Apply Now For The Chase Sapphire Reserve With 100,000 Point Welcome Bonus!

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Update: This offer for the Citi Prestige® Card has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

Update: This offer for the  Chase Sapphire Reserve® is expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

I’ve written extensively about the new Chase Sapphire Reserve®, which is Chase’s new premium credit card, intended to compete with The Platinum Card® from American Express and the Citi Prestige Card. It has a $450 annual fee, 100,000 point welcome bonus upon completing minimum spend, a $300 annual travel credit (meaning you’ll get $600 in travel credits before you pay your second year’s annual fee), offers triple points on dining and travel, and much more.

Applications for the new Chase Sapphire Reserve are now available. I’d note that as of now only the direct application link is available, which doesn’t list the welcome bonus. It should be safe to assume that the 100,000 point bonus applies since it’s the only way the card is being marketed, though if you want to be on the extra safe side, you can wait until the full landing page goes live as well.

This is an incredible card, so if you’re eligible, I’d highly recommend picking up this card. The way I view it, long term it’s like paying $150 per year “out of pocket” for this card (since you’re getting a $300 per year travel credit that can be used on any travel purchases), and for that you’re earning triple points on travel and dining. I’d say that’s worth the premium over the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card.

As I explained yesterday, Chase has a “5/24 rule,” where they won’t approve consumers who have opened more than five credits cards in the past 24 months. While that doesn’t impact a vast majority of consumers, for those who have opened more cards than that in the past 24 months, it could lead to an instant denial. Based on the data points we’re getting so far, the 5/24 restriction does apply for this card, though I’ll post again if that changes. So if you’ve opened more than five credit cards in the past 24 months, I wouldn’t bother applying for this card.

If you apply for the card, please report back with your experience!

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  1. Where is the 100k bonus language on this page? I don’t see it. Would hate to apply for it and not get the UR point bonus.

  2. What visa infinite benefits we will enjoy with this card? I was told Visa Infinite includes two significant travel benefits ($100 off companion tickets and 12 wifi passes annually) but I can’t seem to find any information regarding Visa infinite benefits.

    Just wondering if you have more information or can reach out to your Chase affiliate representative if one exists.

  3. It appears every blogger has written that this new card will get 100K UR points, I guess the only way to really find out if calling Chase and asking them since no where has it been printed.

  4. @ Joelfreak @ Jyoti @ HKGBOS — The landing page isn’t up yet with the application, but rather only the direct application link. I think it’s safe to apply given that this is the only way the card is being marketed, but if you’d like to wait, I’m sure the landing page will have a link to the same application soon as well. Don’t blame you guys for wanting to be cautious.

  5. @ Golfingboy — It’s my understanding that while all Visa Infinite cards come with some benefits (like concierge service), others are tailored to specific cards, so this card doesn’t come with the $100 off companion airfare or the Gogo wifi passes.

  6. @ Brandon — Tough to say. Personally I think if you have the Sapphire Reserve you’re pretty well covered, so as of now don’t see any benefit to keeping the Sapphire Preferred long term as well, though perhaps I’m missing something.

  7. @ Tony — Well the official landing page for the card also lists the bonus, so it seems to be quite official.

  8. Declined due to 5/24. Cited cards going to back to February 2014 (which I think brought me to 8/24). Chase customer but not CPC. Declined on the spot.

  9. It went pending on my application with plenty of credit line room to spare (I reduced my chase lines last week) and a credit score over 800. Looks like 5/24 is alive and well.

  10. Applied. I was hoping for an instant approval however received the following:

    “Thanks for applying.
    We need to review your application a little longer.”

    Then I received an email stating:

    “Thank you for submitting a credit card application to Chase.

    Here’s what you can expect next:
    We’ll let you know of our decision through U.S. mail within the next 30 days. Please don’t resubmit this application while waiting for our decision.
    If we approve your application, we’ll send your card and other important information to you by U.S
    mail. Once you receive your card, call the number on the sticker right away so you can take advantage of everything your card has to offer.
    If we don’t approve your application, we’ll send you a letter explaining why.
    Thank you for applying for a Chase credit card”

  11. Here is a data point, both my wife and I were declined due to the 5/24 rule using the applications posted above. Called the reconsider line and was told it was because too many cards open in the last two years.

  12. Approved instantly via the direct link – just got this email:

    “Congratulations! We’ve approved your request for a Chase credit card.

    We’ll send your new card and account information in the mail within the next 2 weeks.

    Once your card arrives, visit us at to tell us you received it and to start taking advantage of everything your card has to offer.”

  13. What’s the landing page? I still only get the page where you enter your name and address but don’t see the 100K offer anywhere?

  14. I applied in person at the Chase branch this morning and was approved, despite the fact that I have opened 8 cards in the past 2 years. The banker could see that I was “pre-approved” before submitting the application officially. So if you can go into a Chase branch, I recommend it.

  15. @ Jason — I suspect that opportunity will exist, though no data points on that yet. Will post if I hear anything.

  16. @ portakal — There’s no landing page for the offer yet, just for the card in general, which doesn’t link to the application, though.

  17. Multiple real data points from friends who play the game and are all over 5/24 — every application went pending and all will like be denied (one was already with a quick call) — there is definitely 5/24 applied to online applications, I suspect trolls for anyone over 5/24 who says they got approved online today…. Maybe branch is different….

  18. @Lucky does Chase 5/24 rule only apply to opened cards or does it include closed ones. 4 opened 1 closed in last 24 months.

  19. If this is a competition, the points guy seems to be winning. Chase officially links to his pages. Wow.

    I suggest you grow a beard. Maybe that might help #winning.

    It is clearly 5/24. Not bothering to apply.


  20. Wife approved instantly, but I got pending additional review. By my count I am at 4/24 but it could be my credit line is too high with Chase. Also not sure if an auto refinance I did recently with Chase is considered. Do you all think it is worthwhile to call and speak to someone or just wait it out?

