thoughts on how other credit card providers (i.e. Amex & Citi) will respond to the CSR’s generous sign-up bonus? Can we expect some increased/improved offers in the short-term or do expect them to take a wait and see approach and just wait for Chase to reduce the offer?

  2. I am tempted to say the the 100K offer will last for sometime given the 50K (+ 5K for authorized user) bonus on CSP seems to have have been around for a while. Having said that, does anyone know how long before Citi made updates to the Thank You Premier card and did away with the more generous bonus spend offers?

  3. Do you think they will give notice when the offer is going to expire or just switch it to 50k points one day without notice? Thanjs

  4. @ Demian @ Matt — I think they’ll give some notice before it’s pulled, at least based on what they’ve done in the past.

  5. @ Aj — It’s a good question, I’m puzzled as well. Hope they bring something back on the Premier sometime soon.

  6. I haven’t applied because I am afraid to get a “no” and a decrease of my credit score. I got Freedom Unlimited June, and Sapphire Preferred July without knowing the Reserve is coming. What is your guess of my chances? So far 4/24, 750 score, low 6-figure salary, a 2010 chase card that was closed in 2012, no other accounts with Chase. Won’t hold you accountable, but what’s your guess?? Should I wait until November and risk the bonus going away?

  7. > “The people running Chase’s credit card program is smart”
    Not as smart as the grammar police 😉

    I talked to a Chase representative today who said they had more than 100,000 applications last week alone.

    Looks like Chase, Citi, and Amex are in an arms race to win over the “big annual fee spender” crowd, except Citi and Amex are going in the wrong direction by cutting benefits.

  8. Grrrr, getting frustrated with this. I applied mid last week just to have them tell me 7-10 business days in writing. No one on the phone seems to know anything. I’m well under the 5/24 and have been a Chase customer for more than a decade. Phone rep said everyone was getting this response due to the large number of applications but I find this hard to believe.

  9. Call the recon line if pending. They can advance it at least to senior review but I am stuck there now. Word is that they are short on cards now so production also delayed.
    They may get a lot more selective on approvals now…

  10. They would not let me apply over the phone. They said it was not available to me and that I could go to a retail center or try online.
    I applied on-line and they approved it immediately

  11. Folks, if you weren’t targeted for Chase Pre-Approved Offers in-branch in Aug and you didn’t have a Chase Card opened in past 6 months, then check again in-Branch for the same after Sep 5th, you may get new refreshed offers including the Reserve. A few data points and sources have told that Chase refreshes those in branch offers beginning of every month.

    I can’t confirm it is 100% true but what do we have to lose. I’m holding out too until after the long weekend , if I don’t get any Pre-Approved offers, then I’m simply upgrading my CSP to CSR.

  12. For what it is worth, yesterday I clicked the Apply Now on their on line site, filled in their requested info, hit the “submit” and waited 15 seconds before being told I was approved, my credit limit and to check my e-mail. I checked the email and it had the last 4 digits of the new card (as does my Chase online) and they said that the cards and welcome package should arrive by mail in 7 to 14 days.

  13. @Robert on August 30, 2016 at 3:32 pm

    Do not despair. I am in the same boat as you. I’d applied online on Day 1 and got the “we need extra time to review your application” message. Since it’s been a while, I stopped by the Chase branch next door to where I work to find out what was going on. The agent took my info, got on the phone to find out, and was told: still pending. I said that it was a puzzle that it should take so long since my credit record is almost perfect. She reviewed my info and said “You should’ve applied here in person!” Then I asked if she could cancel the pending application and just do another one from scratch and approve me. She said she could not stop the other. I said I was not in hurry, but just in case I got declined, I would go back to her and reapply in person, and she said “You do that.”

    Based on a similar experience I had when I applied for the Marriott visa, which took nearly a month before they made a decision, I believe that I will be approved but with a relatively small credit line. If they were going to turn me down, they would’ve already done it by now…

  14. @Robert
    I’m in the same boat. Under the 5/24, great credit. I called the recon line and he said he would have an expedited review (7-10 days). He said I’ll get a letter and/or the card. We’ll see

  15. I’m at 5/24. Got a decline letter. Called for reconsideration and was turned away rather firmly I felt. CSP for 4 years now, 835 credit score. Applied in branch but was not pre approved. I guess that’s the rub of keeping investments at Vanguard not Chase.

  16. @Confused-I had that identical situation and was instantly approved with a large line. Go for it.

  17. @Confused

    If you are truly at 4/24, I think you’re highly likely to be approved based on that profile. Might not be instant, and you might have to shift credit lines around with recon, but I don’t see a reason they’d deny you.

