A New Year Of 2x Points With The Amex Blue Business Plus Card

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Last year The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express was introduced, which I consider to be the single most lucrative card out there for everyday, non-bonused spend.

The Blue Business Plus Card has no annual fee (Rates & Fees), and offers 2x Membership Rewards points on the first $50,000 spent annually. It’s amazing that the most lucrative Amex card for non-bonused spend is also one without an annual fee.

I value Membership Rewards points at ~1.7 cents each, so to me that’s a return of ~3.4%. The other cool thing is that the card is enrolled in the “full” Membership Rewards program, meaning that points can be transferred to the Amex airline and hotel partners. Some other no annual fee Amex cards accrue Membership Rewards points that can’t be transferred to partners.

Anyway, the reason for this post is that it’s a new year, meaning that the limit on the card has reset, since it’s based on the calendar year. I know some people reached the $50,000 2x points limit last year and then put the card away for a while, so if you’re in that situation, it might be time to take the card out of the sock drawer.

Ford has this card, and I plan on picking the card up in a couple of months. Right now I’m maxed out on Amex cards, but I plan on canceling the Blue for Business Card that I got early last year (which has since been discontinued and replaced by the Blue Business Plus Card) and replacing it with this.

I’d note that the Blue Business Plus Card has no welcome bonus. When it was first introduced it briefly had a welome bonus of up to 20,000 points, though it hasn’t offered one since then. I doubt we’ll see another public bonus anytime soon (given how ridiculously lucrative this card is), so personally my plan is to apply as soon as I can, even if it doesn’t have a bonus. There’s a direct opportunity cost to not having this card, so to me it’s not worth waiting for any bonus that may or may not ever happen.

If you’re considering applying for the card, anecdotally I find Amex business cards to be easy to be approved for. Most people I’ve heard from have reported instant approvals on this card, so it really shouldn’t be very tough to be approved for, even if you haven’t gotten many business cards in the past. Furthermore, since this is an Amex card, keep in mind that:

If you already have the Blue Business Plus Card be sure you’re using it, now that it’s a new year. To those of you who don’t have the card yet, consider getting it.

Do you have the Blue Business Plus Card, and did you max out the 2x points bonus for last year?

The following links will direct you to the rates and fees for mentioned American Express Cards. These include: The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express (Rates & Fees).

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  1. No, we didn’t max out $50K for last year. That’s a lot of spend, especially if one gets a number of new cards per year, most of which have their own min spend requirements. But we have started reaching for this card more and more when we have completed our current min spnd requirements on new cards, and there are no bonus categories available.

    Along the same line, the Everyday (and Preferred) cards have reset for another year for the grocery spend bonus. And if you have one, but your SO doesn’t yet, AMEX is offering a 10K bonus for referring someone for the card. And your referred person gets the same bonus when using the referral that they would get applying on their own. Just make sure, after you refer them, that they apply thru the referral link that AMEX sends them.

  2. I still expect this card to be “enhanced” at some point, probably sooner than later, though I’m enjoying it while I can. I’d definitely concur, if you want this card, do it soon, before the “enhancements” hit.

  3. I’m torn between keeping things simple, as we use our Everyday Preferred for non-bonus categories, and always have over 30 transactions per month (so we’re getting 1.5x in the non-bonus categories). I’m trying to figure out if it is worth another card to juggle for the extra .5 point per dollar spent (which would add up), or miss out on that and keep things simple.

  4. @ Jordan — No, this has nothing to do with Amex Offers. You earn 2x points with the card automatically, assuming you stay under the limit.

  5. @ Dan — I guess it comes down to how much you spend per year. If you spend $50,000+ per year in non-bonused categories, that’s an incremental return of 25,000 Membership Rewards points. That seems worthwhile to me for such a big return, but if you spend significantly less it might not be worth complicating things.

  6. Curious as to why you would cancel/re-apply rather than just doing a product change, given that there’s no bonus?

  7. I was able to complete the $50K spend on Dec 29th

    So my plan for 2018 is large purchases (over $5K) on Platinum business for 1.5 points; charges $100 – $4999 on this card, and small amounts on Everyday Preferred to get to 30 charges (esp gas and groceries as they are the bonus categories.)

    Also, I keep track of spending on this card to stop at the $50K level

  8. Lucky, is there a way to apply for another AmEx business card first, get the sign up bonus thenconvert to this card later? That can help with the no signup bonus probelm with this card.
    If so, what other card can convert to this Blus Plus card?

  9. Lucky, doesn’t the Blue for Business (not Plus) card that you talked about briefly award 2x in the first year, and have a 30% annual bonus on spend on top of the 2x? I am using the Blue for Business card during it’s first year, and then plan to move spending to the Blue Business Plus card after the first anniversary of the Blue for Business card. Want to confirm that’s a sound strategy?

  10. @Lucky,

    I believe what @Jordan meant by his question, “Does this come with Amex Offers?”, is this:

    Regardless of the standard 2x MR points rate that it earns, when you log in and look at your Blue Business Plus Amex card, are there any Amex MR offers available to redeem with this Blue Business Plus Amex card? (like with other Amex MR points-earning cards).


  11. amex everyday is also no fee amex with membership points as well as offering 2x points at supermarkets. after you do 20 transactions everything gets bumped an extra 20%

  12. I will echo what AG says: Why not just do a product change from the Blue for Business card instead of cancel/apply cycle?

    Since there’s no sign-up bonus why have another hard pull on your credit? I’m in a similar position and plan on doing a product change from the Blue for Business card to the Blue Business Plus card unless another sign-up bonus comes along.

    @Tom S: Yes, you are correct, the Blue for Business offers 2.3x on all purchases in the first year. My year end bonus posted a few weeks ago and I’m probably going to call about the product change this week. If you applied for the Blue for Business card at the end of January last year then just wait for the 30% bonus to post and then do the product change.

  13. @ mojo — Whoops, my mistake, you’re of course correct! Yes, it does come with Amex Offers, though it seems to have fewer offers than some other Amex cards. So I wouldn’t necessarily count on getting as many offers as other cards get.

  14. AmEx isn’t showing a Blue for Business card anymore. When I linked to it from another site it sent me to the SimplyCash Plus card. Has Blue for Business been discontinued?

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