  21. @ Justin — It could definitely make sense to speak with someone, but otherwise you can wait and they’ll notify you of the decision, in which case you could still speak to them after the fact.

  22. I have a Chase account and don’t see the Chase Reserve as an option. I don’t think I am anywhere close to the 5/24, still worth applying in your opinion?

  23. Has there been any word on guest policy for Priority Pass? Specifically for Non-authorized user, don’t want to pay 75/year if my wife can join in lounge without becoming authorized signer.

  24. @ julian — Sorry, what do you mean you don’t see it as an option? Definitely makes sense to apply if you can, in my opinion.

  25. Guys 5/24 is strictly enforced ; if your over this like me (15/24 lol ), two exception cases work

    1) You are a Chase Private Client (or)

    2) Pre-qualified Offer in Branch

    For me its showing all other chase cards that I don’t have as available to apply via Pre-qualified offers except the Reserve Damn!!.

  26. 5/24 is in EFFECT. Can confirm 100%. I was denied at 4/24 and 2 AU accounts. They still counted the AU accounts. BS. Not happy about this at all.

    Literally do not bother to call or apply. I secure messaged them to see if they can not count the AU accounts. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

    See if I can PC my CSP to the CSR – or just tell Chase to suck it. This is a really dumb move on Chase’s part. They should have exempted this account for a while. I surely won’t recommend it to my friends or family.

  27. Just applied for and was instantly approved for the Reserve card. 5/24 rule didn’t apply to me as I only had pulled 3 in last 24 months, but 6 in last 30 months. Said the card and cardmember agreement will arrive in 7-10 days!!!!

  28. I can confirm the 100,000. Called them up and confirmed it before submitting the application online. Approval was quick. The Chase staff apparently all received training on this card about 2 weeks ago, so they’re all set for calls about it.

  29. @A talk about a win for Chase. They get to collect the additional annual fee from you and won’t have to give you 100K points.

  30. Hi Lucky,

    A question regarding how to best chose the airline for which to use the travel credit. I have an Amex Platinum I also need to choose an airline partner for, and generally travel AA or DL.
    I thought to pair the Chase Sapphire Reserve with Delta and the Amex Platinum with American – any reason I should do the opposite? As I understand the only key difference is the 100 USD credit more I get with Chase (and I marginally fly with Delta more frequently…).


  31. I was going to apply in person at the branch near my workplace, but I changed my mind, and even without the 100K sign up bonus spelled out, I just applied online because this is a card that I intended to use almost exclusively, so the 100K bonus will just be the icing on the cake…


    Thanks for applying.

    We need to review your application a little longer.

    We’ll let you know our decision in writing as soon as we can. If we approve your application, you’ll receive your card in the mail in 7-10 business days. Please don’t resubmit your application.

    Thanks for choosing Chase Sapphire ReserveSM.

    I was not rejected outright so it means that 5/24 does not apply and my FICO score stands at 845 at the moment, so why not instant approval? It means that they need to determine the size of credit line to extend to me with this new account. The last time I applied for a Chase card (the Marriott co-brand), I got the same message as above and when I called to ask what it meant, I was told that they needed to re-evaluate the size of the total credit that’s been extended to me to date. What they ended up doing to was to decrease the CL on my Hyatt visa, which was $28K, to $18K and issuing me the Marriott visa with the difference of $10K as my CL, for no net gain. I guess with my debt to credit ratio of just 1%, they feel they have already extended me too much credit and I think so too, but I think that this time will probably have to increase my total CL…

  32. I got approved, and got a HUGE credit line. I was totally expecting having to close one of my other accounts.
    I did have to call and unlock my transunion report, but once I did that, I was approved right away.

  33. Any intel on how long the sign-up bonus will be around? I am just at 5/24 until about Nov. I know 3 months can be an eternity in these types of bonuses. Wondering if I should make an attempt now or go for it later.

  34. @ Patrick — All credit cards, though certain business credit cards (such as Amex business cards) don’t count towards that total.

  35. @ Mike — No clue, unfortunately. I’d guess it will be around for a while since it’s a new card and they really want to get it out there, though I don’t know if “a while” is a month, a few months, or what… crossing my fingers for you!

  36. With 5/24 obviously being enforced for this new card, this is the most anti-climactic moment of the year. I bet there are some very unhappy bloggers this morning. Wake me up in 24 months…

  37. Applied online through the link and was Instantly Approved. I am outside the 5/24 rule so it looks like it still does exist.

  38. @ Gene — Well if there are, it’s not me. I don’t have affiliate links for the card, if that’s what you’re suggesting. Just posting about what I consider to be an incredible offer.

  39. If only bloggers got paid for all applications and not just the successful ones…

    It sucks that Chase does 5/24, but I can’t really blame them. It’s definitely not worth it to try to wait 24 months to get this card by holding back other applications. You can easily get way more value from 10 other applications than you can from this single one.

  40. I wanted to find out about the Auto Rental CDW coverage on the new Sapphire Reserve card so I downloaded the Benefits Brochure which states “When and where am I covered?
    The benefit is available in the United States and most foreign countries. Coverage is not available where it is prohibited by law or by individual merchants, or is in violation of the territory terms of the rental agreement. Please note: Regulations vary outside the United
    States, so we recommend that you check with your auto rental company and Benefit Administrator before you travel to make sure your Auto Rental CDW will apply.
    This benefit is in effect while the rental vehicle remains in your control or in the control of another Authorized Person. Coverage ends when the rental company reassumes control of the vehicle.
    Questions? Call 1-888-675-1461”
    As this is not very specific about coverage outside the USA I called the benefits administration number listed above. They cannot give any further information unless you have the card with an account number and referred me to Chase at 800-685-6938 who referred me back to the benefits administration number !!!
    I travel to Ireland regularly and most credit cards will not cover Car Rental in Ireland or Italy and Israel for that matter so hence my interest. This is a “Catch 22” so how do they expect people to buy their product without full disclosure of the benefits ???

