British Airways added as US Membership Rewards partner

Options are good! Soon British Airways Executive Club will be a partner of the US Membership Rewards program, which means you will be able to transfer Membership Rewards points to Executive Club. What does this mean? Well, most likely nothing, unless you insist on flying British Airways or OneWorld. Their award chart is overpriced in general.

The one thing to look out for is whether British Airways has a 50% off award sale again later this year. If so, it’d be a deal. Think 50,000 miles in business class from the US to Europe, or 75,000 miles in first class (plus fuel surcharges).

So nothing earth shattering here, but like I said, options are always a good thing.

(Tip of the hat to Steven)

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  1. Cash cards — take a look at Amex Blue, 5% rebate on gas/grocery/drug after an ante of 6500.

    We use it and for now (at least) the Delta Amex Gold Card, once we do 10k on it and get 52.5 k miles…

    Bob H

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