AMAZING Chase Freedom Unlimited Bonus — Up To 3x Points On All Purchases

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Update: This offer for Chase Freedom Unlimited® has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

I’ve written in the past about the Chase Freedom Unlimited®, which is one of the cards I use most for everyday spend. The card earns 1.5x points per dollar spent, and each point can be redeemed for a penny, so it essentially offers a return of 1.5%. If that’s how you’re using the card then there are better options, like the Citi® Double Cash Card, which offers 1% cash back on every purchase, plus an additional 1% cash back when you pay for those purchases.

So this isn’t a card I really recommend using independently, as there are other cards that will get you a better return.

But there’s a way to unlock more value from the Chase Freedom Unlimited. If you have the card in conjunction with a card that accrues Ultimate Rewards points — specifically, the Chase Sapphire Preferred® CardChase Sapphire Reserve® Card, or Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card — then you can convert the points earned on the Freedom Unlimited into Ultimate Rewards points at a 1:1 ratio. This can easily be done online for free, and it’s an instant process.

Using this method you go from earning 1.5 cents per dollar spent on the Freedom Unlimited to earning 1.5 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent. I value Ultimate Rewards points at ~1.7 cents each, so to me that’s like increasing the value of the points you earn by 70%.

Personally I think the Chase Freedom Unlimited and Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card are a pretty incredible duo. Points on the Reserve can be redeemed for 1.5 cents each towards a travel purchase, meaning that using the Freedom Unlimited for everyday spend will earn you 2.25% towards travel, which is excellent.

Historically the welcome bonus on the Chase Freedom Unlimited® has been for 15,000 points after spending $500 within three months.

While that bonus is still around, there’s now another limited time option for the welcome bonus, which is also publicly available. Specifically, this version of the Chase Freedom Unlimited® welcome bonus gives 3x points for all your spend within the first year. There’s no limit to how many points you can earn.

In other words, in conjunction with a card earning Ultimate Rewards points, these points could be converted into 3x Ultimate Rewards points on all your spend within the first year, which is incredible.

The breakeven point here is going to be $10,000 of spend in the first year, since usually $10,000 of spend would earn 15,000 points. So if you don’t spend that much per year in non-bonused categories, you’re better off with the old bonus.

However, if you’re someone who spends a lot on credit cards, this has the potential to be a huge bonus, and perhaps even has the potential to be the most lucrative welcome bonus ever.

(Tip of the hat to Doctor Of Credit)

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  1. @Evan do you have a CF? If not, PC your CFU to that and then sign up.

    This is awesome Lucky, thanks. I just took advantage of this as the CFU is our go to for non-bonus spend, and my wife didn’t have a CFU. With the exception of CF quarterly bonuses, Ink Plus phone/office supplies, the upgraded CFU will pretty much take over all spend for the next year.

  2. @Lucky,
    Stupid question, but do you know if this is a full “calendar year”, or just in the first year that you hold it? I didn’t see any clarifying language and want to make sure the bonus doesn’t expire 12/31/18.

  3. @Lucky or pretty much anyone

    This is probably a little dumb but I’m not really what I’m missing here in regards to the $10,000 spend to reach a breakeven point on the $150 (or 15000 points) offer.

    Since you’re earning 3% back on the Freedom Unlimited card with this offer for the first year, wouldn’t the breakeven point be just $5000 spend to reach the original spending bonus of $150 with this new offer?

    This is probably going to be an ah ha moment when someone explains it but appreciate it!

  4. Happy birthday Ben!

    I signed up for this. Have been looking to get a FU for a while and this pushes me to get it. Thankfully under 5/23

  5. @Lucky

    another question that may be potentially lucrative…if you add authorized users to this offer, will the card the authorized users receive also get 3% spend on the 1st year or will it be restricted to 1.5%?

  6. another question that may be potentially lucrative…if you add authorized users to this offer, will the card the authorized users receive also get 3% spend on the 1st year or will it be restricted to 1.5%?

  7. @Andy: Old bonus: $10K spend = 15,000 points + Signup Bonus of 15,000 points. Any further purchases at 1.5X points.
    New Bonus: $10K spend = 30,000 points. Any further purchases at 3X points.

  8. Is it just me, or did this offer just disappear and revert back to the old bonus on the Chase website? I swear I clicked the link attached and it showed the 3% offer, I clicked on something else then went back and now all that shows is $150 bonus again??

  9. From the “Offer details”

    “You’ll earn 3% Cash Back rewards for each $1 spent on all purchases made within your first 12 months from account opening.”

    It does not specifically address the issue if the added user also earns 3%, but:

    “Authorized users will have the same account number and charging privileges as the primary cardmember but will not be financially responsible.”

    Looks like my wife is getting a new card.

  10. @Millionaire
    You are forgetting the regular 1.5x points earning under the regular bonus.

    Spend $5000 under old bonus: you get 7500 points from spend + 15000 points bonus for a total of 22500 points.

    Spend $5000 with new bonus:you get 15000 points.
    So, JoePro was correct, breakeven is at $10000 spend, anything above this, the 3x wins.

    Unfortunately my wife and I both already have the FU and have received a bonus in the past. With a product change to Freedom and applying for a new FU, I could not get the 3x as it is considered a sign up bonus and we would not be eligible, right?

  11. As much as I would like to pc my current CFU, (which I got about a year ago), to a CF (even though i already have one) and then apply again for the CFU I’m not going to do it. Even though I’m 4/24 and will be 3/24 in a few months. Because I just got the CIC not even a month ago. Unless anyone has suggestions. But I don’t want a Chase shutdown…

  12. This discussion around the sign up bonus comparison is a bit flawed if not considering getting the card under the prior points construct, as many people may not care to have the card at all for everyday spending (if they are already using another 2% cash back card or SPG or something else). However, the change to 3% (or 4.5% with UR) may materially move the needle around everyday spend and thus be worth it regardless of any incremental sign-up benefit. For example, if you ever considered paying taxes with a CC, it was always of marginal benefit given approx 2% fee – this card makes it worthwhile (for 1st year)

  13. As I am still learning the ropes on the Chase UR side of the house, Ben/anyone if I have an authorized user on one of my unlocking cards (I am primary on CSR/CSP/InkBP) and make a family member an AU and then they get this CFU; will that allow them to unlock/share/transfer URs earned with it?


  14. There is an issue with 5/24 in that there has been a rash of cards which have totally changed their benefits since we opened the cards. We shouldn’t be penalized for replacing a card after it has changed its benefits dramatically.

  15. I don’t see this 3% bonus, just the $150/15k. Have to think this is a direct result of Chase understanding immediately the SPG card was dead for non-bonus spend. They want those customers.

  16. Chase Freedom Unlimited $150.00 Sign-up Bonus via referral link!!!
    Earn a $150 or 15,000 points bonus with the Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card, worth even more if you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred and/or Chase Sapphire Reserved Credit Card. After you spend $500 within the first three months, you will receive the $150.00 sign-up bonus, which is the same as 15,000 points. I will be rewarded too if you apply using my referral link below and are approved for the card.

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