  18. Just a ‘heads up’…if you have a current SP …you may be refused the 100K !
    Happened to a banker friend of mine.
    Who in turn advised me, something about canabilization of current card holders of SP…

  19. @ Bill, Regarding keeping investments at Vanguard instead of Chase Private Banking, I’m sure you’re coming out ahead even though it means you can’t get the card. I have to believe that fees at Chase are in the 1-2% range…so if you have $500K there you are paying $5-10K each year.

    Considering the lengths that we go here to calculate break even on points versus cash and trying to maximize every last step, the benefits of doing that are likely dwarfed by the unseen fees through Chase Private. If you don’t know how much you’re paying for an investment, it’s probably a lot more than you would ever think.

  20. Just got off the phone with a rep and heard that 5/24 is now 8/24?! I asked a second time and she confirmed it. I asked if it was for this card specifically or for all their cards and she said for all the cards. Can anyone confirm this?

  21. @ Woodrow – three cards in three consecutive months as well? Okay, I will go for it.
    @ Red – I will go for it!

    Does applying in a branch really make a difference? I went to a branch and asked, and the guy said whatever shows up on his screen is the final decision, and Chase does not do reconsideration for Reserve. Maybe he doesn’t know what he is talking about…

    My profile: Freedom Unlimited June 2016, Sapphire Preferred July 2016, 4/25, 750 score, no other accounts with Chase, low 6-digit salary

  22. When you’ve got great credit scores and are relatively large card user, the cards need to work hard to keep my business. I’ve got choices. If you reject me now, then don’t expect me to come back with anything less.

  23. Lucky, do you know if Chase Private Clients overcome the 5/24 rule even for online applications? I’m a CPC but live abroad, thus cannot physically apply in a branch. I’m probably a decent but not amazing client – I’ve used Chase (and WaMu, and Great Western before) my entire life for my primary banking, but have most my assets in a Vanguard brokerage account. Wondering if it’s worth trying the online application. Thanks very much.

  24. Went into my branch Sat morning and 10 mins later walked out after being approved, CL of 35k. 3/24, 805 credit score, low six figure income. Only have checking and savings account with Chase. My first Chase card. Easy enough! Now just waiting for my welcome package…

  25. I applied last week. I got the we are considering it. I called the reconsideration line. They move some of my credit lines around and then approve it. I received the card this week, just in time for a big trip. Could not be happier.

  26. If it means anything to anyone I have a low $200k salary, a low 700’s credit score (recent law school graduate so still paying off debt) and just applied for a Chase Slate card 2 weeks ago (so when I applied this was my 2nd Chase card in the last month and my 3rd in the last calendar year and my 5th in the last 5 years) and I got the card. Admittedly I’m Chase Private Client through a promotion with my employer, but just thought I would add that.

  27. Hey Lucky does the $100 Global Entry credit renew every 4 years even if you don’t use it until say year 3?

  28. Been reading about this card and wanted to apply. Got off the plane from NZ in Friday. Went to the branch asked if I was pre-approved. After gave the info, the agent told me yes. So I applied and got approved right away for 32K But when I asked what should I do with my current CSP, she said either to close the account or transfer my credit line from CSP to CSR. I asked if I could down grade to one of the no fee cards since I don’t wanna keep paying annual fee, the agent say she doesn’t think that would work.
    Is that true? Or I should try again later with different agent? Thank you.
    By the way, my credit score is 836. Open two new credit cards last year (Citi Prestige and Barclay Aviator) and one car loan. With total of 4 hard pull

  29. So our story for what it is worth: my. Husband and I each have had sapphire cards for quite a while and put a lot of spending on them. In addition we each have gotten Amex Platinum within past 2 years. And we each have gotten 2-3 ink plus for two different businesses in past 2-3 years. I got a new SWest Visa a month ago. I was concerned we might not qualify and so we went into branch together to talk to banker. I told him (true) that both of our sapphire cards had been hacked twice in past few years and that we got the ink plus cards so we’d have a back up. I was pre approved and husband needed a extra call, but both of us qualified. So I think it’s worth it to go into bank.

  30. is the 5/24 rule to the day of when you were last approved for that 5th card? bc that date for me would be coming up in october. and does a rejection count? bc if so then I’m probably hosed on being able to get this card…

  31. One question I haven’t found answered. If I get the card in Sept., will I have to use the $300 travel benefit before Jan. 2017 or is it good until Sept. 2017?

  32. @ Robert Herrington — You’ll get one credit valid through this December, and then another $300 credit after that. That’s $600 in credits before you pay your second year’s annual fee.