  41. Approved immediately with HUGE line of credit. 5/24 did not apply to me. Also called Chase directly to confirm the 100k bonus and it is legit.

  42. I applied well over the 5/24 and got the pending message. So pretty much declined which I kind of figured. Plus I’m AU user on 2 Csps and 2 freedoms

    I applied for my father hes at 6/24 with a 740 fico. Very little credit history since he was 70yo when he got his first credit card, he’s never believed in credit cards. I just put my self as a AU and use the points from the cards since he has no interest in them. He was approved so I’m happy

    Haven’t tried my wife yet. She’s at exactly 5/24 with 2 set to drop in December and a 830 fico. Figuring she would get approved. Probably hold off on hers for now.

  43. Wife approved immediately w/ large credit and I was approved after calling and moving credit from my CSP. I did confirm 100k sign up bonus when I called.
    as for 5/24 I am over if they look at all my new business cards and AU not not if they only look at my Chase Business cards and AU’s

  44. @Tom — You have no choice, do you? If you have reached 5/24 with Chase then you won’t be approved for any of their cards for a couple of years, meaning you are forced to wait. You are, of course, free to apply for cards from any other bank(s)…

  45. Lucky — are there any advantages for referring anyone to this card once you get approved? Like something similar to the amex spg or any other referral card bonuses?

  46. @ GC — Historically Chase has some “refer a friend” bonuses, though I don’t know if they’ll apply to this card. Probably too soon to know, given that the card just became available.

  47. denied due to being over 5/24… rep cited i was 9/24, credit report only showing 6/24, rep said closed accounts were taken into consideration when too many accounts in 24 month rule is applied.

    if that’s the case i don’t get under 5/24 until May 2017.


  48. I applied and got a pending decision. I called in and after I moved some credit lines around (there is a minimum $10,000 credit line needed for this account) I was approved. I believe I was at 4 cards in the last 24 months, FYI.

    Also, I used Lucky’s link above and, after approval, confirmed with the rep who approved me that the bonus is 100k points after spending $4,000 in 3 months.

  49. 6/24 (includes 1 AU). Cards were 2 Chase, 1 Barclays, 1 Citi, 1 BOA, and AU is Chase. Longstanding Chase banking client. Denied. Credit Score 790+, Income 150k. Called and confirmed too many accounts. Said longstanding banking history didn’t matter.

  50. For those who got approved, how long is it gonna take for the card to come through the mail? Can you request next day shipment? I’m at 4/24, about to apply but with a large insurance bill due next week, want to have the card in possession ASAP

  51. Approved at 4/24 — $35k limit — 800+ FICO — 4 openings in last 24 months including a chase ink. Also opened a heloc which would have put me at 5, but that didn’t seem to matter.

  52. I think I have to wait on this. I am under 5/24, so that’s not a concern for me. Just a timing issue. I am going to apply, and I have an itchy trigger finger right now. But, I am on the brink of a vacation right now and am unlikely to get the card delivered to me (if approved) by the time I leave on Saturday. So, as much as I want this to be a kid-at-Christmas kind of day…I’m resisting temptation

  53. Approved… I thought 5/24 would hit me as well, but I’ve closed a lot of accounts lately as I’ve been consolidating down to 2 new Chase cards, Sapphire Preferred and Freedom. Not to mention, I’ve recently moved all banking to Chase, not sure if that matters.

    Stoked for such a great card, as I literally cancelled my AMEX Platinum last week, these bene’s are certainly worth it, I mean 3X on Travel and Dining!! I felt AMEX making you pick 1 airline for their $200 credit was a little narrow-minded.

    Looks like I’ll be cancelling the Preferred in a few months as well…

  54. @ dan — Any “eligible” purchase, which does not include “balance transfers, cash advances, cash-like charges such as travelers checks, foreign currency, and money orders, any checks that access your account, overdraft advances, interest, unauthorized or fraudulent charges, or fees of any kind, including an annual fee, if applicable.” Anything else qualifies.

  55. Just got approved for the card. Called Chase, and the rep did confirm the 100K UR bonus is on my account after $4K in spend.

  56. Approved in branch, under the 5/24 limit with a nice credit line as well. Banker had to call to push it through however.

  57. Ben, or whoever knows the answer: When commenters are taking about going into a branch and finding out they are “pre-approved”, like the commenter above who said that the branch rep said he was “pre-approved” for every card except the reserve, how do you find this out..???Do you just go in and ask, “what Chase cards am I pre-approved for”…??? Thx…

  58. Any news on offer if you are Chase Private Client ?

    Would also love to know about Priority Pass – does in include a guest? If I add an authorized user , does the user have Priority Pass as well ?

  59. Do they run a hard credit check before they reject? I don’t know how many cards I have in the last 24 months since some are business from Amex. Does my Chase IHG enter in this 5/24 rule?

  60. Applied and instantly approved. I am under 5/24 as this is my 4th direct application and, counting authorized users (which I’ve seen reports of being considered), this is my 5th card in last 24.

    Current holder of CSP.

  61. @ MoGreen — Yep, authorized users get Priority Pass as well. However, I don’t believe the Priority Pass membership offered by the card comes with free guesting privileges (someone correct me if I’m wrong).

  62. Approved online. Don’t think 5/24 applies to me but may have been close if AU are included. Got high credit line btw, higher than my sapphire. Called Chase thereafter and got same 100k bonus confirmation language.

  63. @ Santastico — Yes, I believe they do a hard pull even if you’re automatically denied for exceeding the 5/24 limit.

