Earn Bonus Points For Mobile Wallet Payments With Chase Sapphire Cards

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Mobile wallet payments are becoming increasingly popular, as credit card issuers realize that consumers want to be able to make credit card payments without even having to take out their cards. They also realize that this is an area where we’ll see a lot of innovation over the coming years, and they don’t want to lose market share. We’re even seeing a bonus category for mobile wallet payments on a popular new card — the US Bank Altitude Reserve Card offers 3x points on mobile wallet purchases. While that’s not enough to make me get the card, some popular cards that I love are now offering bonuses on mobile wallet purchases for a limited time.

Those with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and Chase Sapphire Reserve® can earn an additional Ultimate Rewards bonus point for each eligible dollar spent on mobile wallet purchases (including Chase Pay, Android Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay) between October 4 and November 4, 2017. The catch is that you’re capped at earning the bonus on up to $1,500 of spend.

For example, with this promotion you can earn up to 4x points per dollar spent on dining and travel with the Sapphire Reserve, and up to 2x points per dollar spent on non-bonused purchases.

There’s no registration required to take advantage of this promotion, and bonus points should automatically post with the points you usually earn.

Personally I only use mobile wallets when there are promotions for doing so. So this will indeed change my behavior, at least for a limited time. The main issue is still that not all merchants accept mobile payments. For example, you can see some of the merchants that are Chase Pay partners on this page. Now if only more restaurants, airlines, etc., took mobile wallet payments, so that we could earn up to 4x points.

One thing to note is that Uber takes Apple Pay through their app, so that’s at least a good opportunity to earn 3-4x points per dollar spent on some purchases.

Do you plan on using this Chase mobile wallet promotion to earn up to 1,500 bonus points?

(Tip of the hat to Doctor Of Credit)

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  1. Some food ordering apps take Apple Pay in the app, and generally qualify for the Chase dining bonus points already, so great use of Sapphire Reserve.

  2. Exxon/Mobil also accepts Samsung Pay through their app. It’s definitely changed which gas station I frequent!

  3. Like @Bgriff said above, I use DoorDash (which is fantastic) and they use ApplePay. DD also gives you free delivery for the first 3 deliveries made using ApplePay, so I would definitely recommend that.

  4. Though limited in scope, if you’re at a restaurant with OpenTable Tab (and made your reservation though the app), you can pay your bill via Apple Pay in the app, as well.

  5. A lot of websites now accept Apple Pay as payment (though you have to use Safari, which might be a little inconvenient), so this promotion is more accessible than you think

  6. I use Samsung Pay and find almost all merchants terminals accept it due to it’s mst technology…

    I’ve even had cashiers tell me “Oh we don’t take apple pay…” to which I reply “This is Samsung Pay, can I try it?”.

    They are mildly amused when I hold my phone up to their swipe terminal and it goes through.

  7. Oh, great, as if losing my phone wouldn’t be expensive and traumatic enough on its own, without having to worry about someone using it to buy stuff…

  8. Samsung pay works on every credit card machine on the planet. In addition to NFC you can also just hold it up next to the credit card swiping slot, and it sends out a signal that convinces a machine there’s a physical card there. Works every time.

  9. 3x points no limit on mobile pay with the US Bank Altitude. That’s a 4.5% return when points are used for travel. Better than the 2% cash back for non-bonus spending. Samsung Pay works most everywhere, yet it’s annoying to have to convince the cashier to let you try it almost every time.

  10. @Morris. Samsung Pay is currently available in the US, the UK, South Korea, China, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, Spain, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates.

    Shoot. I’m heading to Japan which isn’t on the list.

  11. Got a bunch of business travel coming up this month. Hope the hotels let me use Samsung Pay and I’ll be all set for the bonus!

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