$400 AARP Discount On British Airways Business Class Tickets Extended

For several years now, one of the best ways to save money on transatlantic tickets has been through AARP. That’s because AARP has been offering members discounts on British Airways tickets in economy, premium economy, and business class. The savings for roundtrip tickets between the US and Europe have been $65, $130, and $400, respectively.

When I mention the discount, the first response I get from many is “but I’m not old enough to join the AARP.” That’s not true, as anyone can join for $16 per year. The AARP is about supporting seniors, and membership doesn’t have an age requirement.


This has coupled very nicely with the increased trend of there being more discounted business class tickets from British Airways, which this offer can be stacked with. Airlines are trying to do a better job of monetizing their premium cabins, and part of that is actually trying to sell all the seats, even if it’s at a discount.

For example, just last week I flew roundtrip business class from San Francisco to Rome on British Airways for ~$1,150, when you factor in the $400 AARP discount and 10% discount for paying with the British Airways Visa Card.

British-Airways-Business-Class-777 - 3
British Airways business class

Up until now the AARP discount has been valid for bookings made through October 21, 2016. The offer has been extended several times in the past, though typically pretty last minute.

The good news is that the AARP British Airways discount has now been extended for bookings through December 31, 2016.


However, do note that the “travel by” date hasn’t been extended yet. Travel still has to be started by March 31, 2017, as was the case before. Hopefully that’s extended at some point as well, so that this discount can be used for travel next summer.

British-Airways-Lounge-San-Francisco - 40
British Airways 777

Bottom line

It’s great that the British Airways AARP discount extended yet again, as it’s one of the best ways to score cheap transatlantic business class tickets. While the “book by” date has been extended by a couple of months, there have been no changes to the “travel by” date. Hopefully that’s eventually updated as well.

Have you been able to use the AARP discount to save on transatlantic business class tickets?

(Tip of the hat to The Points Guy)


  1. Hi Lucky,
    I can’t thank you enough for this AARP tip. Just last night, I purchased a roundtrip Business Class ticket from on British Airways from DFW to TLS (Toulouse) for $2,256.00 including the discount. But guess what? I’m departing on March 31st (the last day of the AARP offer) and returning April 9th…..and I was still granted the discount?!? This marks the first time I’m actually PAYING for the premium cabin I wish to fly in….and it feels quite liberating.

    Go ahead and ‘test’ a departure date of 3/31/17 with an April return and you might be surprised what you find!

  2. You keep saying that your $1150 roundtrip flight was a “great deal”, but fail to factor in the positioning flights, the night you needed to spend in SF (from the east coast?) the nights in Rome, flight to Sicily and so on. All said and done you probably ended up spending over $1000 just positioning yourself to get this great deal.

    After factoring in all those costs, its not a great deal – you might as well have gotten a simpler, faster itinerary from NYC to Sicily which would’ve been a better deal if time, convenience and money is your consideration.

    Just because someone buys something at a sale doesn’t mean its a great deal.

  3. @ B — I totally agree that in general just because something is a good deal on paper doesn’t mean you should book it, and that you should consider the all-in costs. However, in this case:
    — We wanted to spend a night in San Francisco
    — We wanted to spend time in Rome
    — Positioning flights from LAX for Ford were ~$100 roundtrip; in my case I was coming from New York, and it doesn’t matter what kind of a ticket I would have booked, because a last minute change would have been expensive

    So I agree, but in this case it *was* actually a good deal…

  4. I mentioned this before, but travel only has to begin on March 31, 2017, not completed.

    I booked a flight that leaves on March 31, 2017 and I don’t get back until 2 weeks later. The AARP discount still worked for me.

  5. Lucky, since writing my first post above, I tested a March 31 departure with an April 30 return and am still seeing the discount. So, with some reserved optimism, the special could apply to even later dates depending on the return?

  6. Hi Lucky

    A quick note. I suspect I am an edge case… I live in France, but am a US citizen. I joined AARP since I travel monthly between the 2 countries…. However, the discount appears only to apply to travel originating out of the US… Originating out of the UK does not apply the discout

  7. Hi Lucky, is it possible for Europeans to become AARP members and use the discount for BA flights starting in Europe? THX

  8. Nope, as far as I know someone correct me if i am wrong.. AARP only works for flights out of the US, it is a US thing so… there you go. I found that out AFTER I signed up and I cancelled my membership.

  9. Lucky, I am checking BAs site right now. When I try to book with Avios it does not let me select any cabin class other then economy…

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