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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the “British” credit cards I was planning on applying for — the Virgin Atlantic World Elite Mastercard® (review) and the British Airways Visa Signature® Card (review). This came after I had been approved for the Citi® Double Cash Card (review) just prior.

Well, it has been about two weeks since I’ve applied, so I figured I’d share an update on the results. But first a bit on why I wanted these cards.

Why I Want The Virgin Atlantic Mastercard

The Virgin Atlantic Mastercard currently has an excellent bonus of up to 80,000 Flying Club miles upon completing minimum spending.

There are several other reasons to get this card, though. This is a card that can be worth putting spending on long-term, given that it offers 1.5x miles on all purchases, and it can also help you earn status in the Flying Club program, and even earn an upgrade or companion voucher in conjunction with qualifying spending.

Virgin Atlantic has some excellent partner award redemption opportunities. For example, you can book a one-way business class ticket on Delta to Asia for just 60,000 miles without any carrier imposed surcharges, which is a great deal. The welcome bonus alone would cover that.

Redeeming Virgin Atlantic miles on Delta is a great value

Why I Want The British Airways Visa

I had the British Airways Visa Signature® Card in the past, but they recently overhauled the benefits of this card. You’re eligible for this card as long as you don’t currently have it, and also haven’t received a new cardmember bonus on the card in the past 24 months.

I know this is a card that many had in the past but don’t anymore, so you may potentially still be eligible for it.

In addition to a welcome bonus of up to 100,000 Avios upon completing minimum spending, the card offers lots of perks that make it a keeper. Among other things, the card offers:

  • A 10% discount on paid British Airways flights originating in the US
  • A Travel Together Ticket when you spend $30,000 on the card in a calendar year, allowing a companion to travel with you on an award ticket; you just have to pay the taxes, fees, and carrier-imposed surcharges for your companion on the same award reservation
  • Up to $600 per year in statement credits for taxes, fees, and carrier imposed surcharges on award tickets; get a $200 reward for a British Airways first or business class award, and a $100 reward for a premium economy or economy award

Save on British Airways redemptions with this card

Approval Experience With These Cards

For the British Airways Visa I applied and received a message thanking me for my request, and saying they’ll let me know of their decision soon. I figured my odds of approval weren’t great given that I was right at 5/24.

So I didn’t do anything, but then much to my surprise I received an email this morning welcoming me to the card and telling me about the benefits, so I guess I got approved!

I applied for the Virgin Atlantic Mastercard at the same time and got a message saying they’d let me know of their decision, though I still haven’t received that decision.

Bottom Line

I see a lot of potential in the US-issued credit cards of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. They’ve added significant benefits to these cards, which means they don’t just have great welcome bonuses, but are also worth holding onto long term for the perks.

I’m really excited to have the British Airways Visa again — I had it a few years back, and think the card is more valuable than ever before with the new benefits.

Anyone else picking up the British Airways and/or Virgin Atlantic credit cards?

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  1. I applied for the Virgin and got approved and had intended to go for the BA card in January (I received the bonus for it two years ago this December so should be eligible again.) I’m at 4/24 now and should not be an issue, but then I started coming across a lot of data points for people having their entire relationship terminated with Chase when it was deemed they applied for too many cards. Are you familiar or do you have any insight on this? It was mostly on Reddit which I can only imagine what types of suspicious churning those people get up to so that may be a reason. I don’t do anything crazy but one data point I saw is that Chase may terminate you if they see your spend is higher than your income while you still pay off your balances on time. I travel for work and put more spend on my Reserve and marriott card than my income (since it’s all reimbursed) so I was afraid that they could on a whim terminate the entire relationship just because I go for the BA card again two years after canceling it. Are my worries legitimate, or would you think those Reddit churners are just a bit over the top and there is probably a valid reason for them being terminated from banks?

  2. @Marc I have a lot more I’ve just finally reached the point where I’ve gotten below the 5/24 mark so I wanted to work on the Chase cards prior to going for other ones

  3. I’ve read that chase does not have a cap on how many cards you can have but the limit is on how much credit they will extend to you.

    under 5/24 & I like the BA card, but currently I have 8 personal cards + 3 business cards. Is it reasonable to expect BA card?

  4. How can you write an article about the results of your applications when you don’t even have the results from one of two? Are you that desperate for articles that you put out blatant click bait headlines and articles.

    Why not wait until you actually had the results?

  5. I’m considering the Virgin Atlantic card and would like to know if VA has a published award chart for both VA and its partners?


  6. The last 2 cards I applied for I transferred ALL points from that bank then applied.

  7. My last 2 or 3 Chase applications resulted in a phone call from the Fraud Department, verifying that I’d actually applied for the card. My first 4 cards were all UR connected, and the total credit allowance was linked. But I just got a Marriott card and was surprised that they gave me a new, big credit limit. Chase does what they do, and me, I just keep bleeding them for miles.

  8. Ben, are you saying that it took Chase about 2 weeks to review and approve your BA credit card application?
    That’s really slow.

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