  64. Question on the 300 Annual Travel Credit….says “Each year, automatically receive up to $300 in statement credits as reimbursement for travel-related purchases charged to your card”

    Can this be used to buy airline tickets? or this only for baggage/seat upgrades?


  65. @ Bryan — It can absolutely be used for airline tickets, hotel reservations, etc. It’s why it’s good as cash, as far as I’m concerned.

  66. Sorry if this is a repeat ?

    Is the 5/24 rule just for Chase cards? Or all credit cards (i.e. Citi, BofA, etc)?

  67. FYI – I just spoke to a Chase rep and she was unable to provide me with any information on the card since it’s ‘technically’ not ‘official’ on their website. She was not aware that an online application link was available. She said I could go into a branch and get more information, but a banker over the phone was unable to confirm that. She suggested waiting another hour or two while they continue to upload the info so confirm the 100k signup then apply.

  68. I got a pending decision even though I’m nowhere near 5 new cards in the last 24 months (I’ve added one – I added two in the first half of 2014 so those shouldn’t count, but even so, that’d be 3/30). I think they’re trying to figure out the appropriate credit line, as I have 800+ FICO, $100k+ income, but have something like a $77k credit line across all my cards.

    As a Sapphire Preferred cardholder for a while now, I was planning to cancel it after getting this card – but if I don’t get anything, I’ll probably just cancel and stop using it altogether even though it’s been my primary card for a while.

  69. @ John — Yeah official landing page may be up soon, but as you’ll see based on all the people who have already applied, the bonus amount has been confirmed.

  70. @ DC — No clue, unfortunately. I suspect in the coming hours, though don’t know for sure one way or another.

  71. Thanks @Lucky – I’m sure I’ll get denied then. I’m somewhere in the area of 7/24 or 8/24. Got the pending email a couple hours ago. Am debating on calling in or not. May wait a couple more hours first.

  72. Assuming Chase allows for upgrade/conversion to this card, could I do it with a current co-branded card, such as United Explorer, United Club, Marriott? Or must it be the same Sapphire family?

  73. Applied online using the link in this post and was approved instantly. The account is already showing up with the rest of my Chase accounts. I didn’t have to worry about the 5/24 rule.

  74. CPC customer, applied online using link, got “pending.” Called, told application was denied based on “too many credit card inquiries.” Told them I was CDC and they pushed it through.

  75. Instant approval. I do not come close to 5/24.

    I have a bill coming up very soon that I would like to pay with this. Is there any way to expedite getting the card?

  76. @ Boco — Interesting data point. How many cards have you applied for in the past 24 months, if I may ask?

  77. Applied for the card online (I’m DEFINITELY over 5/24) and got the 7-10 day message.

    Called and was insta-declined.

    Went into the branch and asked to open it – I am Private Client – and they put in my application (2nd application on the same day). Was approved with a 35k limit.

    Applied for a Chase Freedom card while I was there also – 7-10 day message again. Will try the consideration line again – but the branch told me that it might be due to the total credit I have with Chase (which is understandable).

  78. Couldn’t wait for an update on the landing page… Applied and was instantly approved. I am under 5/24 so that was not a factor. I also called and confirmed that the 100UR points were noted on my application, which they were. Agent also said she wasn’t aware that the online application was live yet but was “happy to hear it was up”. She had trouble adding the card to my existing username because it was so new, but she said should not be a problem once I get the card. I asked for rushed delivery and she said she could NOT do it because they have so many people applying!… guess I have to wait 7-10business days. Going to be close as I am traveling next Thursday and really want this card before then

  79. Ben, how dare you ask me how many cards I’ve applied for? (Just kidding!!) I applied for the Sapphire, Amex Plat, Amex Starwood, and Citi Aadvantage. At least those are the ones I can recall.

    Went into the Chase bank last week to apply for CPC. They’re really eager to sign people on to that, so even if you don’t have $250k exactly, as long as you’re showing them a willingness to move funds to the bank, etc, you can still get approved.

    Ben, you may want to write an article about whether establishing a CPC is a good move, given the bypass for credit card applications. My wife and me will essentially get 200,000 UR points (together) for signing up for this card. Plus we can keep on applying for other cards that we had held off on (both Chase and non-Chase.)

    Also CPC clients have no bank fees on anything whatsoever (no ATM international 3% fee, etc) and we’re supposed to get a free museum pass to local museums (too busy flying around everywhere to use it 😉

    (As an aside, one of your team members should write an article about using the United stopover to visit Europe and Africa before it disappears in early October. Turkish has tons of availability, but the system only gives it to you if you force it to route through IST. I entered a multi-city itinerary:
    SFO – IST
    IST – JNB (destination)
    JNB – CDG (one week stopover)
    CDG – SFO
    and it priced at 160,000 for J class. I think after Oct this will price a lot higher since only one of these segments will be comped. (Also chose a routing from IST to JNB that has a 13 hour layover in Nairobi for a little safari.)

  80. I got a review message, called and said I was declined for too many cards in last 24months. Based on my notes, I have 3 cards in last 24 months and was an authorized user on 2 cards. Lame! I guess I won’t be an authorized user any more.

  81. Approved instantly, and given a somewhat jaw-dropping credit line, well over double any other card I possess.

  82. Denied based on 5/24 even though I opened 4 cards with Chase — so it is a universal any 5 credit cards in the past 2 year rule.

  83. Just applied and got this message.
    “Thanks for applying. We need to review your application a little longer.
    We’ll let you know our decision in writing as soon as we can. If we approve your application, you’ll receive your card in the mail in 7-10 business days. Please don’t resubmit your application.
    Thanks for choosing Chase Sapphire ReserveSM.”

    I called 800 number on my CSP card to see if they can expedite the process. The rep put me on hold to check, then came back to tell me that they need more time to review because it’s a new product.

