GREAT Business Class Fares From Los Angeles To San Juan (Including Through New York)

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San Juan is a market that consistently has excellent premium fares, so we quite often see excellent fares for travel from the west coast to San Juan, and vice versa. For example, right now the standard business class fare between Los Angeles and San Juan seems to be just over $700 roundtrip, or around $350 one-way. That’s an incredible deal, given that these fares typically include transcon flights, and then a connection to San Juan.

FlyerTalk member Aero137 notes that Delta has $365 one-way fares from Los Angeles to San Juan that route via New York on their “Delta One” service.

For travel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout July and August this $365 one-way fare is available through New York (it’s available plenty of other dates for travel through Atlanta and other hubs).

That’s an amazing deal, especially when you consider that the Los Angeles to New York flight alone would typically cost nearly double that much, and that’s when it’s the lowest possible price — often it’s even triple as much.

American has similar fares, and while they don’t let you route through New York, you can route through Miami on their 777-300ER.

As a point of comparison, booking that Los Angeles to Miami flight alone would cost more than three times as much.

So regardless of which airline you’re loyal to, there are plenty of great premium fares to San Juan that are worth considering if you value premium cabin travel and want to earn miles.

Anyone plan on taking advantage of these great fares to/from San Juan?

  1. Thanks Lucky! Just booked LAX-MIA-SJU return over next Presidents Day, with both long legs on the 300ER

  2. If you took it from SFO to JFK, and then didn’t bother boarding for the second leg down to San Juan, would your ticket for the return trip be cancelled?

  3. I’m headed out on two of these back-to-back in a week or so, they’ve been around for a while.

  4. Good deal if you fly LAX to Miami and then just not board the San Juan flight, very cheap ticket to Miami in Biz

  5. Yes grabbed this because this ticket saves us tons of bucks!! We are retired Americans living in SoAm and we needed to visit the US for a flyby. We hooked onto the SJU-LAX on Delta in business/first for $757. We built in a stopover in Atl to allow TCB time. Then we complete the open jaw with a few warm days in PR. This tkt combined with 770pp to get to SJU gives us J class for significantly less than a LIM-NYC or LIM-MIA J tkt.
    A rockin’ deal for us!! Thanks.

  6. Perhaps I’m late to the game, but I can’t seem to find the deal on Delta?! Is it a third party site? I can go out but not back for the matching price.

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