  33. Does anyone know if corporate cards count towards 5/24? I’m at 4 personal cards at the moment, but I will have 2 corporate cards as well in the last 24 months when I apply. To be clear, these are corporate cards through my company, not business cards from a consumer bank.

  34. @anon you don’t live in Austin do you? went to a branch at I-35, asked to talk about credit cards, the manager is the only one in sight & tried to steer toward $500 new account bonus, I said I’d consider then asked about CC, she said i was pre-approved but still no instant approval, she called recon & pushed to get it through. she then tried to move me to CPC & mentioned someone just like anon… this is my 7th personal chase cc (also 3 ink), although none in past 24. lesson learned: it really makes a difference at a branch.

  35. ps to above, I did apply on site with help from her. either way doing it at branch takes waiting away.

  36. sorry to hear so many are having so much trouble. I applied a day or so after it was available and got a pending notice. I presumed it was due to the amount of the credit line I already have with Chase. So I called them and talked to the lending department, moved some credit line around and voila, was approved. Just got the card yesterday via UPS. Not sure if I just got lucky or happened to call at the right time or what.

  37. I’ve been waiting for this card for a while. Needless to say, I’m over the 5/24 rule. I went in branch on August 23 to see if I had a pre-approval, in which I did, so I immediately pulled the trigger since datapoints online suggested that a pre-approval would bypass the 5/24 rule. I was shocked when I heard my application went into pending after my banker submitted it. I called RECON line to check status almost every other day but I always get the still pending answer. As I was starting to lose hope I see an extra account show up under my chase app yesterday 08/30. Never been so happy getting a credit card approved, so for those of you that’s in a similar situation, just wait it out!

  38. I went to the branch a little over a week ago, maybe Monday or Tuesday of last week. I was told it was pending, the issue being my need to move credit around (and after I told them what to do, they still said I needed to wait for senior review). I called later to check and they said I’d know by Monday or Tuesday, and could always look at my Chase profile online because the new card will show up if/when approved. I checked several times today, no dice, and then just checked tonight (Wednesday) and there’s my new card! I hope it doesn’t take too long to arrive – I have travel to book!

  39. @Michael I wasn’t suggesting for a moment we would move money to Chase to qualify as a CPC. Couldn’t agree more that knowing the costs of your benefits is very important. The fees we save at Vanguard covers a lot more travel than 100K miles ever could.

  40. for those interested in data – went into Chase Branch for pre-approval they showed nothing available. Called Chase Private Client (CPC in this case is due to a number of family and business accounts being linked together at Chase – only meet their minimums for CPC). Was given the JP Morgan Reserve to apply for that was 8/23 – approved today 9/1 with a $25k limit. At probably 16/24. These linked accounts have the bare minimum to be CPC with Chase – the information floating around that you need $5M – $10M on deposit to get Reserve (replacing Palladium) are erroneous and do not make much sense.

    Bottom line if you have access to CPC its worth reaching out to the dedicated banker affiliated with your account (even if you are way over 5/24). It will take some time for them to process though as it took over a week with mine.

  41. Signed up both me and my wife. Both approved instantly. Will downgrade one after first year. We are paying for an Antarctica expedition cruise for Dec 2017, 5 payments of $4,400 each, so the $4K spend threshold is easy peasy. Now that detaisl re: the PP membership are known, I will downgrade my Citi Premier, since they have taken out the Admirals Club as of 7/23/2017. Just waiting for the 2016 travel credit of $250 to hit before downgrading. The $200K bonus UR points and the 27K points from the cruis payments will just about pay for business class tix to Argentina for the cruise…

  42. For what it’s worth: my income is around 30k dollars (grad student loans) my net worth is negative 50k, I’ve opened a 2 chase cards and 1 citi card in the past 24 months and i got approved for the reserve.. although i did have to wait a few days to get approved

    I found out today that Chase is “unable” to change the text alerts on my wife’s CSR (I got declined due to 5++/24) to my phone number as that number is associated with my Chase (CSP) account. Why does that matter? If Chase doesn’t approve a charge because of fraud concerns they send a text to confirm it is our charge. Then we acknowledge the charge, the merchant reruns the card and all is good. But if we don’t get the text the charge is declined and we pull out another card. When we travel abroad we only buy cell packages for one phone. Chase cannot deal with that for some reason so if two people have Chase accounts plan to only be able to use one card abroad unless you pay for two international plans on your cell phones. This seems crazy to me that Chase will not support sending texts to any number the cardholder desires. Am I missing some way to use the card securely without cell phone coverage?

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