    I am no where near 5/24, currently have CSP and Freedom. My guess is that the combined credit limit from those 2 cards are high for the relationship. Hopefully they will approve it after I adjust the credit limits.

  84. I took the plunge and applied. Instant approval as I think I was at 2/24. Maybe 3. Not sure entirely. I probably am stupid to have done it now as I mentioned in this thread already, but it was impulsive. I couldn’t resist. I am a moth, this card is the flame. I am, sadly, pretty confident that I won’t receive it before I leave on my next trip. But, if I were to get the card by the time I leave, then the best bet was to get it done now.

  85. @ Durgesh — That’s correct, the 5/24 rule isn’t just about Chase cards, but about all cards in general, minus select business cards.

  86. @ Boco — Hah, thanks for the data point! Let me do some research on CPC. Thanks for stopover tip as well!

  87. Didn’t want to wait for the 100k landing page….which it seems everyone was able to confirm. Applied and received the 7-10 business day wait…..called in and was on hold for 20 mins…..approved instantly. When I asked about the point bonus, rep said she couldn’t confirm but it would be in the welcome packet. I was 4/24.

  88. For those that have called to confirm whether or not the 100k point bonus was attached to their account and/or called to see if the card could be expedited (I’m leaving for a trip next Wednesday and would love to have the card before I leave!), what number did you call? The number Boco posted?

  89. Hi all. Just went into the branch and applied. Was approved for a $31k limit. And the card is already showing up on my chase page and card number is visible. Have applied for many credit cards on the past 2 years, Amex spg, Citi advantage, Ink, and ihg MasterCard. Was approved instantly with the banker. Have been a long time reader and wanted to say thank you. Also the lounge access is a priority pass select membership.

  90. I’m way over 5/24; have 7 Chase cc open at a moment. Went to Chase branch anyways to see if I was pre-approved…..Yap, 25K CL, approved instantly. $80K income, 790 FICO. It’s kinda funny because 6 months ago I had to move some credit in order to get IHG card. So, I guess even if you are over 5/24, it’s worth a trip to an actual Chase branch.

  91. Approved instantly for $34K limit. Card arrives 7-10 days. Also called and they are sending new priority passes replacing my existing ones I have through Amex Platinum. Waiting to cancel Amex Platinum & Sapphire Preferred until Reserve card arrives and I transfer points over to the Reserve.
    Regarding 100K point bonus: Rep on phone said that it is the only offer on that card right now and nowhere will it say it during application process but everyone approved gets it once the minimum spend is met within the time period.
    Good luck!

  92. I see these points get a 50% increase for travel…. I also have the chase sapphire card which gets 25% increase…Are you able to transfer those points over to take advantage of the increase or are they “different points” and can’t be combined?

  93. If you applied and want it to ship out fast, I’d call the number on the back of any of your Chase cards and ask for it to be “expedited.” They were more than willing to send it out next day UPS.

  94. I applied + was approved (thru this link – thanks!). I called to confirm the 100K sign-up bonus + they said it’s true, as long as you spend $4k/3 months. Yay!

  95. @DCS 7-10 days is the message that they give for 5/24 denials. When you get your letter in the mail (or call) you’ll see the “too many accounts in 24 months” dialogue.

  96. @Boco, tried calling twice and spoke to 2 different agents. They both said they are not offering expedited shipping on this card. Must be only for CPC.

  97. I do have a few accounts with chase but should be at only 3/24 but got the 7-10 day message. I don’t have any accounts outside of chase either. Seems like they might want to re-arrange my credit? Should I bother calling or just wait it out?

  98. I applied for this 30 minutes or so ago. Was approved online with a limit of $13,500 with a credit score between 720-730. I called the customer service and they confirmed the 100,000 offer with the $4,000 in 3 months.
    Lucky, the $300 airline credit from Chase and the $100 from Visa Infinite; can they be combined to a total of $400 airline credit?


  99. I am currently at 4/24. I was alittle hesitant to apply because when I applied for Freedom unlimited a few months ago. I was only give a $500 credit limit. I had huge credit limits with Sapphire Preferred and Chase United Card. I moved credit limits around on those two cards to increase the freedom unlimited credit. So thought maybe I was maxed out on credit with Chase. I applied for Reserve anyways and was auto approved for a 16k credit limit.

  100. Just applied via the link and received the pending notification. Called and they said it was because I had just received a new Chase card (Hyatt) less than a month ago. Does anyone else have experience with this and is there any work around? Would it help trying another agent or maybe calling my chase sapphire number? I have a bunch of wedding bills coming due and it’d be great putting the dining expenses on this card. Thanks!

  101. I applied for this card today using the above link and got insta-approved with a credit score of 720ish and a CL of $13,500.
    @Lucky, can you combine $300 (credit from Chase) and $100 (credit from Visa Infinite)?


  102. Decision= Application Pending. Then I received a call in less than 10 minutes to verify my application.

    Once verified, got an instant approval.

  103. Approved immediately. That was my 5th card I recently signed up for. Super stoked. How long do you suspect the 100k bonus will be around for? After I hit the $4k/3 mo target, I want my wife to apply (different name) to land the bonus as well. We did that with the preferred as well.

  104. Will it help to call if I got “We need to review your application a little longer”?
    Called regular Chase customer service number and was told that 90% of applications are reviewed manually.

  105. Good news! I applied online this morning and it went to pending. Called and denied bc of too many cards, 9/24. Figured I would check to see if I was pre approved at a chase branch since I recently opened a checking account and figured I already had one hard pull today. I was preappprved for all chase cards I don’t already have and was instantly approved for the reserve with a 31k cl!

  106. Approved @ Branch.
    $13k limit / 822 score / $90k salary
    I do have slate, ink+, freedom original, and sapphire preferred currently too. Not sure if any of that helped, but can confirm 100k bonus. Brochure at the branch has the offer on there. Also, tried to expedite the card 1-2 business days, but they can only do standard due to production?

