10x Points At Hotels.com With The Capital One Venture

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Over the years we’ve seen Capital One introduce some innovative partnerships, including with Uber, Spotify, and more.

Those with the Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card and Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card can earn 10x miles for using their card for purchases with hotels.com. That can translate into at least 20% back on your hotel stays, which I’ll get into below.

Specifically, the purchase needs to be made through hotels.com/venture in order to be eligible.

The process of taking advantage of this is easy. You just need to search for your hotel through the above URL, and then pay with either your Capital One Venture or Capital One VentureOne .

For now, this partnership is valid through January 31, 2020.

Ordinarily the Capital One Venture offers 2x miles and the Capital One VentureOne offers 1.25x miles, so this means you’re earning 5-8x as many miles as usual for these purchases as usual. Depending on how you choose to redeem your Capital One Venture miles (ideally transferring them to an airline partner), these miles could be incredibly valuable. Worst case, you’ll get at least a 10% return through the Purchase Eraser option.

Best of all, you can stack this with the hotels.com rewards program, which offers one free night after every 10 stays. That’s potentially a return of up to 10%, meaning that between the credit card and hotels.com loyalty program, you’re looking at a return of up to 20% on stays, which is solid.

There are some downsides to using hotels.com, in general. If you’re booking a chain hotel, you typically won’t earn points or receive elite benefits if booking through hotels.com. That’s why I typically don’t use hotels.com for stays at major hotel groups, since I value elite benefits and elite qualifying points more.

However, if you only stay at hotels occasionally, or aren’t loyal to any particular hotel chain, this can be a great way to earn rewards for your hotel stays without committing to one program. Furthermore, I can see value in this when staying at an independent hotel where I can’t otherwise earn useful rewards.

There are a couple of other considerations that potentially decrease the margins here a bit:

  • You’re forgoing the bonuses you could earn for hotel spend with other cards, like the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card, which offers triple points on travel, including hotels (I value that at ~5%)
  • There are some online shopping portals that offer a bonus on hotels.com bookings, and you’re forgoing that when you book through this offer, since you have to use a specific link

Bottom line

All things considered, earning 10x points on hotels.com spend with the Capital One Venture or Capital One VentureOne is a great, straightforward opportunity. When you stack it with the hotels.com loyalty program, you’re potentially looking at a return of at least 20% on your spend through the site.

I like Capital One’s new partnerships, given that they’re straightforward and actually add value for cardmembers.

Could you see yourself taking advantage of this Capital One & hotels.com partnership?

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  1. The Avios portal offers 4X on hotels.com (US). Pay with CSR, 3X. Earn 10% after ten stays.

    Also worth looking into on the OTA side is the Visa 8% off on selected reservations on Agoda, which stacks with their Points Max program.

  2. I doubt it will stack with the 10th night free. Most of the time I’ve used hotels.com I was ineligible for the nights counting toward 10th night free for whatever reason. Topcashback, hotels.com coupon or promo, hotel didn’t count, or ?

  3. Capital One seems to be tightening the purse strings quite a bit recently. There are a lot of discussions on other boards of people with pretty strong credit profiles getting denied for the card. I did a pre-approval a few months ago and the Venture showed up w/ the lowest APR offered, but I decided to hold off. FICO 08 scores were around 740-750 at the time probably – I tried it today, score is closer to 800, and they came back offering the Platinum card w/ a 24% APR. I think I actually did laugh out loud at that one – not going to risk a triple pull with that BS.

  4. I tried applying yesterday for the Venture and was denied. So yeah, they’re definitely tight. FICO 8 score of 801. They’re probably seeing too many hard pulls or recently opened accounts than they’d like. I’m not even that aggressive with new applications. Only like 3 in the last year. Now I’ve got hard pulls from them on all 3 credit reports, with nothing to show for it.

  5. I have the Venture with a 23k limit. Was going to close it but will not do so now due to this agreement. I am a hotels.com silver member with an average of 20+ nights stay per year

  6. Hotels.com is my PREFERRED hotel booking site. I travel frequently, but have no particular interest or loyalty to hotel chains. I find the one free night every 10 booked is useful since I can use the free night at ANY hotel.

  7. How is this offer dumb Stvr? If you are going to criticize you could at least state your reasons for doing so.

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