Buy another passenger a drink on Virgin America

Via the NY Daily News:

Mile-high flirting is about to get a whole lot easier.

Virgin America’s newest service allows passengers to discreetly send a drink to another flier, all with the touch of a button in its seat-to-seat ordering feature.

The company announced its plans to help customers “get lucky” on Facebook Monday.

What do you guys think? Fun idea (for obvious reasons) or bad idea in a confined space where no one can escape from a creeper?

(Tip of the hat to Kristina)

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  1. Soon they will add a Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light game.

    Hopefully the stewards can refund “unwanted” gestures.

  2. If it’s in Busienss or First, you wouldn’t be really buying any drinks since it’s already free.

    I wonder though, what do they mean by discreetly? I’m assuming the person receiving it would know who sent it? Otherwise, what’s the point?

    I personally don’t like the idea.

  3. So basically you have to walk down the aisle to check who is sitting where so you can then send a drink to the right person. Also, it only works if you want to buy a drink for someone in coach since business and first offer free drinks.

  4. sometimes i’m in the sky and poetry comes…

    what can i do,
    i love you,
    do you love me,
    you are in seat number thirty two

  5. Just brilliant. Why do nice gestures have to lead to such negativity? There is nothing “creepy” about being social and using technology to break the ice socially onboard.


  6. I don’t think it’s creepy though it may be awkward. If there is an option for the passenger to decline all requests (if he/she just wants privacy and don’t want any texts/food/drinks from strangers) then I’d be ok with this system.

  7. Jana Miller said,

    “Creepy! Awkward! Fun! All of the above!!”

    ^ Exactly.

    Just how many courting stories of married couples do you have to listen to before it becomes pretty obvious that all is fair in love and war?

    If you don’t want any attention from strangers looking to socialize then dress down with a body cloaking outfit, put on a fresh sourpuss face, and give everyone who glances your way the stink eye. That way you get to be the creep before anyone else can have a go at it.

  8. This only works if you are in First on the back row and you see a hottie on the first row of coach…..then it has real potential……but otherwise seems a bit lame………

  9. So if the recipient refuses the drink, does the FA bring it to the person who originally ordered it for consumption?

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