  107. @Rob P just claimed that “7-10 days is the message that they give for 5/24 denials”.

    For starter, 7-10 days is how long it would take for the card to arrive if one is approved, whenever that occurs, and not when the decision notification letter would be sent out…

    Anyway, the whole claim made no sense but I nevertheless just called Chase and asked them point blank if the message is a denial. The agent asked for and I provided my name and social and I was told: “It looks like you just applied today. No decision has been made. You can call back in couple of days if you wish, but the message does not mean that you have been denied.”

    I asked if there was anything in my application that flagged me for further review. He said that nothing at all. It is simply that there have been so many applications that it will take time to process them all. I did not ask, but my sense is that those that got instant approval were already pre-approved for this or some other card. The wide majority of people will be processed the old-fashioned way because, as I indicated, a rational decision must be made about how much credit to extend to someone who already has a lot of credit. Will they decreased my credit elsewhere as they did before or will they give more credit with a new account? Over all my cards (Chase and non-Chase), I have about ~$130K in credit and using less than 1%, and, ironically, it could possibly [though I doubt it] count against me for using my credit wisely!

    Oh, BTW, the agent was emphatic about the 100K sign up bonus points being for real after a $4K spend.


  108. It worked for me – I spoke to account rep from Chase (called line for my Chase Marriott card) – she said that if I did not receive 100K offer as part of this link, that I could later call back, they could contact Marketing department and make it happen. She also said link on Chase website would be live later today or tomorrow if I wanted to wait (they were working out some kinks).

    Not sure how 524 works – BTW my wife and I we have had 3 other Chase cards and 2 Citi cards approved within the last 24 months (as well as 3-4 authorized users each). I do have very good credit score and history, however.

  109. Dear all:

    Please refrain from calling Chase if you get the “We need to review your application a little longer” message. It does not mean that you have been denied. It simply means that most applications will be processed the old-fashioned way, i.e., manually. Calling probably just gets in the way of applications being processed speedily…

  110. Got denied for too many accounts…called but no luck. they said I had 7 recently opened accounts. However, I’m at 4 in the past 24 months…Rep mentioned cards opened in Jan 14 and July 14…so not sure 5/24 is the end all and be all to their formula…. Rep said credit report will be in in package with denial letter. Will review further and might give them a call again to see if I’ll get approved with another rep

  111. To update on my “pending decision” – I now see the Reserve card when I log into Chase with an insane credit limit relative to my other cards (twice as high as my next card). So I was “pending” for about 3 hours, didn’t make a call or visit a branch or anything else. The only thing I did was go in and pay all my credit card bills (though I don’t carry a balance, I thought it might help) but I don’t think that mattered. It looks like they decreased my CSP limit by a very small amount, but I was likely going to cancel that card after getting this one anyway.

  112. Applied using the link with 7/24 and was approved instantly. Every situation is different. Definitely apply!

  113. Am at exactly 5/24, got the “pending decision” and called. Was told application was denied because of 5/24, didn’t matter that I only had Chase cards in that time.

  114. Approved instantly! Card in 2-3 weeks. Online portal is the same as the preferred but does note the 50% difference. You are able to transfer your points too! Very cool!

  115. Applied via the link listed above. I got the “pending” message, followed by the email indicating that my decision would come within the next 30 days. Confused as to why I might be rejected, I called Chase and after holding for about 15 minutes, spoke with someone in the “lending” dep’t who told me that I’d been approved. Confirmed as much when logging in now to my account. Thanks for all the help!

  116. Not every traveler needs a Chase Sapphire Reserve though. Got the Chase Sapphire Preferred and another airline card opened in the last 3 months. Stocked up enough points for the future travel. I personally do not see I need this new card any time soon. So do the math and weigh on what makes sense for you.

  117. You can upgrade to Reserve. Did it yesterday…will be under 5/24 in 9 months. I will downgrade then and apply and get whatever bonus they have then….enjoying reserve benefits in the meantime

  118. Applied, but way over 5/24 and had been denied for CSPreferred earlier.

    Got the usual ‘needs review’ BS

    Once I get the ‘dear John’ letter will try at the local branch.

    Worth a shot anyway as will be 2018 before out of the 5/24

  119. Deciding out my strategy for this one. And this might not be the brightest plan but let’s say you get denied at one Branch, should you try your ‘luck’ at another Branch (on the same day)?

  120. Applied in branch and received instant approval with a very good credit limit, despite I already have a huge credit limit with Chase from both my United card and IHG card. For the count of cards opened in the past 24 months, i was at 4/24 prior to applying this CSR card.

  121. Do any of you know how to DECREASE your credit limit on your current cards? I’m at over 36k for my cards combined so I can see chase not wanting to give me more…. esp as I’m at 1% utilization!

  122. Just applied…Was Approved!…Even the approved credit line was mentioned on the page…All in all 2 minutes to apply and 15 seconds approval….Have not applied for any CC in the past 5-6 years.

  123. Wowsers!!! Went into branch, found out I was pre-approved. Applied with 10+/24 and was approved. This even after CS dropping 100+ points in the last month due to being an AU on a family members account that went over the CL. Stoked and stunned!

  124. Does anyone have experience with how a straight travel credit of $300 is applied? Most of my spend that knocks out the minimum spend for bonuses is airfare. So if I spend $4000 on airfare within the first three months, will that automatically apply a $300 credit, hence taking me down to $3700 and needing to spend another $300 to hit the minimum requirement?

  125. a few Qs on 5×24:

    1. so we are looking at 5 since 08/18? seems a guy got denied when they looked all the way back at 01/14?
    2. does amex costco card converted to citi count as 1?
    3. does denied apps (unapproved) count as 1?

