Chase extends checking account offer for Continental miles through June 30

This is a huge relief. For years now Chase has had the deal whereby you can earn 25,000 Continental OnePass miles for opening up a Chase personal or business checking account with debit card, and you can do it once a year. Last year I earned 50,000 OnePass miles by doing this, and I had every intention of doing so again this year, but I just haven’t found the time. Originally the offer was only good through March 31, and with that date looming, there were no signs of the offer being renewed. But fortunately they seem to have extended the promotion through June 30 today. That’s perfect, because if you sign up on April 1 or later, you can even earn Mileathon credit.

Here’s the coupon for the personal checking account and here’s the coupon for the business account.

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  1. How is this really that great a deal? The cheapest I can get a RT award seat on Continental is 25k miles. Tack on another $80 or so to redeem the miles. Add in the $25 or $65 annual fee per checking account plus the $100 I need to deposit to open the accounts and all of a sudden it doesn’t look all that attractive. Not to mention the hit of opening and closing checking accounts and the time in a branch office to do it (figure $40/hour for my time, so min another $40 added to the total). So, my math:

    $80 to buy the ticket
    $25 for the annual fee (assuming I’m just going to close this once the miles post to my OnePass account)
    $40 for my time

    So I’m up to around $150 just to get and redeem miles. I’ve priced RT tickets from SLC – IAH and see that I can fly nonstop on Delta for $218 (including all taxes and fees), so all the hassle of opening this checking account and using it for 5 debit purchases only saves me $68 total. Does that make it reallly all that worth it? I just don’t have time to play this game.

  2. @ Matt — Sorry, I think you’re a bit off. First of all, it doesn’t cost $80 to “buy the ticket.” The taxes would be $5. Second, and more importantly, there are much better uses for miles. The four checking accounts I open will get me a free business class ticket to South America or Europe, which I couldn’t otherwise afford.

  3. You’re right there are better uses for the miles.

    I priced a reward ticket on Continental’s website and it showed a $75 redemption fee plus $7.50 on top of that. Maybe it’s just because is was less than 3 weeks out. Maybe I’m jaded since Delta only charges me $5 anytime further than 3 days out.

    Also, I never travel alone, so I can’t really get one big business class ticket and force my wife to pay for coach, that’s why I use miles for domestic use.

    I do agree with you that it’s nice, but it has to fit the situation too.

  4. @ Lucky, how exactly do you plan to open four account and get credit four all four. I found that you can only claim one coupon per account. The fact that the miles are given by registering a one pass account to the bank account means one account, one coupon, correct?

  5. @ Jon — I opened two accounts last year — one personal and one business, which I have closed in the meantime. I plan on doing the same this year.

  6. @LUCKY

  7. I may have overlooked something here but can you take advantage of this offer online or do you have to take these coupons into a Chase branch? We do not have Chase branches in my part of the US.

  8. Let me answer my own question: Yes you can do this online – To redeem online: Click “Open Now” or “Apply” to start opening your account. When asked if you have a coupon code, select “Yes,” then enter the 16-digit code.

  9. To Matt;

    There is a redem. Fee of $75.00 for anything less than 21 days before but if more then 21 days before there is no redem fee. I just tried to use Delta for last minute tickets for this weekend and they where going to charge me a $150. Redem Fee. I am like Lucky and I am getting 2 plus trips a year. for $50.00 a year in fees. and the bank is not bad.

  10. I just went to my Chase bank yesterday to set this up.

    For the Chase BusinessClassic Checking account, you must deposit min. $500 of funds from a bank other than Chase. My banker didn’t tell me this and I had just transferred the $500 from an existing Chase account. I will go back and fix this just to be safe. Also I am not sure if you need to do a direct deposit for this one.. will have to call to find out.

    For the new Chase checking account, to receive the 10,000 bonus miles, the checking account must stay open minimum of 6 months or 10,000 miles are debited. You need to set up direct deposit OR make at least 5 debit card purch. within 60 days.

    I just read through all the paperwork and see I didn’t get anything promising the additional 15,000 miles. I will have to follow up on this as well.

    For both checking accounts, there can be a MONTHLY fee on top of the annual fee you pay. This monthly fee is waived for the first 3 months (I think). The monthly fee comes into play if you make fewer than 5 debit card purchases per month or if the balance falls under a certain level (I don’t know what the level is).

    There are a lot of rules here and I just hope I did everything correctly. This is my first time getting an account just for miles. 🙂

    Also make sure your banker includes your OnePass miles number!! I suddenly thought of that halfway thru the process and asked my guy if he needed it and he was like, “Oh, right”.

    (FYI I am in California.)

  11. Does anyone know if they will extend the chase business account mileage reward past June 30th?

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