  126. No, the landing is not up, but I am glad you saw it because I did see it as well. Then when I clicked the link for more I got the message that it is now displaying when one clicks your link:

    The page you requested has either moved or no longer exists.
    For individuals looking for information on Chase credit cards:

    Click here to view the Site Map or use the Site Map link on the bottom of the page to see a listing of section within the site.

    Use the links at the bottom of the page to visit the main sections of the site.
    Thank you for visiting Chase”

    Then it reverts to the old cards without the Reserve…

  127. Applied and was given the ol’ 7-10 day waiting period. I was well under 5/24 so called the number on the back of my CSP card. Was told I needed to move around credit from my 3 other Chase cards (CSP, United, Freedom) to free up $10K+ for the new card , which I was able to do after being transferred to the correct dept. My application is now pending senior approval, which should happen shortly. When I asked what would have happened if I didn’t call, was told they would have just called me. But I seemed to have jumped a queue by calling, so encourage others to do the same.

  128. The landing is gone again!

    Oh, well, clearly they are still in the process of testing it out… I will do a screen capture when it goes up again.

  129. Wait, I still have it in a tab. Just did a screen capture but Here’s what it will say:

    – 100,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening.*

    – That’s $1,500 toward airfare, hotels, car rentals and cruises when you redeem through Chase Ultimate Rewards®.

    – $300 Annual Travel Credit. Each year, automatically receive up to $300 in statement credits as reimbursement for travel purchases such as airfare and hotels charged to your card.*

    – 3X Points on travel and dining worldwide

    – Earn 3X Points on travel and dining at restaurants- from airfare and hotels to fine dining and cafés.*

    – Plus, earn 1 point per dollar spent on all other purchases.*

    – 50% more in travel redemption. Get 50% more value when you redeem for travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards.* For example, 100,000 points are worth $1,500 toward travel.

  130. @JCB sez: “I seemed to have jumped a queue by calling, so encourage others to do the same.”

    It is tempting but I would rather be called than to offer to switch my credit around on the off chance that they might well decide to give more credit. If they deny my application and the reason is that I already have too much credit line, then I will just go to a branch near me and switch the CL around to get approved. I am in no hurry to get the card so I will just let things play out…,

  131. Question. Do they offer referral points for this card? Much appreciated if any one knows, thank you!

  132. Just applied for the Reserve. It looks like they are looking at even more than the standard Chase 5/24 rule and even beyond the partner cards too. Per the senior rep, if you have opened for ANY 5 credit cards reported by TransUnion within the last 2 years (they even cited an Amazon store card), they will turn you down for the Reserve. Very frustrating!

  133. I applied this morning through the link you used, and was instantly approved (I was at 5/24 exactly before the CSR application). I did immediately call to confirm the 100,000 points, which they assured me applied to my account after I met the spend threshold. I heard several others report the same (they called and got the same confirmation using the link online)

  134. Chase business customer. Went with my business partner to the branch today and applied. Told the computers were fried from the number of applications! Called about 4 hours later, preemptively offered to move credit and was told not necessary and was approved. Said 1-2 weeks to receive but wish it was here tomorrow.

    Hey, like many of you, friends consider me the guru on this stuff. Just got an email from my youngest son and told him to get to a branch and do it. I have a $15,000 cruise payment coming in the months ahead and the thought that I will get 45,000 miles/points makes me giddy!

  135. Definitely worth it to go in person for the peace of mind and extra help. Now I’m starting to earn my 100000 point bonus just after qualifying for my 50,000 points on my Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

  136. @Jo

    I don’t think applying at a Chase branch helps. I applied in person today and was initially told pending, then the banker called for me and was told it was denied. FYI – my credit score is over 800, and income of $200k+ and over $15,000 on deposit in my Chase checking account. I think I’m over the 5/24 rule with Chase, but only just. I wonder if external cards count (recently got the AmEx platinum and Citi Prestige this year). Seems they are being VERY strict with this new card. Oh well – I will wait a while and try again. The banker mentioned something about a minimum credit limit required of $34,000 for approval. I also had them checking about moving other Chase credit lines around, and that was a big fat “no” as well.

  137. Applied under 5/24 and was approved for $32k. Is there any way to use the card before it arrives in the mail? I called customer service and they said it would be 3-10 business days with no option for expediting it.

  138. Got the 7-10 day message. Called in and they said status was “declined,” but I was able to get my application approved. The initial decline was due to 5/24 rule (I was at 6/24) but I explained that three of those were where I am an authorized user on someone else’s account (my wife’s). So without the authorized user accounts I’m only at 3/24. He had me confirm that I was not liable for those accounts, then he verified profession, income, mortgage amount, anticipated spending, and existing credit lines (I have a sapphire preferred and a united mileageplus with chase, in addition to some others). Ultimately I split out my sapphire preferred credit limit between the preferred (too high anyway) and reserve. Will probably cancel sapphire preferred. Super excited to use the Reserve!

    I was surprised to find that the 5/24 rule is flexible at all, but it appears to be flexible if being an authorized user on someone else’s account puts you over the limit.

  139. Applied today. Said I’d hear in 30 days. Thought I’d be declined instantly due to 5/24.

  140. If I applied online and got the “7-10 day” response, does that mean I WAS NOT rejected for 5/24 rule? @DCS above suggested that “I was not rejected outright so it means that 5/24 does not apply.” Is that a correct assumption?

  141. I have the Chase sapphire preferred and later got Barclays world elite plus MC which gives cash back. I never use the Chase Card and charge everything on Barclays, including Daily stuff and travel. Chase is my back up. Is there any reason to get the Reserve? I’m trying to use 1 cc and streamline.
    Any advise? Thanks

  142. @Jason, wow thank you so much that was the 4th call and 3rd diffrent number i used to try expediting, all with no results but this one worked! Said it was all set and on its way via UPS in 1-2 days! Thanks so much for sharing an awesome tip!

  143. @ymx — @DCS already answered that question on August 22, 2016 at 2:46 pm, after he spoke with a Chase agent to inquire about the claim that the “7-10 day” message is a rejection for breaking the 5/24 rule. I could not possibly have broken the rule 5/24 rule because I’d applied for only 1 card in 24 months.
    Therefore, the “7-10 day” message, which I got more than 2 years ago when I applied for the Chase Marriott visa and was APPROVED, has nothing to do with breaking the 5/24 rule, and I explained that in my comment at 2:46 pm.

  144. 5/24 doesn’t seem to be in effect when I applied. I opened Chase BA, Citi AA, Citi Prestige, AMEX Platinum and AMEX Preferred within 24 hours and I was approved.

  145. Just connected through your link, took me to the 100,000 sign-up bonus and application page. Immediately approved. This is only my second card application through Chase in the past 24 months. Thank you for your constant updates.

  146. I applied and received the pending message. I called a couple of hours later and was informed I had been declined due to too many recent cards. Not sure why they even bother with the pending note.

  147. I applied and was approved instantly. Got the same message as others stating card would arrive within 2 weeks.

  148. Everything is still proceeding according to what I’d surmised. My “7-10 days” message was not a rejection. It is exactly as the message explained it to be: They will need extra time to process my application. I just got alerted by AMEX CreditSecure that there has been a “hard pull” on my Experian credit record and the hard puller is Chase Bank. So, my application has reached the top of the deck and has been or is being processed. If my “7-10 days” message were a rejection, why would Chase bother doing a “hard pull” on my credit record? Out of meanness? Hardly.

    The only suspense now is: will they ask me to reshuffle my credit line to make room under the current cap for this new card or will they just increase my already rather large credit line to a new cap?… 😉

  149. @DCS. For some, the 7-10 day message is in fact a rejection. For others, its not. Just have to wait and see. Every credit card app results in a hard pull.

  150. Data point confirming Chase Private Client is an exception to the 5/24 rule. My wife has had 9 or 10 in the last 24 months, but we are CPC and she was instatnly approved. I went in with a list of things our banker could use to fight for us on the reconsideration line, but it wasn’t needed as she was instantly approved. I did make sure to apply in branch though to make sure the banker had incentive to fight!

  151. @Rich — Agreed. I was simply just providing more evidence to counter a claim that was made about the “7-10 days” message actually being a rejection for violation of the 5/24 rule. The message simply means that the application needed further review by manual processing. Acceptance is not guaranteed and ultimate rejection could be for various reasons, including violation of the 5/24 rule or, as in my case if I am rejected, too much credit which I do not seem to need based on my infinitesimally small debt to credit ratio…

  152. @J sez: “Data point confirming Chase Private Client is an exception to the 5/24 rule. ”

    Not necessarily true as there have been reports of regular folks with a clear violation of 5/24 who got approved instantly with huge credit lines. The formula seems to be rather complex…

  153. I applied online yesterday, and received the “decision pending” response. Called this morning and they said my app was declined due to opening too many cards within 24 months. Explained that of the 5 cards I have, I am the authorized user of 2 cards and that I’m not financially liable for them. The agent then placed me on hold, came back and said she’d submitted it for review and I’d hear back on a final decision in 2 weeks.

    I then decided to visit a Chase branch and as I happened to be in Milwaukee today on business, walked right in and the agent helped me with the application. I only needed to provide my name, address, social, and annual income. I was approved for the card within minutes! They didn’t ask me anything about my existing credit cards. I would highly recommend applying at a branch if possible- a much quicker, and pleasant experience!

  154. I applied via the link last night and got the “pending further review email”. I logged into my Chase account this morning and I see the Chase Sapphire Reserve card listed as one of my cards with a limit, card number and due date listed. No communication from Chase (as of yet).

    I am still interested to see if the 100,000 bonus point offer is legit given there was no mention of it when I applied.

  155. I went to my local branch…..They called Chase lending department since I had already applied for online on Monday and great news is I ended up with a 27K limit….

    Go to the branch….It helps…..

  156. I applied online Wednesday night and got the pending review notice. The next morning I checked my Chase accounts (I have SW Rapid Rewards card and a Chase mortgage) and the CSR was there with a decent CL. I still haven’t heard anything officially, but I guess the card is on its way.

  157. Hey Lucky,

    Can you please explain more on this statement: a $300 annual travel credit (meaning you’ll get $600 in travel credits before you pay your second year’s annual fee) ?

    Does it mean I have $300 credit now and will have another $300 credit after new year of 2017?
    If that’s the case, i will apply for it 😀


  158. Applied via your link and was approved immediately — was at 4/24, so it worked out perfectly. Question about downgrading my Sapphire Preferred — is this something I can request online via the messaging system, or should I call?

    Thanks for all the reporting on this!

  159. I received a pending decision email but called the reconsideration line to inquiry about it. They transferred me to the fraud department to verify my name, address, and phone number before approving my application. Expedited shipping is available with a valid reason (just say you’re traveling in a few days).

  160. Went into a Chase bank. got approved immediately. very excited about the card! I have the citi prestige thank you card, which has nearly mirror benefits besides the hotel 4th night free. the reason I’m getting reserve is because Citi customer service is absolutely horrible. if it wasn’t for hotels 4th night free benefit from Citi, id of cancelled right away.

  161. Dan brown, I had the same experience. Application went pending so I thought I was being declined for 5/24 but I called them to follow up (i.e. Plead my case) and they just needed to verify my info for fraud purposes. It would have been nice if they told me that when I applied because I was planning on just waiting on their decision. They approved me with no problem. I was told the card would arrive in 1-2 weeks but got an email the next day from UPS and it was showing my card was in transit.

    So if you get a pending decision, give them a call.

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